GOBI Approval Plans

Searching Slip / Approval Plan Suggestions

  • Select Search from the navigation bar at the top.
  • Select Slip.
  • Choose a Slip Date. you have options, if you want weekly slips you can do one date range or greater than date (last time you got your slips for example). All results will have the last status on it form YBP , our exports or from your choices on selections
  • Choose a Fund Code (or Subaccount ) Best to use your fund as that helps you to see the funds being used.
  • Click the green Search arrow (under the navigation bar).

Setting Up Templates for Approval Plan Orders

Approval eBooks

  1. This will always be linked to YBP subaccount 5232-50.
  2. Set up this with each fund you manage. (This may require making more than one template, if you manage multiple funds.)
  3. Set the location to “eresour-nc.”
  4. Add your initials.

Approval Books – Print

  1. This will be linked to the YBP subaccount which matches your profile.
    • Performing Art/ Music Dance Theater: 5232-18
    • Social Sciences or Humanities IF in a DEWEY classed library: 5232-27
    • Social Sciences or Humanities IF in A Library of Congress Classed Library: 5232-23
    • Science: 5232-25
    • Undergrad: 5232-13
  2. Set this up with each fund you manage. (This may require making more than one template, if you manage multiple funds.)
  3. Add your initials.
  4. Make sure Quantity = 1.

GOBI Approval Plan (Slip) Orders

For more detailed information, click here.

Go to http://gobi3.com and login.  The account code is 5232.
Set your preferences (only the first time) by clicking on Options and then My Preferences.

For Slip Orders:

  • Search for new notifications:
    • Click the Search link at the top of the screen. Click Slips.
    • For the Slip Date, enter the dates for which you wish to view slips. In the Fund Code box, click your fund code(s). Press Enter or click the Search button at top of the screen.
  • Review the retrieved slips:
    • At the top of the screen, you will see the number of titles retrieved, an estimated list price and net price. Mark items you would like to receive by clicking on the margin to the left of the title.
    • When you are done marking all items, click Add to cart.
    • Click Select cart. 
  • Adding order details:
    • Click Select Cart. Mark your titles.
    • Click Enter Order Details at the top of the screen. Click the down-arrow next to Please choose template. There will usually be an approval template and a firm order template for each fund you manage.
    • Click Save. You should now see a green light next to the title, meaning that it is ready to be submitted.
    • Repeat the same above steps for each item in your cart.
    • Once you have set order details for all of the titles in your cart, click Submit all Green Lights.