INP Wishlist

The INP Wishlist is a list of Illinois newspapers that have existed during some point in the past. INP staff compiled this list using county histories and historical newspaper bibliographies. Though we have had success finding many historical Illinois newspaper titles, we have been unable to find them all.

Please contact us if you information about any of the following newspapers, or about any other Illinois newspaper (including newspaper issues) not listed in the Illinois Newspaper Directory.

Title Years Town County
[German newspaper] 1854-1854 Pekin
[No title listed] 1879-1879 Buckley
[Title unknown] 1uuu-192u Westville
[Unknown title] 186u-186u Morris
Abendpost (Chicago, Ill. : Milwaukee ed.) 1932-19uu Chicago
Abendpost und Milwaukee deutsche Zeitung (Chicago, Ill.) 1950-1991 Chicago
Abingdon leader 1873 Abingdon
Advance 1889 Monmouth
Advance 1874-1876 O’Fallon
Advance 18uu-1870 Bloomington
Advance 1872-1873 Clayton
Advance 1879 Chrisman
Advance (New Canton, Ill.) New Canton
Advance citizen 1892-1932 Peoria
Advertiser 1865-1866 Onarga
Advertiser 1864-1865 Onarga
Advertiser 1868-1871 Nokomis
Advertiser 1871-1872 Astoria
Advertiser 1858-1859 Dixon
Advertiser 1967 Macomb
Advertiser 1877-18uu Abingdon
Advertiser 1877-18uu Polo
Advertiser 1861-1862 Vienna
Advertiser 1874-1875 Neoga
Advocate 1874-1875 Roberts
Advocate 1883-1904 Ancona
Advocate 1877-1879 Plymouth
Advocate 1875- Dallas City
Advocate 1891-1893 Oregon
Advocate pre-1885 Eldorado
Advocate 1893-1895 Normal
Advocate 1857-1858 Mount Vernon
Advocate (Milton, Ill.) Milton
Aegis 1897-1uuu Bloomington
Afro American advocate 1892-1893 Litchfield
Aledo press 1894 Aledo
Alert (Orangeville, Ill.) 18uu-1889 Orangeville
Alexander’s Blade 1876-1877 Hillsboro
Alexis index 1877 Alexis
Alexis visitor Alexis
Alien nation 19uu-19uu Urbana
Alpha advance 1uuu-19uu Alpha
Altamont herald 1uuu-1942 Altamont
Alternative 1982-1988 Warsaw
Alto Pass advocate Alto Pass
Alton banner 1876 Alton
Alton citizen 1980 Alton
Alton citizen journal Alton
Alton daily Republican 1894 Alton
Alton daily times 1909-1924 Alton
Altona bulletin 1uuu-19uu Altona
Altona record news 1931 Altona
Altona weekly journal 18uu-18uu Altona
Alumni journal 1870-1876 Bloomington
Alvin record 1uuu-19uu Alvin
Amaquon news 1944-1947 Maquon
Amateur deaf mute 1876-1877 Jacksonville
Amateur news 1874-1875 Abingdon
American 1905-1906 Cairo
American bottom gazette 1841-1844 East Saint Louis
American eagle 1852-1856 Salem
American enterprise and eclectic advertiser 1856-18uu Springfield
American law reporter 1872 Rock Island
American miller 18uu-18uu Ottawa
American pilot 1896-1899 Bloomington
American reporter 1872- Rock Island
American thresherman 1962 Pinckneyville
Amerika 1860-18uu Galena
Amerikanski Slovenec edinost 1924-1925 Chicago
Anchor 1899-19uu Grant Park
Andrus’ illustrated monthly 1872-1873 Rockford
Anti-Monopolist 1882? Robinson
Anzeiger 1868-1873 Bloomington
AOH emerald 1879-1880 Springfield
Apaiary 1878-1880 Shelbyville
Apiary Tower Hill
Appeal 1879-1881 Paxton
Appeal 1879-1880 Paxton
Arcola herald 1883-1905 Arcola
Argenta register 1uuu-1958 Argenta
Argus 1913-1915 Springfield
Argus 1897-1987 Bloomington
Argus 1859-1uuu Jacksonville
Argus 1877-18uu Monroe Center
Arlington day 1uuu-1970 Arlington Heights
Ashkum gazette 18uu-18uu Ashkum
Ashley gazette 1876-1uuu Ashley
Ashton news 1873-18uu Ashton
Ashton times 1901-1904 Ashton
Associationist 1845-18uu Springfield
Assumption herald 18uu-uuuu Assumption
Assumption press 1872-1873 Assumption
Assumption record 1874-187u Assumption
Astoria rapport 1913-1918 Astoria
Atheneum 1877-18uu Springfield
Athenian 1890-1uuu Bloomington
Atkinson herald -1908 Atkinson
Atlantis 1969-1971 Springfield
Auburn community booster 19uu-19uu Auburn
Augusta weekly banner 1866 Augusta
Augustana 1889-1956 Rock Island
Augustana centennial 1948 Rock Island
Augustana journal Rock Island
Augustana och Missionaren 1879-1889 Rock Island
Aurora daily star 1920-1924,1963-1966 Aurora
Authoritarian times 1981-1981 Springfield
Avenger 1888-1uuu Bloomington
Avon review 1890-1904 Avon
Baby Fold story 1968-9999 Normal
Banner 1872-1875 Mascoutah
Banner 1879-date Casey
Banner 1871-1872 Lexington
Banner 1866- Alton
Banner of freedom 1858-1858 Polo
Banner of Holiness 1872 Jacksonville
Banner of the Cross 1880-1881 Collinsville
Banner times 1906-1968 Casey
Baptist (Chicago, Ill.) 1920-1933 Chicago
Baptist banner 1874-188u Benton
Baptist banner 1874-1876 Ewing
Baptist truth 1895-1924 Cairo
Baptist truth 1896-1900 Metropolis
Barb City telegraph 1877-18uu De Kalb
Barn Burner 1848-1uuu Greenville
Barnburner 1849-uuuu Greenville
Barnens tidnings Rock Island
Barry enterprise 186u-1861 Barry
Barry observer 1870-1871 Barry
Barry weekly dispatch 186u-186u Barry
Batchtown pilot 1880- Batchtown
Battle axe 1862 Havana
Bazoo 1877-1877 Carbondale
Beacon (Milton, Ill. : 1950) 1951-1976 Milton
Beardstowner Wochenblatt 1878-1885 Beardstown
Bee 1881-1uuu Bloomington
Belgian 1907-1940 Moline
Belleville journal current Belleville
Bellflower bee 18uu-1uuu Bellflower
Bement reveille 1889-18uu Bement
Benld enterprise uuuu Benld
Benson bee 1899-19uu Benson
Benson journal 1876-1uuu Benson
Benson post 1895-1uuu Benson
Beobachter 1845-18uu Quincy
Beobachter Am Fluss 1877-1878 Beardstown
Beobachter Am Illinois Fluss 1877-1878 Beardstown
Beobachter an Mississippi 1857-1857 Rock Island
Berean 1837-18uu Springfield
Bethalto American journal ? Bethalto
Better covenant 1842-1843 Rockford
Big Muddy gazette 1969-19uu Carbondale
Black Hawk chieftain 1962-1987 Moline
Black rap 19uu-19uu Urbana
Black shadows 1971 Macomb
Black unity 1970 Carbondale
Black vanguard 196u-19uu Danville
Black vanguard 1968-9999 Danville
Blade 1884-188u Saint Anne
Blade 18uu-9999 Sterling
Blandinsville Republican 1884-1885 Blandinsville
Blandinsville review 1885 Blandinsville
Blandinsville star 1893-1900 Blandinsville
Bloomington Anti-Monopolist 1873-1873 Bloomington
Bloomington argus 1941-1943 Bloomington
Bloomington eye 1878-1882 Bloomington
Bloomington Normal magazine 1979-1979 Bloomington
Bloomington pantagraph (Bloomington, Ill. : Weekly) 1871-1879 Bloomington
Bloomington post 1874-1878 Bloomington
Bloomington republican (Bloomington, Ill. : 1873) 18uu-1uuu Bloomington
Bloomington times 1855-1862 Bloomington
Bloomington times 1850-1862 Bloomington
Bloomington weekly Democrat 1868-1uuu Bloomington
Blue Mound enterprise 1881-uuuu Blue Mound
Boone County advertiser 186u-1870 Belvidere
Boone County courier 19uu-19uu Belvidere
Boone County Democrat 1864-1864 Belvidere
Boy about town 186u-1uuu Decatur
Braceville express 1uuu-9999 Braceville
Braceville miner 1882-1uuu Braceville
Bradford chronicle 1871-1872 Bradford
Bradford times 1880- Bradford
Breeze 18uu-1uuu Galesburg
Breeze (Hull, Ill.) Hull
Brethren at work 18uu-1uuu Mount Morris
Bric-a-brac 1880-1uuu Bloomington
Bridgeport times 1881-1881 Bridgeport
Brighton advance 1871-1880 Brighton
Bronze T. Powder 1946 Peoria
Brooklyn eagle 1898-? Brooklyn
Brookport eagle Brookport
Brookport journal 1923-1924 Brookport
Brookport news Brookport
Brown County Press uuuu Mount Sterling
Brown County Republican (Mount Sterling, Ill. : 1866) 1866-1867 Mount Sterling
