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Czech and Slovak Subject Guides

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Subject guides differ from bibliographies of bibliographies in that they annotate and arrange their content in such a way as to acquaint the user not only with the available sources, but also with a general research strategy for a specific subject. Bibliographies of bibliographies usually just list and annotate resources. Guides are usually a very good way to begin research on a topic. Unfortunately, for Czech and Slovak there are not many guides available. The researcher has to rely on specialized subject bibliographies which will be covered in a separate section of this course.

Czechoslovakia: a bibliographic guide.

Sturm, Rudolf. Washington, DC: Library of Congress, 1967. 157 p.
U of I Library Call Number: Czech Reference 016.91437 ST9C plus History and Law Libraries

The main focus of this guide is to discuss briefly bibliographic sources (published before the mid 1960’s) for many topics related to Czechoslovakia with particular emphasis on English language publications. However, if none such or very few exist, as is the case for many topics, sources in Czech, Slovak, German or other languages are included. It begins by acquainting the reader with the basic bibliographic sources for Czech and Slovak monographs and serials and then follows with sections on general reference works such as encyclopedias. Other sections are more subject-oriented, covering resources for history, politics and government, law, economics, social conditions, religion, philosophy, education, literature, etc. Also included are discussions of biographical sources and several archive guides. The information is presented in narrative form with a bibliography of works covered at the end of the book. This guide was commissioned by the Library of Congress and prepared by a subject specialist. Unfortunately, it has not been updated so sources published since the early 1960’s are not covered.

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in East Central Europe: a guide to basic publications
Horecky, Paul L., ed. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1969. pp.137-358.
U of I Library Call Number: Slavic Reference 016.943 H78e + copies in History, Philosophy & Newspaper Library, Undergraduate Library, Main Stacks

The main focus of this guide is to familiarize users with publications produced before 1969 that pertain to various aspects of the Czech and Slovak Republics. The content reflects the compiler’s judgment in choosing the best sources available at that time to represent the topic. It begins by acquainting the reader with the basic bibliographic and other sources for the entire East Central European area. The Czechoslovakia chapter is divided into the following sections: General reference aids and bibliographies, the Land, the People, History, the State, the Economy, the Society, and Intellectual and cultural life. Each of these sections is further subdivided into more narrow topics. The entries have detailed annotations that are often mini surveys of the literature and refer the user to other sources that were not included in the guide itself. Commissioned by the American Council of Learned Societies and the Social Science Research Council, the guide was prepared by numerous subject specialists who had the expertise to select and annotate not only reference works, but also monographs that provided good coverage of a topic. Even some archival sources are discussed. Unfortunately, it has not been updated so sources published since the late 1960’s are not covered. This guide covers publications in Eastern and Western European languages, but the emphasis is on English. There is an extensive author-title-subject index and a list of contributors to the volume.