Education and Training


Provide education and training programs to enhance the research library workforce.


  • Training in new technologies for people with a range of technological literacies
  • Hands-on training
  • Training for staff to develop new on-the-job skills and broaden opportunities for mobility or advancement
  • Cross-training to increase awareness, empathy and organizational flexibility
  • Supervisor support for participation
  • Include place in unit annual report to demonstrate unit efforts to be more inclusive and support diversity
  • Encourage feedback and sharing of problems and frustrations


Specific areas/topics

  • Catalog and database searching
  • Outlook
  • Project management
  • Presentations
  • More general orientation to the Library
  • Finding information on our webpages
  • DISC training


Stakeholders (Groups):

Staff Training and Development Committee, Staff training and development personnel in User Services, Library Business and Human Resources Service Center


Hiring Plan Impact:




  • Add item in unit annual report prompting unit to describe efforts to be more inclusive and support diversity
  • Make all training  an approved event, operations permitting and with prior supervisory approval


Adjacencies with other Topical Areas:

Organizational culture