Buchanan banner 1856-1uuu Jacksonville
Buckley inquirer 1876-1886 Buckley
Buckley inquirer 1873-18uu Buckley
Budget 19uu-9999 Galesburg
Budget 1875-1877 Maroa
Budget 1873-1877 Davis
Bugle 1881-1883 Prairie City
Bulletin 1873-1876 Nokomis
Bulletin 1869-18uu Metamora
Bulletin 1874-1877 Erie
Bulletin 1873-1876 Pekin
Bulletin sentinel 1986 Decatur
Bumble bee 1869-1873 Albion
Bureau County Democrat 1932-19uu Spring Valley
Bureau County herald 1848-184u Princeton
Bureau County times 18uu-1888 Buda
Burris, Iowa commercial and reporter 1856 New Boston
Bushnell union press 1865-1868 Bushnell
Cabery enquirer 1883-1952 Cabery
Cabery enquirer 1883-1952 Cabery
Cahokia Dupo journal current Cahokia
Cahokia Dupo journal current Dupo
Cairo Argus -1875 Cairo
Cairo bulletin (Cairo, Ill. : 1906) 19uu-19uu Cairo
Cairo commercial 1872-1873 Cairo
Cairo daily Argus 1878- Cairo
Cairo daily telegram 1887-1906 Cairo
Cairo Democrat (Cairo, Ill. : Triweekly) 186u-186u Cairo
Cairo Democrat (Cairo, Ill. : Weekly) 186u-186u Cairo
Cairo evening sun (Cairo, Ill. : Weekly) 187u-187u Cairo
Cairo semi-weekly news 1881-1uuu Cairo
Cairo sun 1870-1uuu Cairo
Cairo Volksblatt 186u-186u Cairo
Cairo-Pulaski enterprise 1975-1978 Cairo
Calhoun County Democrat 1871-1876 Hardin
Calhoun herald 1966 Calhoun
Calhoun pilot 1880- Batchtown
Call 1879-1879 Lincoln
Call 1877-1879 Buda
Call 1883 Toulon
Cambridge Democrat (Cambridge, Ill.) -1871 Cambridge
Cameron gazette 1uuu-19uu Cameron
Cameron gazette and Warren County Democrat 1927 Galesburg
Campaign argument 1860-1uuu Jacksonville
Campaigner 1860-186u Litchfield
Canton community sentinel 1969-1973 Canton
Canton leader 1903-1905 Canton
Capitol enterprise 1854-1855 Springfield
Capitol record and family journal 1869-1871 Springfield
Carbondale and Cairo car 18uu-18uu Carbondale
Carbondale criterion 1878-1878 Carbondale
Carlock chronicle 19uu-9999 Carlock
Carmi courier 18uu-18uu Carmi
Carrier Mills mail pre-1906 Carrier Mills
Carrollton advocate 1843-18uu Carrollton
Carrollton Democrat 1855-1856 Carrollton
Carrollton patriot 1960 Carrollton
Carrollton press 1858-18uu Carrollton
Carterville advocate 1882-? Carterville
Carthage village voice 1975- Carthage
Carthageian 1836-1837 Carthage
Carthaginian 1878-1881 Carthage
Casey advocate 1881 Casey
Casey advocate 188u-9999 Casey
Casey banner 1879 Casey
Casey banner 1879-1897 Casey
Casey gleaner 1895? Casey
Casey times 1872-1878 Casey
Casey weekly times 1873 Casey
Casey weekly times 1872-1897 Casey
Cass County courier 1866-1870 Virginia
Cass County independent 1860-1861 Virginia
Cass County union 1860-1864 Virginia
Catalyst 1967-1974 Macomb
Catholic post 1977 Peoria
Caveat emptor 19uu-19uu Urbana
Centennial 1876-18uu Odell
Central homestead 1878-uuuu Pana
Central homestead 1878-1878 Pana
Central Illinois Democrat 1860-1860 Pana
Central Illinois farmer 1912-1914 Clinton
Central Illinois review 1880-1891 Onarga
Central Illinois review 1881-189u Onarga
Central Illinois weekly statesman 187u-1873 Lincoln
Central Illinois Zeitung 1871-18uu Springfield
Central orient 1866-1868 Pana
Centralian 1857-1860 Centralia
Century and herald 1903? Lawrenceville
Cerro Gordo times 18uu-18uu Cerro Gordo
Chadwick review 1927-1970 Chadwick
Challenge 1933-1936 Bloomington
Champaign and Urbana citizen 19uu-19uu Urbana
Champaign and Urbana citizen 1920-1920 Champaign
Champaign and Urbana citizen 1931-9999 Champaign
Champaign County Bote 1870-1871 Bloomington
Champaign County gazette 19uu-19uu Urbana
Champaign County journal 1866-1867 Urbana
Champaign County Teacher’s Institute 18uu-1uuu Urbana
Champaign County tribune 1898-1899 Urbana
Champaign daily gazette (Champaign, Ill. : County fair ed.) 1882-1883 Champaign
Champaign daily gazette I 18uu-18uu Urbana
Champaign daily gazette II 18uu-19uu Urbana
Champaign Democrat (Champaign, Ill.) 1867-18uu Champaign
Champaign times 1914-1914 Champaign
Champaign times 18uu-1uuu Champaign
Champaign-Urbana herald 19uu-19uu Urbana
Champion 1849-1850 Peoria
Chanute Field news 1uuu-1926 Rantoul
Charleston 1843-1846 Charleston
Charleston Herald Charleston
Chatsworth palladium 1871-18uu Chatsworth
Chatsworth times 1902-19uu Chatsworth
Chenoa weekly monitor 187u-187u Chenoa
Chicago daily news (Chicago, Ill. : 1882) 1882-1892 Chicago
Chicago dollar post 186u-1uuu Chicago
Chicago evening mail (Chicago, Ill. : 1870) 1870-1874 Chicago
Chicago evening post (Chicago, Ill. : 1866) 1866-1867 Chicago
Chicago journal of commerce edition of the Wall Street journal 1951-1951 Chicago
Chicago morning news 1881-1882 Chicago
Chicago morning post (Chicago, Ill. : Daily) 186u-186u Chicago
Chicago morning post (Chicago, Ill. : Triweekly) 186u-18uu Chicago
Chicago post (Chicago, Ill. : 1876) 1876-1878 Chicago
Chicago post (Chicago, Ill. : Weekly) 1876-18uu Chicago
Chicago post and mail 1874-1876 Chicago
Chicago press 185u-185u Chicago
Chicago sun (Chicago, Ill. : 1871) 18uu-18uu Chicago
Chicago tri-weekly journal 18uu-18uu Chicago
Chicago tribune (Chicago, Ill. : Triweekly) 1864-18uu Chicago
Chicago weekly Democratic press 1857-1857 Chicago
Chicago weekly mail 1870-1874 Chicago
Chicago weekly post and mail 1874-1876 Chicago
Chicago weekly press 1857-1858 Chicago
Chicago weekly tribune (Chicago, Ill. : 1847) 1847-1858 Chicago
Chief (Cambridge, Ill.) Cambridge
Chief (Wyoming, Ill.) 1867-1871 Wyoming
Chimes 1893-1uuu Bloomington
Chrisman enterprise 1875 Chrisman
Christian 18uu-1uuu Quincy
Christian century (Chicago, Ill. : 1902) 1902-9999 Chicago
Christian County courier 1894-1uuu Taylorville
Christian County courier 1893-1901 Taylorville
Christian County real estate advertiser 1870-uuuu Taylorville
Christian era 18uu-18uu Galesburg
Christian gleaner 1874-1876 Chillicothe
Christian herald 1864-18uu Eureka
Christian herald 1872 Jeffersonville
Christian herald 1864-1865 Wapella
Christian instructor 1872-1872 Jeffersonville
Christian instructor 1872-1872 McLeansboro
Christian messenger 1843 Jacksonville
Christian news 1875-1876 Alton
Christian philosopher 1858 Geneseo
Christian pilgrim 1878-1879 Sycamore
Christian radical 1875-1882 Polo
Christian sentinel 1856-1858 Peoria
Christian sentinel 1853-18uu Springfield
Chronicle 1857-1858 Prairie City
Chronicle 1879-1880 Coulterville
Chronicle 18uu-18uu Danville
Chronicle (Elmwood, Ill. : 1873) 1873-9999 Elmwood
Chronicle (Vermont, Ill.) 1870-19uu Vermont
Church 186u-186u Polo
Church advocate 1878-???? Grayville
Church and home 1879-1880 Shelbyville
Church progress 1878-1884 Marshall
Church progress 1882-1887 Marshall
Church reporter 1867-18uu Quincy
Cisco review 1uuu-19uu Cisco
Citizen 1879-1880 Illiopolis
Citizen 1868-1868 Princeville
Citizen 1869-1870 Marseilles
Citizen 19uu-19uu Urbana
Citizen 1868-1870 Lawnridge
Citizen 1867-1870 Chillicothe
Citizen 1858-1859 Moline
Citizen 1881-1883 Moline
Citizen at work 1898-1uuu Bloomington
City item 1865-1866 Cairo
Clarion 1868 Mattoon
Clark County acorn 1900-1907 Marshall
Clayton record uuuu-uuuu Clayton
Clayton standard 1868 Clayton
Clear grit 1877-1877 Sterling
Clement register 1/13/1876 Clement
Clinton exponent 1896-1897 Clinton
Clinton independent 1883-1uuu Clinton
Clinton inquirer 1937-1940 Clinton
Clinton progress 1932-1932 Clinton
Clinton times 1898-1907 Clinton
