Patron Digitization Requests

In collaboration with Internet Archive, Preservation Reformatting offers in-house digitization of public domain (pre-1926) materials to Library patrons. Patron digitization requests are considered priority and are promptly sent to Internet Archive for digitization

  • Timeframe: We aim to complete patron digitization requests within 2-4 weeks. Should delays arise, patrons will be notified.
  • Requests can be submitted through our easy-to-use online form (see below).
    • Requests are received by Preservation Reformatting staff who in turn place the material into Internet Archive’s digitization queue.
  • Once digitization is complete, the material can be viewed on Internet Archive’s website.
    • Patrons will receive a direct URL link to access the material on the website.
  • Material Restrictions: The form below is solely for print materials in the Library’s collection; items under copyright undergo a separate process for digitization due to licensing and access restrictions.
    • Library staff and patrons interested in digitization of special collections materials and other formats (e. g. microfilm) should email us at

Placing a Request:

Use the form below to place a request for digitization. Once it is submitted, an email will be sent to Preservation Reformatting notifying staff of the request. You will receive an email confirming your submission.