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The purpose of the series of links that you will follow from this page is to acquaint you with the types of documents in the Kolb-Proust Archive.

We begin with a single letter written by Marcel Proust. Beneath the image of the letter are the text transcription and the notes containing several links to relevant documents of different categories. After consulting a linked document, return to the letter as a starting point for the exploration of additional links. We have provided English descriptions of the linked documents but the letter itself remains in French only.

Click here to begin the tour now or read the following paragraphs:

Much of the material in the Archive consists of approximately 40,000 mostly handwritten 3 X 5″ cards which Professor Kolb kept in file drawers like those of a card catalog. Different categories of cards are stored in separate file drawers. We are currently in the process of entering the data and tagging relevant structures for Internet distribution. Our goal is to preserve the information (in the tour note the poor condition of some of the cards) and make it more easily accessible.

Digitized images of the cards as shown in the tour will not be a part of the Virtual Archive, although all information on them will be retained in the form of electronic texts.

French version/version française