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Guide to Sources in the Merten J. Mandeville Collection in Parapsychology and the Occult Sciences

Guide to the Mandeville Collection in Parapsychology and the Occult Sciences


About the Collection | Location of Materials | Call Numbers | Astrology | Cereology | Cryptogeography | Cryptozoology | Divination | Dreams | Esoteric Religion & Mysticism | Magic(k) | Paganism | Paranormal Phenomena | Parapsychology & the Occult | Psychic Phenomena | Spiritual Healing & Wellness | Spiritualism | UFOs | Witchcraft / Wicca / Neo-Paganism



About the Collection

The Mandeville Collection is an endowed collection of more than 16,000 items relating to the occult sciences and parapsychology. In 1966, Merten J. Mandeville, retiring University of Illinois Professor of Commerce, donated his private collection of 400 titles and set up a fund for new acquisitions. The collection now includes books and journals, with strengths in astrology and witchcraft. Selected new acquisitions are housed in the Social Sciences, Health, and Education Library (SSHEL), but many of the approximately 12,000 titles are located in the Main Stacks. Rare items, such as an early 16th century work on astrology, are housed in the Rare Book & Manuscript Library. Related materials may also be found in other campus libraries.

Mandeville made two stipulations about the donation. First, he asked that no Mandeville funds be used to purchase materials on harmful magic. Second, he requested that a separate and complete catalog of the collection be maintained and that the books themselves remain out in the open where anyone could browse through them. This was to ensure that the collection was not hidden away and that materials could easily circulate.

Items received through the endowment 1984-1998 and 2003-present can be found in the Library Catalog by searching for “Mandeville Collection” as a Subject. A card catalog in the Social Sciences, Health, and Education Library (SSHEL) lists items purchased before 1984.



Location of Materials

This guide intends to help researchers locate scholarly and popular material on particular subjects related to parapsychology and the occult sciences. The listed titles provide introductory information about a particular subject, and include relevant titles that may not have been purchased with the Mandeville fund. Each section provides tips for searching the library catalog to help locate additional resources. All titles listed in this guide are located in the Social Sciences, Health, and Education Library Reference Non-Circulating Collection unless otherwise noted. The location SSHEL RCC indicates the item is held in the SSHEL Reference Circulating Collection.



Call Numbers

Call numbers are groups of numbers and/or letters that classify library items by subject. Items are arranged on bookshelves by call number. The Social Sciences, Health, and Education Library (SSHEL) uses both the Dewey Decimal and Library of Congress classification systems.

Mandeville Call Numbers




Astrology is the study of the movements and positions of celestial bodies interpreted as having influence on human affairs.

Search terms: astrology; horoscopes; horary astrology; zodiac; and natal astrology.

Q. 133.550973 Am35 1984 (Main Stacks and Oak Street)
The American Atlas: US Latitudes and Longitudes Time Changes and Time Zones. 1984.
Useful for astrologers needing geographical coordinates and the history of time changes to construct charts, this source is arranged alphabetically by state. Each state includes time tables, a list of counties, and a list of cities and towns including county name, latitude, longitude and time equivalent of the longitude. Includes tables for calculating sidereal time, and solar-sidereal time correction (acceleration).

133.5014 M925A (SSHEL Reference and Oak Street)
Astrological Thesaurus. 1992.
Cross-references concepts in standard English and astrological terminology for translation of everyday objects into astrological symbols and vice versa. Includes an explanation of how to use the book, an alphabetical index of keywords, keywords by house, and a bibliography.

133.503 L587a2003
The Astrology Book: the Encyclopedia of Heavenly Influences. 2003.
Alphabetical entries of astrological terms, including a reference list for each entry. Appendixes include astrological periodicals, organizations, schools, web resources and software. Fully indexed.

