Functions of Acquisitions

Here is a brief summary of some Acquisitions functions and the staff that are available to help


Electronic Resources are managed by Wendy Shelburne, the Electronic Resources Librarian.

For any monograph title by title (including GOBI ebooks) or blanket order purchase orders: contact George Gottschalk at or call (217) 244-7177.

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Claims and Cancellations

For serial claims: contact Tonya Webb at or call (217) 333-0252.

For serial cancellations: contact Archana Gargya at or call (217) 300-1630.

Vendors and Invoice processing

Contact Dustin Reinhart about invoice questions, vendor additions or updates or credit card payments at or call (217)244-1310.

Serial Receipt

The serial receipt team processes approximately 3,000 serial issues each month. Journals, continuations, cat-as-seps and analytics are processed and then sent to the appropriate unit.

For information about serial check-in, contact Tonya Webb at or call (217) 333-0252.

For information about continuations (irregular series bought from vendors like Harrassowitz, GOBI and EBSCO, contact Rosemary Trippe at or call (217) 300-4858.

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Approval Plans

Approval plans and blanket orders are methods of acquiring library materials whereby a vendor selects material for us based upon a profile provided by the Library. Profiles are available on GOBI under the Library tab on the top bar of the landing page. With the purchase of YBP by EBSCO, the YBP name is being retired and GOBI is the preferred reference to the services offered.

Contact George Gottschalk at or call (217) 244-7177 for further information.

European Blanket Order

The Library has three European Blanket Order plans: German (Harrassowitz), French (Aux Amateur), and Italian and Spanish (Casalini). The vendors who service these plans select the best scholarly books on our behalf according to a pre-established subject profile. Subjects represented by these plans include cinema, economics, European language and literature, history, linguistics, philosophy, political science, religion, sociology, theater.  Paula Carns manages the profiles.

Contact George Gottschalk at or call (217) 244-7177 or Debora Pfeiffer at or call (217) 265-8993 for further information.

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Latin American Blanket Order

Through the Latin American Blanket Order, we receive books published in countries throughout Central and South America including: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela.  Antonio Sotomayor manages the profiles.

Contact Arianna Adkins at or call (217) 244-9926 for further information.

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Slavic Acquisitions

Through the Slavic Blanket Order profiles, we receive books published across Eastern Europe, Turkey and the Balkans from many vendors in those regions. Kit Condill manages the profiles. Naza Agassi and Mirella Bajric are the staff in Acquisitions who handle the vendor invoices, provide data on fund use and collection shipments, process materials including their copy cataloging or referral to CAM and serial check-in and binding assistance.
Contact Naza at or call (217) 333-2843 and Mirella at or call (217) 300-322 for further information.

Misc. Plans

Acquisitions works with the appropriate selectors on smaller plans to cover the Middle East, China, and Africa and also maintains the Library of Congress Field Office plans for Africa, Brazil, India, Pakistan and the Middle East (via Egypt). Many Acquisitions staff assist in this work.

Contact George Gottschalk at or call (217) 244-7177


Acquisitions manages all the marking for monographs newly cataloged or reclassed. This includes stamping each for ownership, the call number information on all University of Illinois at Urban-Champaign library materials as well as adding security strips and barcodes to all materials. Approximately 150,000 books, serials, audiovisual materials, and other items are marked each year. Materials are stamped with the library location and a call number affixed to the materials. GOBI handles the stamping, barcodes and tattle tapes for monographs shipped via their services.

Contact Tonya Webb at or call (217) 333-0252 further information.

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