Clinton weekly journal 1908-1910 Clinton
Clipper 1876-18uu La Moille
Coal City express 19uu-9999 Coal City
Colchester chronicle 1951-1987 Colchester
Colchester register -1903 Colchester
Coles county herald 1878-1879 Mattoon
College courier Monmouth
College rambler 1878-1uuu Jacksonville
Collinsville herald journal current Collinsville
Collinsville star 1882 Collinsville
Columbia gazette 1880 Columbia
Comet 1870-uuuu Greenfield
Coming woman 18uu-18uu Henry
Commercial 1868 Shelbyville
Commercial 1868 Tower Hill
Commercial 1861 Centralia
Commercial advertiser 1857-1861 Dunleith
Commercial advertiser 1864-1874 Galena
Commercial and reporter 1856 New Boston
Commercial and Volksfreund 1858-18uu Peru
Commercial enterprise 1915-1917 Cypress
Commercial news 18uu-18uu Danville
Commercial review 1872-18uu Quincy
Common school advocate 1837-1uuu Jacksonville
Common school advocate 1841-18uu Springfield
Commonwealth 1902-1905 Pontiac
Commonwealth 1900-1900 Bloomington
Community news weekly 1978-1979 Bourbonnais
Compromise Township news 19uu-19uu Gifford
Conservative 1868-1868 Virden
Constitution 1864-18uu Pontiac
Constitution 1863-186u Nashville
Constitutionalist 1853-1855 Jacksonville
Cooperative news 1933-1938 Bloomington
Corn belt news 1924-1946 Forrest
Correspondent 1851-1862 Galena
Cotton tale 1980 unknown
Country courier 19uu-9999 Hinckley
County line observer 1uuu-9999 Niantic
County review 1920-? Cypress
County union 1862-186u Kankakee
Courier 1870-1870 Onarga
Courier 1857-18uu Peoria
Courier 1871-1874 Warsaw
Courier 1870-1872 Varna
Courier 18uu-1uuu Marseilles
Courier 1876 Red Bud
Courier 1877- Red Bud
Courier 1872 Red Bud
Courier 1869-1uuu Dwight
Courier 1857-1858 Quincy
Courier 1uuu-9999 Morton
Courier 188u-1uuu Okawville
Courier 1879-1880 Bloomington
Courier 1873-1874 Altamont
Courier 1830-18uu Springfield
Courier 1921 Centralia
Courier clarion 1916-1956 East Peoria
Courrier de l’Illinois 1856-1895 Kankakee
Courrier de l’Illinois 1868-188u Kankakee
Courrier de l’Illinois 8:31:1876 Kankakee
Courrier de l’ouest (Chicago, Ill.) 1896-19uu Chicago
Cowden enterprise 1888 Cowden
Cowden herald 1872 Cowden
Cowden herald 1876 Cowden
Cowden herald 1889 Cowden
Cowden reflector 1892- Cowden
Cowden reflector -1946 Cowden
Crawford banner 1857-1858 Hutsonville
Crawford County press 1981-1983 Robinson
Crawford Democrat May 1879 Robinson
Crawford Democrat 1879 Robinson
Creal Springs advocate 1884?-? Creal Springs
Creal Springs union 18uu?-? Creal Springs
Crescent age 1859-1859 Rockford
Creve Coeur clarion 1938-19uu Creve Coeur
Crusader 18uu-18uu Polo
Cudgel 1857-18uu Rockford
Curiousity hunter 187u-1876 Belvidere
Curiousity hunter 1873-1874 Rockford
Current 1897-1uuu Normal
Daily advertiser 1866-18uu Jacksonville
Daily Alton telegraph (Alton, Ill. : 1861) 186u-186u Alton
Daily and weekly journal 1893-1895 Jerseyville
Daily blade 1881-1883 Sterling
Daily Calumet (South Chicago, Ill. : 1885) 188u-188u Chicago
Daily Chicago herald 1860-1860 Chicago
Daily Chicago post 1860-1861 Chicago
Daily citizen 1895-uuuu Rushville
Daily convention journal 1870-1870 Springfield
Daily Democrat 1858-18uu Quincy
Daily Democratic news 1864-1865 Cairo
Daily dispatch -1988 Moline
Daily eagle (Macomb, Ill.) 189u-1uuu Macomb
Daily Egyptian 1949-1987 Carbondale
Daily emprise 1859-18uu Decatur
Daily enterprise 1855-1uuu Springfield
Daily evening Democrat 1864-1868 Bloomington
Daily evening Democrat (Bloomington, Ill.) 1868-1873 Bloomington
Daily evening Republican 1844-1uuu Springfield
Daily evening tribune (Chicago, Ill. : 1858) 1858-1858 Chicago
Daily flag 1896-uuuu Mount Sterling
Daily free trader 1858-18uu Ottawa
Daily gazette 1uuu-1uuu Canton
Daily herald 1877-1880 Freeport
Daily index 1875-1875 Belvidere
Daily journal 1870-1870 Rockford
Daily journal 1894-1uuu Vandalia
Daily journal 190u Mount Vernon
Daily journal 1883-1uuu White Hall
Daily journal (Wheaton, Ill. : Glen Ellyn-Glendale Heights ed.) 19uu-1992 Glen Ellyn
Daily journal (Wheaton, Ill. : Glen Ellyn-Glendale Heights ed.) 19uu-1992 Glendale Heights
Daily leader 1uuu-1903 Canton
Daily mail 1880-1uuu Bloomington
Daily mail 1862-1863 Peoria
Daily messenger 1890-1890 Dwight
Daily monitor 1886-1890 Lincoln
Daily monitor 1902-1902 Litchfield
Daily morning journal 1882-1883 Roodhouse
Daily morning journal 1897-1uuu Galesburg
Daily news 1878-187u Lincoln
Daily news 1913-1913 Harrisburg
Daily news 1876-1877 Lincoln
Daily news 1855 Rock Island
Daily news 1846-18uu Springfield
Daily news 18uu Nauvoo
Daily news and political censor 1846-18uu Springfield
Daily North-West (Freeport, Ill.) 1865-1866 Freeport
Daily observer 1971-uuuu Saint Anne
Daily post 1897 Rock Island
Daily press 1874-1875 East Saint Louis
Daily register 1848-1848 Peoria
Daily Republican 189u-1uuu Litchfield
Daily Republican 1900 Mount Vernon
Daily Republican 185u-9999 Peoria
Daily Republican 1860-18uu Danville
Daily reveille 18uu-189u Litchfield
Daily skirmisher 1865-18uu Quincy
Daily southtown (Chicago, Ill. : South ed.) 1993- Chicago
Daily southtown (Chicago, Ill. : Southwest ed.) 1993- Chicago
Daily southtown economist 19uu-1989 Chicago
Daily standard (Vermont, Ill.) Vermont
Daily times 1880-1880 Belleville
Daily times 1885-uuuu Jerseyville
Daily times (Chicago, Ill. : 1852) 1852-1852 Chicago
Daily tribune 18uu-19uu Marseilles
Daily union 1868-1uuu Jacksonville
Danville chronotype 1860-18uu Danville
Danville daily Democrat 18uu-19uu Danville
Danville free citizen 1902-1905 Danville
Danville press Democrat 19uu-19uu Danville
Danville Republican 1860-1861 Danville
Danville weekly Democrat 18uu-19uu Danville
Danviller Herold und Zeitung 1912-1920 Danville
Danviller Herold und Zeitung 1913-1919 Danville
Das Volksblatt 1856 Rock Island
Dat paper 1878 East Saint Louis
Davis Junction enterprise 1876-1876 Davis Junction
De Kalb County farmer 1871-1872 Sycamore
De Kalb County sentinel 1859-1861 De Kalb
Decatur advertiser 1938-1960 Decatur
Decatur bulletin sentinel 1895-1900 Decatur
Decatur Democrat 1868-1870 Decatur
Decatur Democrat 1856-1856 Decatur
Decatur evening bulletin 1885-1900 Decatur
Decatur sentinel 1931-1935 Decatur
Decatur times 1876-1877 Decatur
Decatur tribune 1864-1865 Decatur
Decatur weekly sun 1875-1876 Decatur
Deer Creek news 1uuu-1953 Deer Creek
Deer Creek progress 1892-19uu Deer Creek
Deerfield villager Deerfield
DeKalb Co. journal 19uu-1969 Genoa
Delavan independent 1869-1873 Delavan
Democrat 1860 Peoria
Democrat 1876-1877 Morrison
Democrat 1867-1868 Lacon
Democrat 1856-1857 Decatur
Democrat 1868-18uu Pontiac
Democrat 1873-74 Newman
Democrat 1867+ Mattoon
Democrat 1870-1873 Bloomington
Democrat 1876-1883 La Salle
Democrat 1858-1859 Mendota
Democrat 1870-1872 Chillicothe
Democrat 1863-1864 Litchfield
Democrat 1867-1868 Lacon
Democrat 186u-186u McLeansboro
Democrat 1876-187u Carbondale
Democrat 18uu-1899 Eureka
Democrat 1868 Kinmundy
Democrat 1877-? Metropolis
Democrat (Cambridge, Ill.) 1869-1871 Cambridge
Democrat standard 1858-1860 La Salle
Democratic banner (Aledo, Ill.) 1869-1873 Aledo
Democratic chief 1874 Girard
Democratic era 1877-1878 Decatur
Democratic era 1877-1877 Decatur
Democratic headlight 1890-1893 Harrisburg
Democratic organ 1860-? Marion
Democratic press 1860-1861 Keithsburg