133.503 T572C
The Complete Idiot’s Guide Astrology Dictionary. 2010.
This dictionary defines a broad sampling of astrological terminology. Most entries include both a definition of the term and an interpretive discussion portion. Entries also include symbols indicating the “Astro Theme,” or area of astrology to which a term refers. An introduction explains entry structure and symbol categories; a brief appendix offers three different versions of astrology wheels.

133.56 Un3h (Oak Street)
The Horary Reference Book. 1984.
Rules of horary astrology documented in a clear step-by-step manner. Includes a bibliography and index.

133.503 B737d:E (Oak Street)
Larousse Encyclopedia of Astrology. 1980.
Single volume, illustrated encyclopedia which contains over 750 entries and 60 charts and diagrams.

Q. 133.5 L771 (SSHEL Reference, Main Stacks, and Oak Street)
Llewellyn’s Astrological Calendar. 1985-
This beautifully illustrated monthly wall calendar, updated annually, has the traditional calendar with dates, holidays, and moon phases, as well as detailed monthly horoscopes, daily details of moon’s quarter and sign planetary motion, daily aspects, planting/fishing dates, and illustrations and details for all 12 signs. An introduction to astrology for beginners is provided, as well as a summary and activity chart of lunar gardening, a guide to aspect keywords/symbols, forecasts for travel and vacation, ephemeris tables, and a guide to using the calendar. Table of contents is located inside the back cover. The last 5 years are in SSHEL; previous volumes are located in the Main Stacks and Oak Street.




Cereology is the study of crop circles.

Search terms: crop circles

001.94 M781c (Main Stacks)
Crop Circles Revealed: Language of the Light Symbols. 2001.
In addition to a comprehensive examination of crop circles, this book contains color photographs of circles with a description of each one. Includes a glossary and bibliographic references.

001.94 An225g (Main Stacks)
Crop Circles: Exploring the Designs and Mysteries. 2002.
Contains a number of large, color photographs, a concise history of crop circles, and information about the search for causes and creators. Also contains a bibliography.

001.94 P936c (SSHEL Stacks and Main Stacks)
Crop Circles: the Greatest Mystery of Modern Times. 1999.
Examines crop circles from a variety of aspects, including physical and emotional effects, remote effects, and effects on animals. Also contains a number of photographs, some in color. Includes a key to crop circle silhouettes, bibliography, and index.




Cryptogeography is the study of mythical and mysterious places. Most of the works listed here provide general information on numerous mysterious sites. However, some focus on just one location, such as Atlantis.

Search terms: Atlantis; Bermuda Triangle; civilization, ancient; antiquities; historic sites; extinct cities; curiosities and wonders; geographical myths; imaginary places.

001.94 J774a
Atlantis Encyclopedia. 2005.
Alphabetical listing of terms and individuals related to the study of Atlantis. Offers facts instead of theories. Includes illustrations and bibliography.

Q. 398. 234 H235a (Main Stacks)
Atlas of Legendary Places. 1989.
Entries of mysterious and mythical places with numerous photos, maps, and illustrations. Includes gazetteer, bibliography and index.

398.23403 M314d200 (SSHEL Reference and Main Stacks)
Dictionary of Imaginary Places. 2000.
Alphabetical entries of places with sources and cross-references. Includes an index.

Q. 930.03 W659e (Main Stacks)
Encyclopedia of Mysterious Places: the Life and Legends of Ancient Sites Around the World. 1990.
Information on mysterious places divided by location with numerous color illustrations and maps. Includes gazetteer, bibliography and index.

Q. 909 At6521998 (Main Stacks)
Mysterious Places: the World’s Unexplained Symbolic Sites, Ancient Cities, and Lost Lands. 1998.
Provides overviews of mysterious places, divided into categories. Entries include maps, illustrations and photographs. Also offers a gazetteer listing the mysterious places by geographic location, as well as a glossary and index.




Cryptozoology is the study of creatures found in myth, folklore and legend.

Search terms: animals, mythical; cryptozoology; Loch Ness monster; sasquatchvampires; werewolves.

