Slavic Digital Initiatives at the University of Illinois


  1. Digital Registries:
  2. Inventory of Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Digital Projects ( An initiative undertaken in conjunction with the Digital Projects Subcommittee of the American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies. Currently includes at least 100 projects and 240 collections. Records were recently mapped to DC to enable OAI-harvesting.


  3. Text Collections:
  4. Early 19thC Russian Readership & Culture ( A selection of English and Russian primary texts, fully searchable by keyword or by preselected analytical category. Part of an archive of materials on Early 19th Century Russian Readership & Culture ( Delivered using DLXS XPAT software. Currently on hold.

    A related initiative is the Reading Culture in 19th Century Russia BLOG ( This blog supports the UIUC Summer Research Lab Discussion Group on the same topic which has met in 2004 and 2005, and will meet again on June 16, 2006.


  5. Image Collections:
  6. Russian Publics ( A locally built image collection delivered using Content.DM. Currently on hold.

    Zdenka and Stanley B. Winters Czech and Slovak Poster Collection, 1920-1991 ( A major image digitization project begun September, 2004. A BLOG has also been initiated as part of this project:


  7. Information Literacy Programs:
  8. UIUC Library E-Text Working Group (

    UIUC Digital Text Workshop, July 2004 (

    UIUC Slavic Digital Text Workshop: Strategies for Humanists and Social Scientists, July 2005 (

    Digital Slavist ( A new initiative begun in January 2006 to provide a wiki environment for the collaborative assembly of materials relating to Digital Slavica.


  9. Digital Internships
  10. August 2004-August 2006: Slavic Digital Humanities Fellowship ( This two-year appointment is being made under the auspices of the Council on Library and Information Resources Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Scholarly Information Resources ( The program will involve promoting a variety of projects and software applications of value to Slavic humanities scholars. A major thrust will be to acquaint a subject specialist with metadata, digitization and library interoperability issues, and thereby advance the use of technology to enrich Slavic scholarship.


  11. Digital Collaborations

    In the Planning Stage:

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