Democratic press 1880 Aledo
Democratic standard 1858-1860 Rockford
Democratic union 1872-1873 Chillicothe
Demokrat 1858-1859 Mendota
Demokrat 1uuu-1uuu Ottawa
Demokrat 1865-18uu Quincy
Demokrat 1876 Peoria
Demokratische Bundesflagge 1850-18uu Springfield
Des Plaines day 1968-1970 Des Plaines
Des Plaines edition of the times 19uu-9999 Des Plaines
Des Plaines times 19uu-19uu Des Plaines
Deutsche Presse 1887-1888 Pekin
Deutsche Soldatenzeitung 1943-194u Rockford
Deutsche Soldatenzeitung 1943-194u Camp Grant
Deutsche Volks-Zeitung 1870-1uuu Bloomington
Deutsche Volkszeitung 1871-1872 Danville
Deutsche Zeitung 1880-18uu Carmi
Deutsche Zeitung 1878-18uu Decatur
Deutsche Zeitung 1896-1905 Decatur
Deutsche Zeitung 1862-1868 Galena
Deutsches Volksblatt 1878-1916 Effingham
Dewitt County gazette 1875-1875 Clinton
Dewitt County messenger 1875-1875 Clinton
Dewitt County news 1895-1896 Clinton
DeWitt County press 1893-1uuu Kenney
DeWitt daily register 1870 Clinton
Dewitt press 1894-1895 Dewitt
Die Chronik des Westens 1860-1863 Rock Island
Diocese 18uu-18uu Knoxville
Dispatch 1861-1862 Jacksonville
Dispatch 1876-1877 Greenfield
Dixon monitor 1858-1859 Dixon
Dixon weekly Republican 1857-1857 Dixon
Dollar rural messenger 1876-1877 Hamilton
Dollar sentinel Windsor
Dollar weekly gazette 1855-1858 Olney
Dongola tri-county news Dongola
Douglas County democrat 1870- Arcola
Douglas County review 1875- Tuscola
Downstate Left 19uu-19uu Urbana
Druidic record 1876-1876 Quincy
Dwight herald 1878-1891 Dwight
Dwight herald 1889-1890 Dwight
Dwight star 1868-188u Dwight
Dwight sun 1904-19uu Dwight
Earlville transcript 187u-187u Earlville
East Knox news 1876 Yates City
East Moline, Silvis news 197u-9999 East Moline
East Moline, Silvis news 197u-9999 Silvis
East Peoria courier 1927-19uu East Peoria
East St. Louis mail review unknown East Saint Louis
East St. Louis news journal current East St. Louis
Easton herald uuuu Easton
Echo 1836 Carthage
Eclipse 18uu-1uuu Marseilles
Eden tyro 186u-18uu Tonica
Edgar County reporter 1879 Paris
Edinost 1914-1924 Chicago
Educational weekly 18uu-9999 Peoria
Edwardsville Demokrat Mar. 1880 Edwardsville
Effingham County Democrat 1865-1868 Effingham
Effingham County observer 189u-uuuu Altamont
Effingham daily tribune 1899-uuuu Altamont
Egyptian 1868 Red Bud
Egyptian obelisk 1861 Cairo
Egyptian obelisk Metropolis
Egyptian plain dealer 1934-1935 Harrisburg
Egyptian Republican 1878 Albion
Egyptian sun 1870-187u Cairo
El Paso globe 1863-18uu El Paso
El Paso press 1uuu-1uuu El Paso
Eldorado enterprise pre-1906 Eldorado
Eldorado news pre-1947 Eldorado
Eldorado reporter 1896-? Eldorado
Electric light 18uu-18uu Franklin Grove
Elgin daily courier Elgin
Elgin daily news Elgin
Elgin gazette Elgin
Elite journal 1888-1uuu Bloomington
Elizabethtown independent 1880-? Elizabethtown
Elvaston press 1916-1925 Hamilton
Emery’s journal of agriculture and prairie farmer 1858 Chicago
Enfield Republican 1882-1uuu Enfield
Enquirer 1875-18uu Buckley
Enquirer 1856-? Newton
Enquirer 1856 Ashley
Ensign 1878 Medora
Enterprise 1876-1878 Medora
Enterprise 1875-1876 Jacksonville
Enterprise 1876-18uu Gardner
Enterprise 1878-1887 Stewardson
Enterprise 1878-1uuu Quincy
Enterprise 1873-1877 Lexington
Enterprise 1879-1882 Meredosia
Enterprise 1869 Mascoutah
Enterprise 1875-1876 Mascoutah
Enterprise 1875-1877 Rossville
Enterprise 1857-1858 Girard
Enterprise 1865-1867 Girard
Enterprise 1856 Centralia
Enterprise 1874-1875 Tallula
Enterprise 1875-1875 Durand
Enterprise 1879-1882 Lovington
Enterprise 1876-1877 Utica
Enterprise 1877-1877 Clifton
Enterprise 1873-1uuu Bloomington
Enterprise uuuu Coffeen
Enterprise 1872-18uu Tamaroa
Enterprise 1877-? Cobden
Enterprise 1872-1880 Pecatonica
Enterprise 1866-1872 Camp Point
Equality Olio pre-1906 Equality
Era 1875-1876 Blandinsville
Erie independent 19uu-19uu Morrison
Erz-Druide 1866-1880 Quincy
Erzaehler 1859 Highland
Essex West Side telephone 19uu-19uu Essex
Eureka progress 1888-1uuu Eureka
Evangelisten 1860-186u Galesburg
Evangelistic herald 1919-1940 Cairo
Evening argus 18uu-1870 Bloomington
Evening bulletin 1889-1899 Decatur
Evening call (Quincy, Ill. : 1873) 187u-1873 Quincy
Evening chronicle 1914-1923 Harrisburg
Evening dispatch 1878-1879 Moline
Evening gazette (Monmouth, Ill. : 1880) 1880 Monmouth
Evening hour 1894 Monmouth
Evening journal 1867-1870 Quincy
Evening journal 1889 Monmouth
Evening mail 1885-1885 Lincoln
Evening record 1880-1881 Lincoln
Evening star 1894-1898 Kewanee
Evening star (Dixon, Ill. : 1891) 1891-189u Dixon
Experiment 1860-1860 Lincoln
Exponent 1877-1878 Casey
Expositor 1844-18uu Beardstown
Express 1883-1uuu Peru
Express 1883-1uuu La Salle
Express (Chicago, Ill. : 1890) 1890-1892 Chicago
Extra journal 1843-1843 Springfield
Eye 1890-1893 Springfield
Fairbury intelligencer 1865-18uu Fairbury
Fairdale news 18uu-1uuu Fairdale
Fairfield record pre 1906 Fairfield
Fairview bee 1889 Fairview
Fairview Heights/O’Fallon journal current Fairview Heights
Fairview Heights/O’Fallon journal current O’Fallon
Family and farm journal 1868-1870 Jerseyville
Family circle 1929-1974 Bloomington
Family companion 18uu-1uuu Lanark
Farina news 1877-9999 Farina
Farm Bureau news 1960-1987 Marion
Farm week 1uuu-1uuu Bloomington
Farmer 1855-1857 De Soto
Farmer 1882-uuuu Mount Sterling
Farmer City herald 1873-1875 Farmer City
Farmer City record 1890-1892 Farmer City
Farmer City review 1908-19uu Farmer City
Farmer des Westens 1856 Belleville
Farmer labor voice 1924-1924 Chicago
Farmer’s advocate 1874-1874 Monticello
Farmer’s advocate 1873-1874 Marion
Farmer-labor journal 19uu-19uu Quincy
Farmers advocate 186u-18uu Bement
Farmers advocate 1876-1uuu Lacon
Farmers and Mechanics Repository 1842-1843 Belleville
Farmers journal 1876-18uu Taylorville
Farmers’ advocate 1873-1875 Dakota
Farmers’ criterion 1878-18uu Forreston
Farmers’ statesman 1890 Vandalia
Farmers’ union 1873-1874 Lawrenceville
Farmersville post 1902-uuuu Farmersville
Farming business 1872-1911 Chicago
Farmington journal 1856-1857 Farmington
Farmington news 1874-1879 Farmington
Farmington people 1880-18uu Farmington
Farmington times 1865-186u Farmington
Fayette yeoman and railroad journal 1849-9999 Vandalia
Fertilizer 1970-9999 Charleston
Fillmore bugle 1856 Petersburg
Fillmore union 1856 Peoria
Fingerprint file 19uu-19uu Urbana
Fithian herald 1908-19uu Fithian
Flora Democrat 1939? Flora
Flyer 1983-1987 Bloomington
Flying Roll Peoria
Focus 1970-1971 Springfield
Food for the lambs 1876-1876 Springfield
Ford County liberal 1872-1874 Paxton
Ford’s Livingston County Democrat 1879-18uu Pontiac
Ford’s Livingston County Democrat 1878-18uu Pontiac
Ford’s Marshall County Democrat 1876-1877 Lacon
Fore runner 1958 Macomb
Forreston hustler 1897-1899 Forreston
Four year bummer 19uu-19uu Champaign
Four year bummer 1969-9999 Champaign
Fox Valley sentinel 19uu-19uu Oswego
Framtiden 1892-1894 Rockford
Fraternal tribune Rock Island
Free lance 1894 Alton
Free Methodist 1876-1880 Sycamore
Free press 1932-1933 Rochelle
Free press 1877-1878 Nokomis
Free press 1888-1uuu Durand
Free press 1873-1876 Waterman
Free press 1867-18uu Pontiac
Free press 1876 Lovington
Free Press 1885-1uuu Jerseyville
Free press 1873-1875 Somonauk