QL 89.2 .S2 R43 2016
The Bigfoot Book: The Encyclopedia of Sasquatch, Yeti, and Cryptid Primates. 2016.
This encyclopedia serves as an A to Z guide of cryptid apes from around the world. Also included is an index and a list of suggested websites for further information.

398.46903 M432e
The Element Encyclopedia of Magical Creatures: the Ultimate A-Z of Fantastic Beings from Myth and Magic. 2005.
Alphabetical entries of all manner of mythical and magical creatures. Many descriptions include bolded terms referencing other related entries. Work includes a bibliography and index.

Q. 001.94403 N481e
Encyclopedia of Cryptozoology : a Global Guide to Hidden Animals and their Pursuers. 2005.
Contains 2,744 alphabetic entries about specific creatures, places, people, and groups. In addition to a bibliography, each entry includes a short list of sources. Includes multiple appendices: glossary, timeline, filmography, cryptozoology on television, in fiction, internet links, and an index.

001.944 C153L 1997 (Oak Street)
Loch Ness Monster: the Evidence. 1997.
Details the eye witness, photographic, video, and sonar and radar evidence of a creature living in Loch Ness. Includes a bibliography and index.

GR825 .G5645 2016 (SSHEL Stacks)
Monsters Among Us: an Exploration of Otherworldly Bigfoots, Wolfmen, Portals, Phantoms, and Odd Phenomena. 2016.
Godfrey explores the mystical, legendary, and scientific angles of bigfoots, strange energy forms, and other bizarre beings. Includes both historical and modern-day sightings.

001.944 Eb36my
Mysterious Creatures: A Guide to Cryptozoology. 2002. 2 vols.
Two volume set, part one contains an alphabetical list of detailed descriptions of 1,085 “cryptids,” the objects of study in cryptozoology. Part two offers an annotated list of the 431 species and taxonomic groups discovered since 1900. Part three lists 884 bodies of water thought to contain mysterious creatures. Contains resources for further reading, a geographical index and cryptid index.




Divination is the practice of seeking knowledge of the future or the unknown by supernatural means.

Search terms: dowsing; tarot; oracles; palmistry; divination; and runes.

133.3 B856f
The Fortune-Telling Book: the Encyclopedia of Divination and Soothsaying. 2003.
Over 400 alphabetical entries on forms of divination, important individuals and tools. Many entries include source lists and/or graphics. Also contains a list of resources and index.

133.324 W13p1980 (Main Stacks and Oak Street)
The Pictorial Key to the Tarot. 1971.
An overview of the history, symbolism and spiritual aspects of the Tarot. Contains detailed illustrations of each Tarot card. Includes a preface and an annotated bibliography of relevant works.

133.33 H835M (Oak Street)
Mysteries of the Runes. 1994.
Emphasis on the spiritual context of runes and their relationship to the Northern European version of the pagan “Old Religion.” Includes a glossary of Northern European mythological and religious terminology, as well as a further reading list/bibliography.

133.6 F539P
Palmist’s Companion: a History and Bibliography of Palmistry. 1992.
An extensive bibliography of palmistry books, including the oldest books and reviews of classic books in the field. Also contains biographical and historical essays, as well as information about scientific research and medical palmistry.

133.33403 Z742z (SSHEL Reference and Oak Street)
Zolar’s Encyclopedia of Omens, Signs & Superstitions. 1989.
An alphabetical catalog of items, days, places, and activities and the various superstitions which are associated with them. Entries contain legends, customs, and folklore from cultures involved.




Search terms: dreams; dream interpretation; and dreams–psychology

154.6303 L548d (SSHEL Stacks)
Dream Sight: A Dictionary and Guide for Interpreting Any Dream. 2011. 
This guide to understanding dreams breaks down the process of interpretation into two parts. Section One, All About Dreaming, offers the reader an overview of the background and key elements of dream analysis while Section Two, Dream Dictionary, examines the interpretation of common dream symbols. Includes a glossary and index.

