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The Merten J. Mandeville Collection in the Occult Sciences

Mandeville Collection in the Occult Sciences

The Merten J. Mandeville Collection in the Occult Sciences of approximately 16,000 volumes is supported by an endowment established by the late Merten J. Mandeville, a Professor of Management at UIUC. Under the terms of the endowment, works of a serious nature, and those which emphasize the positive aspects of the occult, are acquired. The primary subject areas for which materials are purchased are astrology; the divinatory arts and palmistry; esoteric religion and mysticism; occult techniques for health, happiness and success; psychical phenomena and research, including clairvoyance, ESP, and out-of-body experiences; spiritualism, including apparitions, mediumship, and reincarnation; unidentified flying objects; and witchcraft and magic. Newer books and the unbound issues of more than 20 journals are located in the Social Sciences, Health, and Education Library (SSHEL). The bulk of the collection is housed in the Main Library Bookstacks.

Please direct all comments or requests for information to Nancy O’Brien.

Resources for the Mandeville Collection

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