Free press progress 1uuu-9999 Nokomis
Free thought 19uu-19uu Urbana
Freedom press 1969 Macomb
Freedom writer 1964 Macomb
Freeman 1850 Sparta
Freeman 1842-9999 Vandalia
Freeman’s journal 1857-1uuu Bloomington
Freemason 1885-1uuu Bloomington
Freeport Argus 1914-9999 Freeport
Freeport news (Freeport, Ill. : 1864) 1864-18uu Freeport
Freeport Tribune 1859-18uu Freeport
Frei Blaetter 1880-1881 Chester
Freie Kanzel 1870-18uu Springfield
Freie Presse 1900-1901 Springfield
Freie presse 1858-1859 Alton
Freie Presse 1868-1870 Freeport
Freie Presse 1867-1868 Pekin
Freie Presse (Chicago, Ill. : Daily) 187u-1874 Chicago
Freiheitsbote Fur Illinois 1840 Belleville
Fremont herald 1856-1856 Lincoln
Fresh air 19uu-9999 Freeport
Front and finish 19uu-9999 Galesburg
Fruit grower 18uu-18uu Onarga
Ft. Sheridan life 196u-1970 Ft. Sheridan
Fulton Argus 1868-186u Fulton
Fulton City advertiser 1859-1863 Fulton
Fulton City advertiser 1855-1859 Fulton
Fulton County news (Lewistown, Ill. : 1917) 1uuu-1917 Lewistown
Fulton Democrat 18uu-19uu Fulton
Fulton Phoenix 18uu-1878 Ipava
Fultonian 1854-18uu Vermont
Future great 1878 East Saint Louis
Galatia herald 1901? Galatia
Galatia journal 1896-? Galatia
Galena budget 1841-18uu Galena
Galena Volksfreund 1868-9999 Galena
Galena weekly Democrat 186u-1uuu Galena
Galesburg advertiser 18uu-18uu Galesburg
Galesburg bulletin 19uu-19uu Galesburg
Galesburg district messenger 18uu-19uu Galesburg
Galesburg news letter 1850-1853 Galesburg
Galesburg reporter 19uu-19uu Galesburg
Galesburg week’s review 19uu-19uu Galesburg
Galesburg weekly review 19uu-19uu Galesburg
Galva journal 1873-1874 Galva
Galva times 1889 Galva
Garden state 1856-1860 Loda
Garden state (Loda, Ill. : 1856 : Weekly) 1856-1860 Loda
Gardner-South Wilmington post 19uu-9999 Gardner
Gardner-South Wilmington post 19uu-9999 South Wilmington
Gazette 1857-185u Rockton
Gazette 1831-9999 Vandalia
Gazette 1870-1870 Marion
Gazette 1876 Monmouth
Gazette 1869-18uu Prairie City
Gazette 1874-18uu Riverton
Gazette 1882-1889 Cairo
Gazette 1869-1870 Waverly
Gazette 1834-1uuu Jacksonville
Gazette 1863-1uuu El Paso
Gazette 1841 Cairo
Gazette 1835 Jacksonville
Gazette 1856 Centralia
Gazette 1869-1873 Havana
Gazette 1867-1868 Marseilles
Gazette 18uu-18uu Abingdon
Gazette 1875-1877 Ashkum
Gazette 1871-1875 Shawneetown
Gazette 1872-1875 Tuscola
Gazette 186u-186u Franklin Grove
Gazette Dieterich
Gazette 1884-1uuu Williamsville
Gazette 1876-18uu Weston
Gazette 1868-1870 Neponset
Gazette 1875-1875 Milford
Gazette 1877-1882 Granville
Gazette 1885 Woodhull
Gazette 1860-1uuu Beardstown
Gazette 1870-1872 Davis
Gazette (Roseville, Ill.) 1876-18uu Roseville
Gazette and paper 1876-18uu Roseville
Gazette and paper 1880 Monmouth
Gazette and reporter 18uu-18uu Odell
Gazette-herald 1910-19uu Kenney
Gazette-independent 1889-1891 Saybrook
Gemeindebote der Evangelisch-Lutherischen Immanuels-Gemeinde UAC 1910-1uuu Rock Island
Geneseo Democratic standard 1855 Geneseo
Geneseo standard 1855 Geneseo
Genius 1879-1880 Milford
Georgetown X 1892-9999 Georgetown
Germania 1885-1917 Rockford
Gibson City enterprise 1872-1873 Gibson City
Gibson City enterprise 1883-1934 Gibson City
Gibson City enterprise 1885-1934 Gibson City
Gibson enterprise 1882-19uu Gibson City
Gillespie newsleader 1uuu-9999 Gillespie
Gilman herald 1912-1912 Gilman
Gilman star (Gilman, Ill. : 1873) 187u-187u Gilman
Gilman star (Gilman, Ill. : Semiweekly) 189u-1899 Gilman
Gilson leader 19uu-19uu Gilson
Girard review 1872-1878 Girard
Gleaner 1879-1880 Buda
Gleaner 1899-19uu Heyworth
Gleaner 1899-19uu Hudson
Glenwood-Thornton economist 1977 South Holland
Good Templar 1865-1868 Alton
Good Templar’s message 1871-1874 Quincy
Goreville gazette Goreville
Goreville news 1901-1905 Goreville
Goreville record 1905-1913 Goreville
Gospel echo 1867 Macomb
Gospel echo 1869 Carrollton
Gospel echo and Christian 1872-1873 Quincy
Gospel messenger 18uu-1uuu Mount Morris
Grafton independent 1877-1880 Grafton
Grafton news 1882-uuuu Grafton
Granger 1873-1874 Saint Anne
Granite City daily record 1909 Granite City
Granite City daily record 1910 Granite City
Grant Park anchor 1uuu-19uu Grant Park
Granville review 1891-1893 Granville
Grayville Democrat 1880-1882 Grayville
Grayville Republican 1872-1874 Grayville
Grayville weekly journal 1856-1858 Grayville
Grayville weekly Republican 1873:1:24 Grayville
Grayville weekly Republican 1872-1874 Grayville
Greek oracle 1888-1uuu Bloomington
Greenback gazette 1876 Chester
Greenback herald 1879-1884 Shelbyville
Greenback herald 1879 Windsor
Greenbrier 1840-? Mount Carmel
Greene County advocate 1881-1883 Roodhouse
Greene County Republican 1877-1878 Greenfield
Greene County union 1882-1885 Greenfield
Greenfield independent 1869-18uu Greenfield
Greenup mail 1871-1874 Greenup
Gridley herald 1892-1uuu Gridley
Gridley monitor 1875-uuuu Gridley
Grundy County farmer 1871-1872 Gardner
Grundy County register 19uu-19uu Morris
Guide 1858-1859 Girard
Hamel & Worden news 1977-1980 Hamel
Hamel & Worden news 1977-1980 Worden
Hamilton news 1855-185u McLeansboro
Hamilton yellow jacket 185u-185u McLeansboro
Hamiltonian 1975- Hamilton
Hancock County journal 1870-1875 Nauvoo
Hancock Democrat 1844 Warsaw
Happy pilgrim Toledo
Harass the brass 19uu-19uu Rantoul
Hardin independent 1882-1893 Hardin
Harold 1974-1974 Springfield
Harrisburg Democrat 1897-? Harrisburg
Harrisburg sentinel pre 1880 Harrisburg
Headlight 1880 Coulterville
Headlight 1904-1932 Saunemin
Heart beat 1964-1987 Peoria
Helvetia 1883-1884 Bloomington
Hemvannen 1887-1889 Rock Island
Henry County advocate 1910 Cambridge
Herald 1852-1854 La Salle
Herald uuuu Hillsboro
Herald 1874-uuuu Niantic
Herald 1857-uuuu Decatur
Herald 1886-1895 Gridley
Herald 1870-18uu Pontiac
Herald Charleston
Herald 1900-19uu Wapella
Herald 1892-189u Abingdon
Herald 1864-1870 Yates City
Herald uuuu-uuuu Edgewood
Herald 1857-1858 Decatur
Herald 18uu-1875 Pekin
Herald 1876-18uu Dana
Herald 1873-1876 Blue Island
Herald 1877-1878 Paw Paw
Herald 1869-18uu Philo
Herald 1877-18uu Odell
Herald 1878-1887 Capron
Herald 1878-???? East Saint Louis
Herald 1971- Melrose Park
Herald 1854-1854 Albany
Herald 1uuu Winchester
Herald 18uu-1884 Peru
Herald 1874-1879 Marseilles
Herald 1872-1873 Beardstown
Herald 1870-1871 Ashley
Herald (Chicago, Ill. : 1972) 1972-1982 Chicago
Herald (New Boston, Ill.) 1865-1872 New Boston
Herald (Vermont, Ill.) 1869-1870 Vermont
Herald of health 1878-18uu Bloomington
Herald star 1uuu-9999 Edinburg
Herold 1906-1912 Danville
Herrick news -1946 Herrick
Herscher new era 1896-1uuu Herscher
Heyworth standard 1881-1892 Heyworth
Hickory boy 1860-1861 Urbana
Highland news -1921 Highland
Highwood Ft. Sheridan life 1970-1975 Highland Park
Highwood herald Highwood
Highwood life Highwood
Highwood news Highwood
Hillsboro blade 1875-1877 Hillsboro
Hillsboro journal 1874-1875 Hillsboro
Hillsboro news uuuu Hillsboro
Hillsdale post 1905-19uu Hillsdale
Home and school education 1898-1uuu Bloomington
Home circle 1891-1uuu Bloomington
Home guard 1879-1879 Buda
Home journal 1865-18uu Rutland
Home journal 1865-18uu Gridley
Home journal 187u-18uu Secor
Home journal 187u-18uu Minonk
Home news 1873-? Shawneetown
Home news 1869 La Harpe
Homemaker newspaper 1974-1987 Marion
