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Recipes from the Masters: Christmas Edition: Volume 1

In the most recent adventures in trying to become a 1950’s housewife, I decided to try out several holiday themed recipes from our archives. The first of which, and the subject of today’s blog post, is for pie crust and cranberry pie. Just last year I discovered a love for cranberries and this recipe may […]

Recipes from the Masters: Testing Out Vintage Recipes

The holiday rush is upon us and that means one thing, a huge uptake in baking and cooking for the ones we love. While I tend to spend a lot the year eyeing new recipes I tend to not actually test them out until the holidays. (Personally, I’m notorious for baking at two in the […]

Cora Harvey, the “Queen of Hoboes”

In the 1910’s one woman made it her personal mission to bring attention to the plight of homeless people, especially homeless women. Her life story is not immediately clear and she does not seem to have any biographies written on her. Instead, her memory lives in the pages of newspapers. This is what we currently […]