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ABSEES Core Journals

This is a list of ABSEES core journals that have been indexed cover-to-cover by our indexers. ABSEES also indexes hundreds of other journals when relevant material can be found within the current issues. Titles that are read cover to cover for relevant material include such examples as “ Atlantic Monthly” or “History and Theory.”

Title ISSN
ASEEES NewsNet 1074-3057
Ab Imperio: Studies of New Imperial History and Nationalism in the Post-Soviet Space 2166-4072
Ancient Civilizations from Scythia to Siberia 0929-077X
Anthropology of East Europe Review 1054-4720
Ararat: Quarterly Journal of Armenian Literature, History and the Arts 0003-7583
Armenian Review 0004-2366
ARTMargins 1941-4102
Balkanistica 0360-2206
Canadian Slavonic Papers = Revue canadienne des slavistes 0008-5006
Canadian – American Slavic Studies = Revue – Americaine d’etudes slaves 0090-8290
Carl Beck Papers in Russian and East European Studies 0889-275X
Central Asian Affairs 2214-2282
Cold War International History Project Bulletin 1071-9652
Communist and Post-Communist Studies 0967-067X
Demokratizatsiya: The Journal of Post-Soviet Democratization 1074-6846
Dostoevsky Studies 1013-2309
East Central Europe = L’Europe du center-est 0094-3037
Eastern European Economics 0012-8775
East European Jewish Affairs 1350-1674
East European Politics and Societies 0888-3254
East European Quarterly 0012-8449
East-West Education 0899-0247
East-West Church & Ministry Report 1069-5664
East – West: Journal of Ukrainian Studies 2292-7956
Eurasian Geography and Economics 1538-7216
Europe-Asia Studies 0966-8136
Experiment: A Journal of Russian Culture 1084-4945
Folklorica 1920-0242
Germano-Slavica: A Canadian Journal of Germanic and Slavic Comparative Studies 0317-4956
Glossos 1544-404X
Harriman Review 0896-114X
Harvard Ukrainian Studies 0363-5570
Holodomor Studies 1947-993X
Hungarian Cultural Studies 2471-965X
Hungarian Historical Review 2063-8647
Hungarian Studies Review 0713-8083
International Journal of Baltic Law 1648-9349
International Journal of Slavic Linguistics and Poetics 0538-8228
Journal for East European Management Studies 0949-6181
Journal of Baltic Studies 0162-9778
Journal of Cold War Studies 1520-3972
Journal of Croatian Studies 0075-4218
Journal of East European Law (JEEL) 1537-7342
Journal of Modern Russian History and Historiography 1947-9956
Journal of Slavic Linguistics 1068-2090
Journal of Slavic Military Studies 1351-8046
Journal of Ukrainian Studies 0228-1635
KinoKultura 1478-6567
Kosmas: Czechoslovak and Central European Journal 1056-005X
Kritika: Explorations in Russian and Eurasian History 1531-023X
Lituanus 0024-5089
Nabokov Online Journal 1911-8422
Nabokov Studies 1080-1219
Nabokovian 0894-7120
Nationalities Papers 0090-5992
New Zealand Slavonic Journal 0028-8683
Occasional Papers on Religion in Eastern Europe 1069-4781
Polish Political Science Yearbook 0208–7375
Polish Review 0032-2970
Poljarnyj Vestnik 1500-7502
Post-Communist Economies 1463-1377
Post-Soviet Affairs 1060-586X
Problems of Economic Transition 1061-1991
Problems of Post-Communism 1075-8216
Pushkin Review 1526-1476
Region: Regional Studies of Russia, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia 2166-4307
Review of Central and East European Law 0925-9880
Revolutionary Russia 0954-6545
Russian Education and Society 1060-9393
Russian History = Histoire russe 0094-288X
Russian Linguistics 0304-3487
Russian Literature 0304-3479
Russian Politics and Law 1061-1940
Russian Review 0036-0341
Russian Social Science Review 1061-1428
Russian Studies in History 1061-1983
Russian Studies in Literature 1061-1975
Russian Studies in Philosophy 1061-1967
Sarmatian Review 1059-5872
Scando-Slavica 0080-6765
Serbian Studies 0742-3330
Siberica 1361-7362
Slavic Almanac: The South African Journal for Slavic, Central and Eastern European Studies 11025-3386
Slavic and East European Information Resources 1522-8886
Slavic and East European Journal 0037-6752
Slavic and East European Performance 1069-2800
Slavic Review 0037-6779
Slavonica 1745-8145
Slovene Studies 0193-1075
Southeastern Europe 0094-4467
St. Vladimir’s Theological Quarterly 0036-3227
Studies in East European Thought 0925-9392
Studies in Russian and Soviet Cinema 1750-3132
Studies in Slavic Cultures (SISC) 1527-3776
Symposion: A Journal of Russian Thought 1521-2149
Tolstoy Studies Journal 1044-1573
Toronto Slavic Quarterly (TSQ) 1708-3885
Ukrainian Quarterly 0041-6010
Ulbandus 0163-450X
Zapiski Russkoi Akademicheskoi Gruppy v S.Sh.A.Transactions of the Association of Russian-American Scholars in the U.S.A. 0066-9717