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New Books

Newly received books are placed on the New Book Shelf (Map A-3) for two weeks. There is a sign-up sheet in each new book. Faculty/Staff of the Math Department may simply print their name.  Other patrons, please print name, e-mail and campus address with mail code.

After the two week display period ends and the new book is ready to circulate, you will be notified by campus mail or email that the new book is being held at the Mathematics Library Circulation Desk for one week. After that one week period, if the first person has not claimed the new book it will be circulated to the next person on the sign-up sheet. The loan period for new books with more than one name on the sign-up sheet is one week.

Recommend a New Book Purchase

If there is a particular title you feel the Mathematics Library should have, please fill out our online purchase recommendation form.

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Use the form below to search for books added to our collection since January 1999. You can search by keyword or phrase. To truncate, simply type in the stem word (math for mathematics, mathematical, etc.). You do not need to capitalize words. A maximum of 250 matches will be displayed. If more than 250 matches are found, you’ll need to narrow your search by entering more specific terms or changing time period searched. Results are sorted by call number.

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