154.63 SH13D (Oak Street)
Dream Reader: Contemporary Approaches to the Understanding of Dreams. 1995.
Part I provides general information about sleep and dreams. Part II provides overviews on the major European schools of thought on dream interpretation. Part III provides overviews of specific topics in dream interpretation. Work contains a list of dreams, notes, references, index of authors and names, and a general index.

BF1091.A25 2014
A Dictionary of Dream Symbols. 2014.
An alphabetical list of images that shows up in dreams accompanied by one or multiple definitions. The introduction acts as a guide to help interpret dreams and explains the role of psychology in these dreams.



Esoteric Religion & Mysticism

The titles listed here may include information on Druidism, Kabbalah, Santeria and other esoteric religions. Mandeville stipulated that the collection exclude sources on Black Magic. To locate sources on these topics please consult with a librarian.

Subject search in terms:  religionsDruids and druidismmysticism.

211.803 C774d (Oak Street)
Dictionary of Atheism, Skepticism & Humanism. 2006.
Topics include ideas and concepts relating to atheism, skepticism, humanism, or freethinking; events and organizations for freethinkers; and terminology relevant to these philosophies. Entries are arranged alphabetically, and a calendar of important happenings in history relating to atheism, etc., is at the back.

299.1 M281L:E (Main Stacks)
Dictionary of Celtic Religion and Culture. 1998.
Defines terms related to Celtic religion and culture and give pronunciation guidance. Also provides a list of museums with related collections and a bibliography of other material on Celtic civilization.

BF1407.D787 2004
The Dictionary of the Esoteric, 2nd ed. 2004.
Covers contemporary Eastern and Western esoteric traditions. Entries include mythical figures, personalities, places, practices, terms, events and phenomena related to the occult. Entries are in alphabetical order. Also includes an index and cross-references.

Q. 203.803 En197 (HPNL Reference and Oak Street)
Encyclopedia of Religious Rites, Rituals and Festivals. 2004.
Alphabetical entries of religious events, with attention given to the non-Western world. Entries include notes for further reading, cross-references and some black and white photos. Work contains an introduction and index.

200.3 M42d 2005 (Main Stacks)
Encyclopedic Dictionary of Cults, Sects, and World Religions. 2005.
Provides alphabetical entries with overviews of religious groups, and alphabetical list of definitions of related terms. Includes appendices, bibliography and index.

Q. 133.03 M3111995
Man, Myth & Magic: the Illustrated Encyclopedia of Mythology, Religion and the Unknown. 1995. 21 vols.
This twenty volume set provides alphabetical entries for the world’s religions, mythologies and magical belief systems. Many entries include graphics, cross-references and bibliographies. Entries also have classified subject guides to direct readers to other information. Volume twenty-one fully indexes the other twenty volumes, both alphabetically and topically.




Spelling magic with a “K” is sometimes used to distinguish it from the type of magic used for entertainment.

Subject search terms:  magic;   paganismwitchcraftritual.

291.211 C769A
The Ancient & Shining Ones: World Myth, Magick & Religion. 1993.
Contains chapters with overviews of worship and magic(k)al belief systems, as well as chapters on specific geographic locations. Each chapter includes endnotes and bibliography. The work also provides a list of cross references and an index.

133.2548 C917c
Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem and Metal Magic. 2002.
Contains encyclopedic entries divided by subject. Part one provides information on beginnings and magic. Part two covers magic and lore. Part three offers information on metal magic. Includes a 16 page color insert, summary tables, resource list, glossary, annotated bibliography and index.

133.43 C917c
Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs. 2001.
Part one provides an overview of the magical use of herbs. Part two offers an alphabetical list of herbs with information for magical use. Part three contains appendices for finding plants by magical properties, as well as a glossary, list of suppliers, folk name cross-reference, annotated bibliography and index.

BF1588.L4313 2015
Dictionary of Ancient Magic Words and Spells: From Abraxas to Zoar. 2015.
Comprehensive dictionary of over 1,000 words related to magic. Entries include definitions and origins of words that can be found in charms, religious blessings, the medical world, and so on. Includes an extensive bibliography.

