Replacement Books & Pages


Materials with damaged pages resulting in text loss are routed to Preservation Reformatting for replacement pages or, if necessary, a replacement copy of the book. These materials are simultaneously assessed to determine if they meet our reformatting criteria. If so, replacement pages are sourced with the help of the Library’s Interlibrary Loan and I-Share departments in order to digitize/reformat the books in their entirety. Once replacements pages are found, Preservation Reformatting staff carefully incorporate them into the damaged book after which the book can proceed down the reformatting workflow.



                 Fire Scorched Page In Need of Replacement


Replacement page/book services can span several weeks, depending how easily a replacement page or copy can be found.

Transferring brittle materials to Preservation Reformatting

Deliver materials to room 425 in Main Library. If unsure how to transport items, contact us at for assistance. If necessary pick-up or campus shipping delivery may be arranged.

For further inquiries about our replacement page/book services email us at