Space Audit


User Spaces:

  • Need a mechanism to report cleaning problems (Facilities OTRS queue?)
  • Request for variety in seating and in individual / group workspaces for users
  • Homeless patrons sometimes disrupt patrons who are working
  • More conference rooms and group work tables needed (although specific locations not called out)
  • Need for seating/working comfort is important—not always resolved with “modern” seating

Staff Spaces:

  • Need more natural lighting or lighting that simulates natural in staff workspaces
  • Facilities ticketing system works well
  • Not knowing when furniture and equipment requests will be taken care of causes staff morale issues
  • Some staff areas are not cleaned often enough, especially those where there is collections processing (dust).
  • In shared workspaces, need to identify places for staff to store personal items while they are working.
  • Need guidelines for personalizing shared workspace—CAM is a good example of how this works well.
  • Flexible work spaces accommodate changing workflows.  Oak Street facility is an example of how this works well; Circulation split service desk is awkward; some Funk ACES workspaces are “too open.”
  • Cleaning days are great; request for “electronic” cleaning day.
  • Staff break space too far from some work areas; too isolated from rest of library.


Stakeholders (Groups):

Library Administration, Library Facilities, Library IT, AC


Hiring Plan Impact:

Immediate (0-1 yrs.): none


Adjacencies with other Topical Areas:

Organizational culture