Homer journal 1860-18uu Homer
Homer pilot 1897-1899 Homer
Hopedale review 1887-1905 Hopedale
Hopedale times 1903-1905 Hopedale
Hume record 18uu-189u Hume
Hutsonville herald 1880 Hutsonville
Hutsonville news 1874 Hutsonville
Hyde Park herald (Hyde Park, Ill. : 1882) 1882-1889 Chicago
Hyde Park herald (Hyde Park, Ill. : Daily) 1885-1uuu Chicago
Hyde Park news 1872-1889 Chicago
Icarian review 1851- Nauvoo
IL Conference news of the Evangelical Un. Brethren 1953-1961 Gibson City
Il Piccone uuuu Taylorville
Illicon evangel 1961-1966 Gibson City
Illini news 19uu-19uu Urbana
Illini review 19uu-19uu Urbana
Illiniwek 1963-1976 Morton
Illinois Adler 1844-1844 Springfield
Illinois Adler und Demokratischer Whig 1844-1844 Springfield
Illinois Adler und Demokratischer Whig 1844-1844 Springfield
Illinois banner 1852-uuuu Peoria
Illinois Beobachter 1859 Alton
Illinois Beobachter 1855-1866 Alton
Illinois Beobachter 1883-1885 Streator
Illinois central times 1854-1uuu Bloomington
Illinois champion 1834-1837 Peoria
Illinois chronicle and literary gazette 1830 Palestine
Illinois citizen 1853-1856 Lincoln
Illinois common school advocate 1841-18uu Springfield
Illinois courier 1853-1861 Quincy
Illinois courier 1829-18uu Springfield
Illinois cultivator 184u Rock Island
Illinois Democrat 1892-1901 Galesburg
Illinois eagle 1844-18uu Springfield
Illinois family visitor 1847-18uu Springfield
Illinois farm and fireside 1895-1uuu Springfield
Illinois farmer & journal of agriculture 1841-1842 Springfield
Illinois free press 1858-1uuu Bloomington
Illinois Freie Presse (Springfield, Ill. : 1872 : Weekly) 1872-1890 Springfield
Illinois herald 1831-1833 Springfield
Illinois independent 1852 Belleville
Illinois intelligencer 1966-1968 Springfield
Illinois Jacksonian 1936-19uu Springfield
Illinois journal 1833-? Shawneetown
Illinois journal 1877-1877 Lincoln
Illinois journal and Shawneetown advertiser 1833? Shawneetown
Illinois legal directory 1873-1873 Springfield
Illinois legal index 1uuu-1uuu Jacksonville
Illinois Medical recorder 1878-1880 Vandalia
Illinois messenger 1840-18uu Springfield
Illinois messenger 1925-1931 Cairo
Illinois Methodist journal 1898-1902 Springfield
Illinois miner 1898-? Harrisburg
Illinois monthly magazine 1830-1832 Vandalia
Illinois national vindicator 1858-1859 Clinton
Illinois pilot 18uu-9999 Varna
Illinois quarterly 1971-19uu Normal
Illinois quest Peoria
Illinois redman 1890-1uuu Bloomington
Illinois Republican 1854-uuuu Carrollton
Illinois Republicaner 1872 East Saint Louis
Illinois school journal 1881-1uuu Bloomington
Illinois school journal 1888-1888 Bloomington
Illinois school master 1873-1875 Peoria
Illinois schoolmaster 1871-1876 Normal
Illinois schoolmaster 1873-1uuu Bloomington
Illinois Squadron bulletin: quarterdeck 1943-1943 Springfield
Illinois Staats Anzeiger 1859-1861 Springfield
Illinois Staats Demokrat 1865-1872 Springfield
Illinois State Center 1884-uuuu Illiopolis
Illinois State gazette 1836-1837 Jacksonville
Illinois State gazette 1834-1835 Jacksonville
Illinois State gazette 1834 Jacksonville
Illinois State journal 1861 Jacksonville
Illinois State journal 1848-1853 Marshall
Illinois state messenger 1897-1900 Springfield
Illinois State register see below Edwardsville
Illinois State register 1836-9999 Vandalia
Illinois State register and people’s advocate see below Edwardsville
Illinois statesman 1869-1873 Lacon
Illinois statesman 1911-1uuu Springfield
Illinois statesman (Lacon, Ill. : 1867 : Weekly) 1867-1873 Lacon
Illinois Swede 1869-1870 Galva
Illinois synoptical reporter 1879-18uu Springfield
Illinois teacher 1855-1857 Bloomington
Illinois teacher 1856-1873 Peoria
Illinois teacher 1855-uuuu Peoria
Illinois times 1939-9999 Champaign
Illinois times (Champaign, Ill.) 1uuu-9999 Champaign
Illinois trade journal 1872-1uuu Bloomington
Illinois trade journal 186u-1uuu Bloomington
Illinois trade review 1872-1uuu Bloomington
Illinois tradesman and manufacturer 1879-1881 Peoria
Illinois tribune 1843-18uu Grand Detour
Illinois Volksblatt 1871-1872 Decatur
Illinois Volksblatt 1876-1uuu Nashville
Illinois Volksblatt 1877-1uuu La Salle
Illinois Volksfreund 1874-1875 Lincoln
Illinois Volksfreund 1874-1874 Lincoln
Illinois Volkszeitung 1909-1911 Sterling
Illinois Washingtonian 1845-1uuu Springfield
Illinois Washingtonian 1845-18uu Springfield
Illinois weekly American 1858-18uu Springfield
Illinois Wesleyan Magazine 1885-1uuu Bloomington
Illinois Whig 1831-1832 Vandalia
Illinois Wochenblatt 1878-1921 Springfield
Illinois Zeitung 1870-1872 Springfield
Illinois-posten 1894-1913 Ottawa
Illinoisian 18uu-1865 Marshall
Illlinois State Register and Illinois advocate see below Edwardsville
Illustrated Baptist 1879 Moweaqua
Illustrated news 1872 Clinton
Illustrated times 1uuu-1uuu Bloomington
Impact 1969-19uu Danville
Implementer, Central IL Conference 1972-1978 Bloomington
Independent Benton
Independent 1856-1857 Tiskilwa
Independent 1870-1872 Minier
Independent 1877-1878 Belleville
Independent 1851-1854 Sparta
Independent 1853-1853 La Salle
Independent 1885-1uuu Streator
Independent 18uu-18uu Freeport
Independent 1893 Maquon
Independent 1877-uuuu Princeville
Independent 1843-18uu Springfield
Independent 1861 Centralia
Independent 1881-1uuu Sheridan
Independent 1868-19uu Kinmundy
Independent 1858 Salem
Independent 1869-1870 Odell
Independent 18uu-18uu Belvidere
Independent 1875-1876 Taylorville
Independent 1875-1876 La Salle
Independent 1881-1uuu Bloomington
Independent 1862 Moline
Independent 1890 Lovington
Independent 1877-18uu Marysville
Independent 1861-186u Litchfield
Independent 1859-1860 Pecatonica
Independent (Chebanse, Ill. : 1872) 1872-1880 Chebanse
Independent Democrat 1843-18uu Springfield
Independent reformer 1874-1874 Springfield
Independent statesman 1868-1889 Tuscola
Independent times West Salem
Independent Whig 1842-18uu Springfield
Index 1866-1uuu Bloomington
Index 1870-18uu Apple River
Index 1879 Westfield
Index 1892-1uuu Bloomington
Index 1885- Good Hope
Index 1870-1877 Minonk
Index 1879-18uu New Richmond
Index 1879-18uu Richmond
Index 1875-1876 Lovington
Industrial 1875-1879 Centralia
Industrial advocate and news 1879-1912 Geneseo
Industrial banner 1879-9999 Yates City
Industrial journal 1874-9999 Elmwood
Industrial times 1874-1874 Rockford
Ink drops 18uu-19uu Galesburg
Intelligencer 1863-18uu Fairbury
Intelligencer 1839-? Shawneetown
Inter ocean (Chicago, Ill. : Weekly) 1872-1874 Chicago
Inter state echo 1909-1917 Danville
International 1901-1902 Danville
Interstate herald 1890-1uuu Bloomington
Investigator 1855-1855 Middleport
Investigator 1855-1855 Watseka
Iowa sun and Davenport and Rock Island news, The 1838- Moline
Iowa sun and Davenport and Rock Island news, The 1838- Rock Island
Ipava independent 1878-19uu Ipava
Ipava tribune Ipava
Iris 1971-1977 Bloomington
Iroquois County herald 1865-1867 Watseka
Iroquois County herald 1865-1867 Middleport
Iroquois County herald 1865-1866 Middleport
Iroquois County herald 1865-1866 Watseka
Iroquois County herald 1865-1869 Watseka
Iroquois County herald 1867-1869 Watseka
Iroquois County herald 1865-186u Watseka
Iroquois herald 186u-1869 Watseka
Issues in radical therapy 1982-1984 Springfield
Item 1875-1879 Grand Tower
