What is a Claim?

A claim is when EBSCO contacts the publisher to notify them of a problem with your subscription. For instance, you would place a claim if you did not receive a certain issue of your subscription, or if you are receiving an incorrect number of copies.

Serial Claims

Claims may be submitted via the claim form.


Most all claiming is now centralized in Acquisitions but those that receive subscribed to titles directly from the publisher and that are handled by EBSCO will submit their own claims

Placing a New Claim

To place a new claim, you must search for the order you have for the title. Select Orders in the main menu bar and then choose New Claim to open the search feature. It will look something like this:

Next, you can use either quick search or advanced search to find your title. Once you have found it, you can click the hyperlinked Title Name to view the details for your order. The order details page will show you important information about your order.  Once you have finished reviewing it, you can claim the title by clicking Claim this Order.

claim this order

Remember: Check the Publisher Terms and Conditions if it is displayed at the top of the page.

Now, enter the volume and issue numbers you want to claim.

volume, issue info

At this point, you can select a reason for your claim in the drop down menu Reason for Claim.

reason for claim

Select your claim number to indicate how many times you have submitted a claim on this particular issue. To send your claim to the publisher, click Submit. You can now continue claiming and searching from this page, or you can return to the home page via the navigational bar at the top of the page.

Viewing Recent Claims

You can use EBSCONET’s Claim Checker to keep track of any current claims you have submitted. Claims are generally added to the Claim Checker thirty days after you first submit your date or as soon as a publisher reply has been received. Claims remain in the Claim Checker for sixty days or until acted on.

To access the Claim Checker, find the link in the drop down menu for Orders.

navigation bar

Using the Advanced Search, select All Accounts or a specific account number and then select a search field in the drop down menu (for instance, Title Name) and type your search criteria into the textbox provided. You can also select search criteria from the second drop down menu to further refine your search. Then click Search.

Once you are in Claim Checker you can sort your results using the drop down filters or by clicking the column headers to sort by a particular field. To view an individual title’s claim details, click the hyperlinked title name.  Then you can take further action on your claim or add notes to your claim.

Acting on an Existing Claim

From the Claim Checker search results list, you can take one of four actions on an existing claim:

  1. If you are not satisfied with the resolution of a claim (for example, you have not received the replacement issue and enough time has passed since your initial claim), you can reclaim the title. Select Reclaim in the Action column drop-down menu on the Claim Checker search results list, then click Save Changes.selecting reclaim
  2. If you prefer, you can re-list a claim by selecting the Re-list option from the Action column on the Claim Checker search results list. Re-listing the claim will temporarily remove it from the Claim Checker for thirty days and then redisplay it. This option is useful if you know that the publisher typically takes a longer period of time to resolve a claim.
  3. If you have received the claimed issue, you can select the Received option from the Action column on the results list. Or, you can click the Received button on the title’s Claim Details page.
  4. If you wish to delete the claim from the Claim Checker, select the Remove option from the Action column on the results list. This option may be useful if you have received the issue from another source, such as EBSCO’s Missing Copy Bank.

Viewing Claims History

The My Claims page allows you to review all claims placed on your account within the last 2 years. All recently placed claims, as well as those entered on your behalf by your EBSCO customer service representative, are available for review here.

To access and search for claims:

  1. Click Orders in the EBSCONET menu bar at the top of the page. In the sub-menu, click My Claims.
  2. In the drop-down menu, search All Accounts or select a specific account number.
  3. If you wish, select a date range to narrow your search to claims entered within a specific time period (for example, Last 90 Days).
  4. Select a search field from the first drop-down menu (for example, Title Name) and type search criteria in the text box provided. Depending on the search option you select, the text box may be replaced by a drop-down menu that will allow you to select pre-defined search criteria.
  5. If you wish, select a search field from the second drop-down menu and enter or choose information for a second search option in the search field/drop-down menu provided (for example, Claim Status).Note: You may also choose to perform a Quick Search as detailed in the above section entitled “Placing a New Claim,” but for more options (including ability to limit by date range or claim status), you may wish to use Advanced Search.


  6. Click Search. Search results matching your criteria will be displayed below the search box.
  7. You can use the drop-down filters to sort your claims, or click the column headings to sort a particular field in ascending or descending order. Click the hyperlinked Title Name to view claim details, where you can take action on your claim or add notes to your claim.

Missing Copy Bank

The Missing Copy Bank allows you to request a complimentary copy of an issue that may have been damaged or was never received.  To access the Missing Copy Bank, hover over Title Search in the tab bar and then click on Missing Copy Bank when it appears.

missing copy bank

At this point, you can select a search field in the first drop-down menu.  Then you can type search criteria in the text box to the right of the drop down menu.  If you want to further refine your search, you can select a search field from the second drop down menu and add search criteria into the second search box.  Then click search.

If you want to view the entire list of Missing Copy Bank titles, you can just hit search without entering any search criteria.

Once the results appear, you can select any of the hyperlinked titles to view the details for that specific item. On this page, you can see how many issues are available and then put the number of issues you need in the Order Quantity box.  Then click Order Copies.

A confirmation page will appear.