Profiling Services


How can the Illinois Research Connections database and related service support both the Library’s and the campus’ strategic goal to develop and make available stronger infrastructure to foster scholarship, discovery and innovation?



  • Identify how profiles service can support discovery of local expertise as well as content.  Specifically, integrate into EasySearch and push Library profile info into expertise area of Gateway site.  Integrate into top-level campus directory search. Discovery of expertise is directly related to discovery of research output.
  • Integrate as a trusted data source into Library and other campus units’ information services—Library build integration middleware; lead/partner with other campus units to do so.
  • Position IRC as the “go to” profile system for the campus.  Avoid profile fatigue. Articulate benefits of aggregated Illinois database compared with free services like Google Scholar, ResearchGate, etc.  Be realistic about tradeoffs.
  • Use IRC to identify Illinois researchers’ OA publications for IDEALS or other repo deposit.
  • Implementation priorities: 1) Get scholars to use it; 2) Make it easy for researchers and their proxies to manage and enhance profiles.


  • Library staff training critical to subject liaison uptake
  • Campus training critical as well


  • Raise awareness among Library staff about profiles systems and their purpose to enable researchers to find collaborators and to make research expertise accessible within and beyond the campus.
  • Significant campus outreach under way.
  • Library staff and faculty in units need to understand benefits of using IRC and working with their researchers to use/add to the database.


Stakeholders (Groups):

  • Office of Research (SC&P, RDS); User Services (RIS, subject liaisons, Web team, staff training); Office of Collections & Tech. Svcs. (CAM-name authorities); Library IT & CAPT Discovery / Delivery team.
  • OVCR, DMI, Colleges & Research institutes


Hiring Plan Impact:

Researcher Information Systems Coordinator (in process)


Adjacencies with other Topical Areas:

Discovery, Scholarly Communications Lifecycle, Education & Training, Experts, Outreach