Jackson County Republican 189u?-? Carbondale
Jackson Democrat 1859-? Louisville
Jacksonian 1862-1863 Nashville
Jacksonville banner 1832-1833 Jacksonville
Jacksonville banner and Morgan County advertiser 1832-18uu Jacksonville
Jacksonville dispatch 1861-9999 Jacksonville
Jacksonville enterprise 1874-1876 Jacksonville
Jacksonville Hatchet 1855-18uu Jacksonville
Jacksonville journal courier 1860-1865 Jacksonville
Jacksonville labor news 1905-1uuu Jacksonville
Jacksonville review 1861-9999 Jacksonville
Jacksonville standard 1838-18uu Jacksonville
Jasper union 1866 Newton
Jefferson County greenback 1879-1888 Mount Vernon
Jeffersonian 1902-1904 Effingham
Jersey County Prohibitionist 1884-1884 Grafton
Jerseyville evening news 1885-1885 Jerseyville
Jerseyville evening times 1885-1885 Jerseyville
Jerseyville newspaper 1842-1856 Jerseyville
Jerseyville prairie state 1850-1864 Jerseyville
Jerseyville register 1865-1868 Jerseyville
Jerseyville Republican weekly uuuu Jerseyville
Johnson County enquirer post-1857 Vienna
Johnson County herald pre-1869 Vienna
Johnson County journal 1874-1879 New Burnside
Johnson County Republican 1897-189u Tunnel Hill
Johnston City independent pre 1906 Johnston City
Johnston City review ? Johnston City
Jonesborough gazette and Southern Illinois enterprise circa1850 Jonesboro
Journal 1859-186u Homer
Journal 1876-1879 Champaign
Journal 1868-1873 Clayton
Journal 1872-18uu Varna
Journal 1876-1879 Champaign
Journal 18uu-1868 Bloomington
Journal 1873-1873 Lincoln
Journal 1866-18uu Minonk
Journal 1856-1858 Grayville
Journal 1868-1870 Gilman
Journal 1873-1875 Mansfield
Journal 1870-1871 Gardner
Journal 1873-1876 Thomson
Journal 1872-188u Benson
Journal 1859-1uuu Taylorville
Journal 1913-1914 Clinton
Journal 1858-1859 Marshall
Journal 1850-1852 Sparta
Journal 1874-1877 Stonefort
Journal 1838-1840 Galena
Journal 1877-18uu Bellflower
Journal 1857-1858 Havana
Journal 1873-18uu Cornellville
Journal 1893-1904 Bellflower
Journal 1868-1uuu Bloomington
Journal 1870-1870 Abingdon
Journal 18uu-19uu Galesburg
Journal 1872-1873 Long Point
Journal 1859-1860 Bunker Hill
Journal 1878 Belleville
Journal 1874-1875 Enfield
Journal 1872-1877 New Rutland
Journal 1872-1873 Lostant
Journal 1874-? Norris City
Journal 18uu-1892 Ogden
Journal 1875-1878 Rantoul
Journal (Alexis, Ill.) 1874-1877 Alexis
Journal and advertiser 1856-18uu Knoxville
Journal and little Sangamo gazette 1829-1830 Springfield
Jubille and College Greetings 1897-1uuu Jacksonville
Juveniles’ journal 1885- Macomb
Kankakee County Union 9:9:1863 Kankakee
Kankakee herald 1873-1876 Kankakee
Kankakee herald 1872-1883 Kankakee
Kankakee herald 1872-18uu Kankakee
Kankakee journal 1899-1904 Kankakee
Kankakee review 18uu-18uu Kankakee
Kankakee sun 1893-1894 Kankakee
Kaskaskia recorder 1825 Kaskaskia
Keithsburg news 1874- Keithsburg
Keithsburg times (Keithsburg, Ill. : 1881) 1881-1882 Keithsburg
Kendall clarion 1859-1861 Bristol
Kendall County news 1878-18uu Newark
Kenilworth times 1uuu-1932 Kenilworth
Kenney blade 1879-18uu Kenney
Kenney Democrat 1883-1uuu Kenney
Kenney gazette-herald 1897-1942 Kenney
Kenney register 1875-1uuu Kenney
Kerana 1871-1873 Keithsburg
Kewanee Democrat 1897-1uuu Kewanee
Kewanee radical 1868-1870 Kewanee
Kickapoo see below Edwardsville
Kirchliche Zeitschrift 1876-1883 Mendota
Kirkwood news 1875 Kirkwood
Kirkwood plain dealer 1868 Kirkwood
Kishwaukee kaleidoscope 19uu-9999 Malta
Klu Klux bulletin 1869 Toulon
Knox County observer 1865-186u Galesburg
Knox County review 1879-18uu Knoxville
Knoxonian 1875-18uu Abingdon
Knoxville tribune 1uuu-19uu Knoxville
Korsbaneret Rock Island
La Harpe Republican 1895-1896 La Harpe
La Salle County herold 1880-1uuu Ottawa
La Salle County press (La Salle, Ill. : 1856 : Weekly) 1856-188u La Salle
La Salle County sentinel 1855-185u Peru
La Salle Democrat press 1856-1893 La Salle
La Salle reporter 1871-1876 La Salle
La Salle times 1882-1uuu La Salle
La Salle und Peru express 1882-1887 La Salle
La Salle watchman 1852-1855 La Salle
Labor advocate 1894-1894 Lincoln
Labor bulletin 1885-1899 Decatur
Labor leader Danville
Labor of love 1872-1876 Springfield
Labor temple news 1900 Peoria
Lafayette annex 1883 Lafayette
Lafayette sentinel 1884 Lafayette
Lagerstimme (Camp Ellis, Ill.) 194u-194u Camp Ellis
Lagerstimme (Camp Grant, Ill.) 1943-194u Camp Grant
Lagerstimme (Camp Grant, Ill.) 1943-194u Rockford
Lake Bluff lamplighter Lake Bluff
Lakewood journal -1946 Lakewood
Lanark adviser 1960-1985 Lanark
Lanark daily gazette 1883-1uuu Lanark
Lanark news 18uu-1uuu Lanark
Lancet 1869-1871 Blandinsville
Lane tribune 1900-1902 Lane
LaSalle standard 1851-1852 La Salle
Latham graphic 1891-1uuu Latham
Lawndale drum 1972-9999 Chicago
Lawrence County globe +1868+ Lawrenceville
Le Claire news 1896? Edwardsville
Leader 1861-18uu Kyte River
Leader 18uu-18uu Altona
Leader uuuu-uuuu Oblong
Leader 1879-1880 Lincoln
Leader 1874-1875 Abingdon
Lebanon advocate and Lebanon journal 1848-1852 Lebanon
Lebanon courier 1876 Lebanon
Lebanon review 1964 Lebanon
Ledger 18uu-18uu Quincy
Ledger 1860 Macomb
Ledger 1869-1873 Havana
Lee County enterprise 1879-1880 Franklin Grove
Left speak out 1968-1969 Peoria
Legal directory 1869-1873 Springfield
Legislative register–extra 1843-1843 Springfield
Legislative state register 1842-1843 Springfield
Leland comet 1880-1883 Leland
Leland express 1885-1uuu Leland
Leland express 1884-1895 Leland
Leroy Democrat 18uu-18uu Le Roy
Leroy news 1894-1917 Le Roy
Leroy observer 1856-1856 Le Roy
Lever and national liberator 1878-1883 Chicago
Lewistown news (Lewistown, Ill. : 1875) -1879 Lewistown
Lewistown Republican 1844-1854 Lewistown
Lewistown weekly record Lewistown
Lexington enterprise (Lexington, Ill. : 1873 : Weekly) 1873-uuuu Lexington
Lexington globe 185u-185u Lexington
Lexington spectator 18uu-18uu Lexington
Liberal 1872-1uuu Litchfield
Liberal 1872-1879 Chebanse
Liberal 1872-1872 Fulton
Liberal Democrat 1872-1872 Champaign
Liberal-Democrat 1872-1uuu Champaign
Liberator 1892-18uu Springfield
Liberty banner 1846 Rock Island
Liberty league 1873 Rock Island
Life in Dixon 1868-18uu Dixon
Light in the dark 1969-1969 Bloomington
Lincoln Beobachter 1917-1918 Lincoln
Lincoln log 1944-1946 Springfield
Lincoln triweekly times (Lincoln, Ill. : 1872 : Weekly) 1872-18uu Lincoln
Lincolnshire Lake County life 1974-1975 Highland Park
Lincolnshire life 1973-1974 Highland Park
Litchfield Anzeiger 1882-1883 Litchfield
Litchfield courier 1882-1uuu Litchfield
Litchfield daily Republican and clipper 1892-1896 Litchfield
Litchfield Democrat 1872-uuuu Litchfield
Litchfield independent 1871-uuuu Litchfield
Litchfield review 1872-uuuu Litchfield
Litchfield union 1913-1927 Litchfield
Literary gem 1855-1856 Lebanon
Little Episcopalian 1880-1880 Collinsville
Little watchman 1873-1uuu Bloomington
Little watchman 1872-18uu Bloomington
Liturgische Monatsschrift 18uu-1886 Beardstown
Live stock journal 1901-19uu Quincy
Livingston County Democrat 1908-1908 Fairbury
Livingston County Democrat 1868-1871 Pontiac
Local leader 1879-1883 Lexington
Local reporter 1880 Cambridge
Local times 1874-187u Dana
Locomotive firemen’s magazine 1876-uuuu Peoria
Loda independent 1866-1866 Loda
Logan County bee 1877-1877 Lincoln
Logan County Democrat 1856-1863 Lincoln
Logan County journal 1877-1877 Lincoln
Logan County news 19uu-19uu Lincoln
Logan County Republican 1877-1879 Lincoln
London Mills globe 1928 London Mills
Loraine times 18uu-1932 Loraine
Lovington record 1887-1888 Lovington
Lovington weekly visitor 1885 Lovington
Loyalist 1864-1865 Salem
Loyalist 1863 Mason
Ludlow leader 1898-1uuu Ludlow
Mackinaw enterprise 1886-1902 Mackinaw
Mackinaw sentinel 1871-1873 Lexington
Macomb enterprise 1884-1885 Macomb
Macon County Deutsche Zeitung 1892-1uuu Decatur
Macon signal uuuu-uuuu Macon
Macon tribune 1867-1868 Macon
Macoupin Anzeiger 1879-1880 Carlinville
Macoupin Anzeiger 1879 Carlinville
Macoupin County anzeiger 1875-1882 Staunton
Macoupin speculator 1856-1858 Carlinville
Madison County advertiser see below Edwardsville
Madison County anzeiger 1881-? Edwardsville
Madison County anzeiger see below Edwardsville
Madison County anzeiger (Edwardsville, Ill.) 1875-1879 Edwardsville
Madison County bote 1869-1873 Edwardsville
Madison County chronicle 1986 unknown
Madison County chronicle 1986-1987 Worden
Madison County chronicle 1988 Worden
Madison County enquirer 1853-1856 Edwardsville
Madison County record 1850-1851 Edwardsville
Madison Enquirer 1853 Edwardsville
Madison record see below Edwardsville
Madison record see below Edwardsville
Madison republic 1905+ Madison
Madison Republic 1905 Granite City
Madison tribune 1906 Granite City
Magnet 1902-1902 Mahomet
Magnet 1879-18uu Mahomet
Magnet and tribune 1874-1875 Decatur
Mail 1877-1886 Malta
Mail 1880-1880 Bloomington
Mail (New Canton, Ill.) New Canton
Manchester star 1928 Manchester
Manite community press 18uu-1uuu Pleasant Plains
Manito review 1980-1983 Manito
Manito review 1967-1988 Manito
Manito review 1985-1987 Manito
Manteno independent 1885-1uuu Manteno
Maquon journal 1947 Maquon
Maquon times uuuu Maquon
Maquon Tomahawk 1909-1928 Maquon
Maquon weekly times 1877 Maquon
Marine gazette 1898 Collinsville
Marine telegram 1904 Collinsville
Marion news 1896-? Marion
Marion record 186u-186u Marion
Market leader uuuu-9999 Effingham
Maroa budget uuuu Maroa
Maroa news uuuu Maroa
Maroa post 1uuu-1958 Maroa
Maroa tribune uuuu Maroa
Maroa weekly news (Maroa, Ill. : 1872) 1872-18uu Maroa
Marseilles advertiser (Marseilles, Ill. : 1869 : Weekly) 1869-1874 Marseilles
Marseilles chronicle 1903-1905 Marseilles
Marseilles daily news 1887-1890 Marseilles
Marseilles daily press 1921-19uu Marseilles
Marseilles daily register 1uuu-9999 Marseilles
Marseilles herald 1874-9999 Marseilles
Marseilles register-chronicle 1905-1917 Marseilles
Marshall County Democrat 1863-1864 Henry
Marshall journal 1858-1859 Marshall
Marshall monitor 1886 Marshall
Marshall Putnam news 1943-1944 Henry
Martinsville express (Martinsville, Ill. : 1871 : Weekly) 1871-18uu Martinsville
Mascoutah county journal current Mascoutah
Mascoutah Umgegend 18uu-18uu Mascoutah
Mason City independent (Mason City, Ill. : 1871 : Weekly) 1871-1898 Mason City
Mason news 1896 Mason
Massac Republican Metropolis
May West 1968 Macomb
McCosh’s evening gazette Monmouth
McLean County Anti-Monopolist 1874-1uuu Bloomington
McLean County courier 1949-1951 Bloomington
McLean County Deutsche Presse 1886-1886 Bloomington
McLean County Deutsche Presse 1870-1uuu Bloomington
McLean County Deutsche Presse 1871-1894 Bloomington
McLean County Deutsche Presse 187u-189u Bloomington
McLean County Echo 1863-1864 Bloomington
McLean County echo 1863-1863 Bloomington
McLean County herald 1900-19uu Normal
McLean County journal 1901-1906 Lexington
McLean County journal 1865-1867 Bloomington
McLean County journal 1865-1868 Bloomington
McLean County press 1879-1uuu Bloomington
McLean County school era 1911-1912 Bloomington
McLean County Temperance Pulse 1899 Bloomington
McLean gazette 1868-uuuu McLean
Mecnophone 1879 Raritan
Medical register and advertiser 1875-1876 Anna
Memento 1854-1861 Peoria
Memento, and Odd-Fellows’ northwestern magazine 1854-1869 Springfield
Menard Republican 1868-1874 Petersburg
Mendon Dispatch times uuuu-9999 Mendon
Mendon enterprise 1877-1878 Mendon
Mendota post 1879-1920 Mendota
Merchants’ advertiser 1868-1uuu Bloomington
Mercury uuuu Coffeen
Messenger 1875-1875 Danville
Messenger 1869-1871 Capron
Messenger 1877-1878 Maroa
Meteor 1861-1862 Centralia
Methodist 1897-1uuu Bloomington
Methodist free press 1872-1875 Rockford
Metropolis daily Democrat 1906-? Metropolis
Middletown echo 196u-19uu Middletown
Middletown gazette 1902-1902 Middletown
Middletown herald 1902-1904 Middletown
Middletown journal 1901-1902 Middletown
Midland monthly 1873 Monmouth
MidWeek 1976 Moline
Midwest daily record (Chicago, Ill. : Minnesota ed.) 1938-1938 Chicago
Milan journal 1880 Milan
Military Tract journal 1860-1861 Macomb
Miner and Workman’s advocate 1863-1866 Belleville
Mines, metals and arts 1837-1uuu Jacksonville
Minonk blade 1874-18uu Minonk
Minonk index (Minonk, Ill. : 1870 : Weekly) 1870-1877 Minonk
Minonk journal 187u-187u Minonk
Minonk local times 1872-1873 Minonk
Minonk times 18uu-18uu Minonk
Missionary sentinel 1879-1880 Anna
Mississippi eagle 1993 Warsaw
Mistral 1974 Macomb
Mitarbeiter 1890-1917 German Valley
Moawequa register 1876 Moweaqua
Modern Argo 1878-uuuu Quincy
Modern Argo 1879-1uuu Quincy
Modern woodman Rock Island
Modern woodman 1891 Peoria
Moline daily dispatch 1894 Moline
Moline daily journal 1901-1904 Moline
Moline dispatch 1879 Moline
Moline evening mail and journal 1907-1911 Moline
Moline Republican Moline
Moline review dispatch 1881-1910 Moline
Moline Sunday mail and evening mail 1900-1915 Moline
Moline weekly dispatch 1878? Moline
Molly Stark 1876- Toulon
Money stretcher 1973-1988 Galatia
Mongtomery County Democrat 1874-1uuu Litchfield
Monitor 1877-1879 Meredosia
Monitor 1873-1876 Gridley
Monitor 1875-uuuu Lexington
Monitor 1879-1879 Buckingham
Monitor 1862 Robinson
Monitor unknown Collinsville
Monitor 1875-1877 Chenoa
Monitor 1878-18uu Lee
Monitor Dallas City
Monitor 1873-1874 Weston
Monitor 18uu-18uu Rockford
Monitor des Westens 1860-1863 Rock Island
Monmouth Atlas (Monmouth, Ill. : Daily) 1884-1885 Monmouth
Monmouth Atlas (Monmouth, Ill. : Kirkwood, Ill. ed.) 1867 Kirkwood
Monmouth College clipper 1867 Monmouth
Monmouth College oracle 1927 Monmouth
Monmouth collegian Monmouth
Monmouth daily Atlas -1924 Monmouth
Monmouth leader 1873-1874 Monmouth
Monmouth times 1877 Monmouth
Monmouth weekly gazette 1876 Monmouth
Monroe County clarion-journal current Columbia
Monroe Democrat 1856 Waterloo
Monroe Freie Presse 1881 Waterloo
Montgomery County Democrat 1874-1881 Litchfield
Monthly letter box 1873-1874 Flora
Monthly world reform union 1881-1883 Clinton
Montrose comet Montrose
Moore’s home monthly 1877 Arcola
Morgan County journal 1876-1879 Waverly
Morgan County medical journal 1uuu-1uuu Jacksonville
Morgan monitor 1876-1uuu Jacksonville
Morning call 1895-1903 Normal
Morning gazette 1886-1887 Centralia
Morning monitor 189u-1uuu Litchfield
Morning news 18uu-18uu Quincy
Morning news 1876 Alton
Morning post 1841-18uu Springfield
Morning press 1901-1901 Litchfield
Morning star 18uu-18uu Pittsfield
Morris daily news 18uu-18uu Morris
Morris Democrat 1880-1880 Morris
Morris’ Malta mail 1876-1886 Malta
Morrison independent (Morrison, