Logging In

Log in to EBSCONET at http://ebsconet.com/ using your EBSCONET customer code, user name, and password. The screen will look something like this:

login function

For access to EbscoNet, please contact Library Acquisitions.

Vocabulary Question?

Unsure what a word means, or how EBSCO is using it?  Look at EBSCO’s glossary of terms.


EBSCO holds a contract to handle a lot (but not by any means all) of our serial content. The Library has  approximately 6,000 titles with them.

EBSCONet, the EBSCO database, provides a lot of information about our current subscriptions and is very helpful to use when considering new orders.

Staff in Acquisitions require special passwords in order to complete the work. Anyone on staff at the Library can access  EBSCOnet and those staff who need to submit claims for print content can get a special username and password to do that work by contacting Library Acquisitions.

Wendy Shelburne is the contact for the Online Serial large packages that we have with the three campuses or with the BTAA or CARLI.

Homepage Links 101

navigation bar

  • Title Search- Use this option to search for existing titles and to order new titles.  To review and place an order, use the Missing Copy Bank, available in a drop down menu from the Title Search tab.
  • Orders- View your orders within your EBSCO account.  Create new orders, review publisher packages, review and place claims, download invoices, and access electronic data interchange (EDI) features.  Review your registration and activation information and track progress for registration using the Online Order Activation feature. You can also view E-Journal Updates such as format changes, changes in publisher, and package changes.
  • Renewals- Work wtih your regular renewals and E-Package renewal items, submitting changes to EBSCO for processing for the next renewal period.
  • Reports- View reports about your EBSCO subscriptions. Access immeidately available online reports and request other reports for later delivery.
  • Analysis-  Access reports and overviews of your EBSCO subscriptions.
  • EBSCONET News- Directly below the menu bar is the EBSCONET News page which displays by default. (A link to this page is also available via link at the bottom of any EBSOCNET page).  EBSCONET News posts current announcements relevant to EBSCONET, like system enhancements or changes to any given feature.

EBSCONET Instructions