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What is GOBI?

GOBI Library Solutions (formerly Yankee Book Peddler, or YBP) is one of the University of Illinois Library’s primary vendors, providing us with the bulk of our US, UK, and Canadian materials.

GOBI3 (Global Online Bibliographic Information 3) is an online interface which allows libraries to search bibliographic records, monitor the status of orders or create activity and expenditure reports.

UIUC has a contract with YBP to supply monographs and standing orders for book series.  Monograph orders may be done as a firm order on the 5232-10 account for any material in GOBI or as slip orders (aka approval). Approval central funds are used to purchase new publishing output on sub-allocations centrally managed in Acquisitions. The orders originate from selection of electronic slips generated by profiles that are established by bibliographers. Approval Plans page for more information.

Print and ebooks may be ordered. Ebook orders are activated on GOBI for ebrary, Ebscohost, Project MUSE, Cambridge, CRC, DeGruyter, and Palgrave – with possibly more added later.  Here is information on the types of access that can be purchased.

We purchase large ebook collections from many publishers directly and these are not enabled on GOBI.    Elsevier, Springer and Wiley are the largest collections purchased annually on general funds, but there are many others. Their records and links are added to the UIUC catalog continually as they are published.

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