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Statistics on Women

Statistics on Women

International Statistics | U.S. General Statistics | Education | Family Issues/Marital Status | Health | Law and Criminal Justice | Politics | Poverty | Sports and Recreation | Work and Employment

International Statistics

  • Population Reference Bureau: DataFinder
    This hub for US and international data allows users to create tables by region, country, or US census boundaries.  Additionally, browse by broad topics including education, family structure, and reproductive health to find comparative data for the United States or the world.
  • UN: The World’s Women Reports
    These 100+ page reports, published every five years beginning in 1990, provide statistics covering a wide range of topics related to women. All reports can be downloaded as PDFs.
  • World Bank: Data on Gender
    This is a gateway to global data on various topics affecting women and girls. Of particular note is the link to GenderStats which provides data at the country and regional level compiled from various international organizations including the ILO and WHO.
  • Woman Stats Project
    This project tracks the status of women in 174 countries on over 310 indicators. As a first-time user to this project, visit the ‘First Time Users’ tab to create a free account and to watch tutorials on how to use and view their data.


U.S. General Statistics

  • Gender and Policy Council
    Provides access to several reports and serves as a gateway to statistical reports on women and girls from other US agencies.




Family Issues / Marital Status



  • Kinsey Institute: FAQ and Statistics
    Information on this page is compiled from various research reports.  Data is provided on many topics including age of first intercourse, condom use, number of partners, prostitution/sex work, and teen sexuality.
  • MEASURE DHS (Demographic and Health Surveys)
    Funded by USAID, this site provides current data from over 260 surveys in over 90 countries.  The site allows access to several data sets, reports, and online resources including STATcompiler, which allows users to create custom tables based on hundreds of demographic and health indicators.
  • Womenshealth.gov Statistics
    A project of the US Office of Health and Human Services, this page lists links to several reports and organizations concerned with women’s health.


Law and Criminal Justice Including Violence against Women



  • Center for American Women in Politics
    This center housed at Rutgers University is recognized as the leading source of scholarly research and current data about American women’s political participation. The Facts page provides information about numbers of women in elected offices; women’s voting behavior; facts on women of color; and state by state information.




Sports and Recreation

  • AAUW: Title IX Athletic Statistics
    Provides a variety of statistics including participation of girls and women in sports; coaches and athletic directors at the collegiate level; and the benefits of physical activity.


Work and Employment

  • Bureau of Labor Statistics: Statistics on Women and Labor
    Users have access to data on women’s employment, unemployment, and earnings by industry, occupation, education, age, marital status, and other characteristics. Data are also available on how women use their time and on workplace injuries and illnesses experienced by women.