BF1588.G85 2006 (Main Stacks)
Encyclopedia of Magic and Alchemy. 2006.
Alphabetical entries relating to magic and alchemy, with cross-references and sources for further reading. Includes a bibliography and index.

Q. BF1566.G72 2011
Encyclopedia of Magic and Witchcraft: An Illustrated Historical Reference to Spiritual Worlds. 2011
The book explores the magic-religious beliefs from around the world in chronological order, starting with shamanism and concluding with “Western Magic Today.” A bibliography and further readings section is available, along with an index.



Paganism is an umbrella terms for various religions whose practitioners are inspired by the indigenous, pre-Christian traditions of Europe to develop respectful ways of celebrating human relationships with the wider, other-than-human world. For more detailed information on specific religions, please see the subject section “Witchcraft/Wicca/Neo-Paganism.”

Subject search terms:  paganism;   witchcraft.

299 Y825p (HPNL and online)
Pagan Theology: Paganism as a World Religion. 2003.
Explores paganism as religion, behavior, and theology. Includes an index, references, and extensive notes.

299.94 P14 (Main Stacks)
The Paganism Reader. 2004.
Includes classical texts drawn from ancient literature, “proto-revival” texts from the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries, and “revival and diversification” texts that illustrate the diverse forms of paganism in the twentieth century. Also suggests further reading and includes an index.

299 P317p (HPNL Reference)
A Popular Dictionary of Paganism. 2002.
Alphabetical entries of terms, individuals, groups and events with some cross-references. Includes an introduction and bibliography.



Paranormal Phenomena

Paranormal phenomena include ghosts, apparitions, poltergeists, hauntings, mysterious happenings, spontaneous combustion, and other unexplained events.

Subject search terms:  parapsychologyghostsspiritspoltergeistssupernatural.

133.07 As3g1987
The Ashby Guidebook for Study of the Paranormal. 1987.
Intended for those interested in extrasensory perception (ESP) and related psychic phenomena, this source provides a comprehensive overview of the available literature, exercises to develop psychic abilities and relevant organizations. Includes bibliographies and listings of research organizations in the U.S. and the U.K.

Q. 133.103 G944e 2007
The Encyclopedia of Ghosts and Spirits, 3rd Ed. 2007.
This two volume encyclopedia explores the world of ghosts and spirits which includes mediumship, séance phenomena, psychical research, survival-after-death beliefs, afterlife concepts, folklore customs, angels, demons, etc. Entries are arranged alphabetically. Some entries include cross-references, further readings, and images.

Q. 130.3 St33g (SSHEL Reference and online)
The Gale Encyclopedia of the Unusual and Unexplained. 2003.
Describes research of those who take paranormal and unexplained phenomena seriously. Each chapter contains an overview, outline, introduction, references and cross-references. Each volume provides a glossary and a cumulative index.

133.10973 H291h2002
Haunted Places: the National Directory: Ghostly Abodes, Sacred Sites, UFO landings and other Supernatural Locations. 2002.
Describes sites of paranormal activity in entries organized alphabetically by state. Each entry features a description of the haunting, bibliographic references, websites, directions and contact information if available. The guide concludes with an index.

BL487.M574 2016
Miracles: An Encyclopedia of People, Places and Supernatural Events from Antiquity to the Present. 2016
Primarily serves as a survey of currently available literature relating to the concept of miracles. Entries approach this concept from various perspectives, including ethnic traditions, geographical locations and time periods. Also includes an index and a fairly extensive bibliography.

001.9 C236s (SSHEL Reference and online)
The Skeptic’s Dictionary: a Collection of Strange Beliefs, Amusing Deceptions, and Dangerous Delusions. 2003.
Contains nearly 400 entries covering “all things supernatural, occult, paranormal, and pseudoscientific” for both skeptics and believers. Provides available evidence on a topic and additional sources. Entries range in length and offer references and cross-references. Provides bibliography, subject index and name index.



Parapsychology & the Occult

Search terms: parapsychology; occultism; and occult sciences.

131.02 C355 (SSHEL Reference and online)
Chamber’s Dictionary of the Unexplained. 2007.
This dictionary provides brief background information on the subjects and terms pertaining to the “paranormal, supernatural or simply ‘the strange.’” Arranged alphabetically, these 1,250+ entries are interspersed with essay-style panels that provide a more detailed overview of key subject areas. A “Panels” page at the start of the dictionary lists subjects and cases of particular interest.

Q. 133.03 En191 2001 (SSHEL Reference and online)
Encyclopedia of Occultism and Parapsychology. 5th edition. 2001. 2 vols.
Two volumes with alphabetical entries on the occult sciences, magic, demonology, superstitions, spiritualism, mysticism, metaphysics, psychical science and parapsychology. Many entries have sources and cross-references. Includes a list of Internet resources, general bibliography and general index.

001.903 G859e
Element Encyclopedia of Secret Societies and Hidden History: the Ultimate A-Z of Ancient Mysteries, Lost Civilizations and Forgotten Wisdom. 2006.
Alphabetical entries of ancient mysteries and lost civilizations. Contains cross-references, bibliography, and index.

016.1338 P2121 (Main Stacks)
Exceptional Human Experience. 1983-1997.
A combined journal/abstracting service for parapsychology and other “exceptional human experience.” “Part I: Text” contains an editorial and original research articles. “Part II: Abstracts” features abstracts of journal articles, books, book chapters, dissertations, pamphlets, research reports, and conference proceedings. Abstracts are arranged by classified category. Authors, title, and subject indexes are included. Formerly called Parapsychology Abstracts International, 1983-1989, 016.1338 P212.

133.072 T327g 2003
Glossary of Terms Used in Parapsychology. 2003.
Provides definitions for terms used in parapsychology. The etymology of many terms is included, and references are given to where and when some terms first appeared in the literature. Contains a reference list and bibliography of source glossaries.

133.03 G859n (SSHEL Reference, Uni High Reference, and Oak Street)
The New Encyclopedia of the Occult. 2003.
Entries address a wide range of issues relating to the occult tradition of the Western world including various realms of magic, alchemy, astrology, Paganism, ritual and spiritual traditions as well as biographies of important occultists. Includes an extensive bibliography for further reading.

130 P212
Parapsychology: Research on Exceptional Experiences. 2005.
Provides scientific research of psychic experiences from the leading researchers in the USA and UK. Each chapter is authored and includes bibliography and recommended readings at the end. The book includes an index, glossary, and a listing of other resources arranged by the publishing country.

809.9337 Su76 (Oak Street and online)
Supernatural Literature of the World. 2005. 3 vols.
Three volumes provide encyclopedic entries on supernatural literature from antiquity to the present. Alphabetical arrangement focuses on authors, individual works, and topics ranging from ancient evil to zombies. Bibliography provided. Volume 3 includes indexes of fictional characters, motifs and a general index.



Psychic Phenomena

Psychic phenomena include information on psychics, psychic experiences, clairvoyance, and other phenomena associated with powers of the mind.

Subject search terms: psychics; clairvoyance; parapsychology.

Q. 016.13307 So1c (Main Stacks)
Catalogue of the Library of the Society for Psychical Research. 1976.
Founded in 1892 by a distinguished group of Cambridge scholars, the Society for Psychical Research was the first of its kind to examine allegedly paranormal phenomena in a scientific and unbiased way. This catalogue is a listing of the society’s library holdings in separate title and author sections.

133.803 D719
The Donning International Encyclopedic Psychic Dictionary. 1986.
Defines, describes, and annotates mystical and parapsychological terms from both the past and present. Terms are in alphabetical order and cross-referenced. A bibliography and a guide to using the dictionary are provided. Seven appendices cover such topics as parapsychology study courses, terms arranged by psychic skills, synonyms of popular key words, and clarification of common psychic terms.

133.8072 P959 (Oak Street)
Psychical Research: a Guide to its History, Principles and Practices. 1982.
Guidebook prepared under the auspices of the Society for Psychical Research. Contains 30 chapters, each devoted to a specific paranormal topic, with a separate bibliography of approximately 25 citations. Contains person/entity and subject indexes. Also lists parapsychological organizations and graduate degree programs in psychical research.

133.8 M227s (Main Stacks)
Shopping for Miracles: a Guide to Psychics and Psychic Powers. 1997.
An in-depth look at the world of psychics and the paranormal, covering topics such as psychic ability, as well as the tools used by professional in the trade. This book also looks at the techniques used by fake psychics to swindle their customers. The two appendices provide a historical overview and a list of resources.



Spiritual Healing & Wellness

The titles listed here are concerned with alternative healing practices including aura cleansing, herbalism, reiki, and chakra healing.

Subject search terms:   chakras;   herbalism;   herbals;   alternative medicine;   Medicine, Magic, mystic, and spagiric; and   holistic healing;   holistic medicine; phytotherapy ; plants, medicinal. 

615.882 L664H (Oak Street)
Herbalism. 1996.
Provides information on herbs and their various health and medicinal properties. Contains a glossary, bibliography, useful addresses, plant index and general index.

615.5025 M264h (Main Stacks)
How to Find Information: Complementary and Alternative Health Care. 2001.
Provides resources for those conducting research on both complementary and alternative health care. Directs the reader to books, journals, electronic and web resources, associations and library collections.




The titles listed here include information on astral projection, mediumship, reincarnation, and séances.

Subject search terms:   spiritualism;   astral projection;   reincarnation;   séances;   mediums.

133.903 W41d (Main Stacks)
Dictionary of Spiritualism. 1971.
Defines terms and individuals relevant to the field of spiritualism.

016.1339013 K21R (Oak Street)
Reincarnation: a Selected Annotated Bibliography. 1996.
Provides titles and descriptions of works in the area of reincarnation, including both pro-reincarnation and anti-reincarnation texts. The list is arranged alphabetically by author. An appendix lists organizations concerning with reincarnation.

133.9 B856s (SSHEL Reference and Main Stacks)
The Spirit Book: the Encyclopedia of Clairvoyance, Channeling, and Spirit Communication. 2006.
Explores spirit communication and related subjects, including clairvoyance, ghosts, ESP and channeling. Details the history of the field and significant individuals including both frauds and skeptics. Each entry contains a list of sources. Includes a guide to resources for further information and a subject index.




The titles listed here pertain to the subject of extraterrestrials, flying saucers, Roswell, and other UFO-related events.

Subject search terms:  alien abductionflying saucersunidentified flying objectshuman-alien encounterslife on other planets.

001.94203 St76e
The Encyclopedia of Extraterrestrial Encounters: a Definitive Illustrated A-Z Guide to All Things Alien. 2001.
Over 400 entries of alien facts and fallacies from the earliest recorded accounts through the present, including UFOs, alien encounters and extraterrestrial life in fiction and film. Includes information for both believers and non-believers.

001.94203 C547e
Extraordinary Encounters: an Encyclopedia of Extraterrestrials and Otherworldly Beings. 2000.
This source is an illustrated A-to-Z encyclopedia that explores modern-day beliefs, personalities, beings, and events of encounters with extraterrestrials. Some suggestions for further readings follow the entries. The book also includes a subject index.

576.83903 D249e (SSHEL Reference and Funk ACES Reference)
The Extraterrestrial Encyclopedia: an Alphabetical Reference to All Life in the Universe. 2000.
Subjects are arranged alphabetically. Entries include cross-references to relevant articles within the encyclopedia, as well as to other works related to the search for extraterrestrial life. Includes index, timeline and list of relevant websites.

016.00194 Eb36g (Oak Street)
A Geo-Bibliography of Anomalies. 1980.
A unique, geographically arranged index of primary sources which document observations of UFOs, apparitions, and a multitude of other paranormal phenomena. Limited to observations in the United States and Canada.

001.94203 R159l (Main Stacks)
The Little Giant Encyclopedia of UFOs. 2000.
Lists all relevant UFO case histories from prehistoric times to the present, making a note of the relevance of each (military, government, TV etc.). Also provides a section with advice on what to do in the event of a sighting and a list of organizations.

Q. 001.942 R51u (SSHEL Reference and Oak Street)
UFO: the Definitive Guide to Unidentified Flying Objects and Related Phenomena. 1994.
Alphabetical entries focus on incidents that are particularly infamous or pertinent to the history of the UFO phenomenon. The author rejects the notion that UFOs support the “extraterrestrial hypothesis” and instead contextualizes UFOs in the realm of paranormal and occult phenomenon. Includes definitions of common terminology and index.

Q. TL789 .C555 2018 (SSHEL Reference and online)
The UFO Encyclopedia: the Phenomenon from the Beginning. 2018.
A comprehensive encyclopedia that describes the UFO phenomenon from the beginning and offers the first calibrated scientific proof for the existence of UFOs. Includes expert summaries, investigation details, and declassified materials where available. Also includes detailed entries, sources, a comprehensive bibliography, cross-referencing, and an index.



Witchcraft / Wicca / Neo-Paganism

The following titles provide an introduction to the religions of witchcraft, Wicca and Neo-Paganism.

Subject search terms: witchcraft; magic; paganism; Goddess Religion; neopaganism; neopagans.

133.40973 AD5D 1986 (Main Stacks)
Drawing Down the Moon: Witches, Druids, Goddess-Worshippers, and Other Pagans in America Today. 1986.
Provides an overview of  Neo-Pagans and practitioners of Wicca. Reports on a questionnaire distributed in 1985 to self-identified Neo-Pagans. Includes appendices with the questionnaire, ritual descriptions, references, and a list of resources.

BF1566.E54 2011
Encyclopedia of Modern Witchcraft and Neo-Paganism. 2nd Edition. 2011
Written by neo-Pagan practitioners, the encyclopedia includes entries about rituals and sacred rites, beliefs and practices, practitioners and new expressions of neo-paganism after 1900 with an international scope. An appendix about the semiotics of witchcraft is also included.

133.4303 G881e
Encyclopedia of Wicca and Witchcraft. 2000.
Alphabetical entries describe concepts, people, and organizations. Liberal use of black and white images and illustrations. Appendices include wiccan verses, publications, organizations, and merchants. Contains a bibliography and index.

Q. BF1566. E56 2006 (Main Stacks)
Encyclopedia of Witchcraft: the Western Tradition. 2006.
Four volumes with alphabetical entries of terms, individuals, groups, places and objects relevant to witchcraft in the West, primarily focusing on the time between the 1420s and 1750. Entries include references and cross-references. Indexed in volume 4.

BF1566. B25 2012
Historical Dictionary of Witchcraft. 2012.
The second edition of Historical Dictionary of Witchcraft covers the history of witchcraft from 1750 through the modern day. Dictionary has 300 cross-referenced entries on witch hunts, witchcraft trials, and related practices around the world and has an extensive bibliography.

Q. 016.1334 C81w (Main Stacks and RBML)
Witchcraft: Catalogue… 1977.
The catalog of the witchcraft collection held at the Cornell University Library which consists of approximately 3,000 items pertaining to witchcraft in North America and Europe. Arrangement by author and title. Includes a subject index.

Q. 016.13343 R311w (HPNL)
Witchcraft in Europe and America: Guide to the Microfilm Collection. 1983.
Guide to a comprehensive microfilm collection on 104 reels. The core of the collection is the renowned Witchcraft Collection at Cornell University’s Olin Library (see Witchcraft Catalogue).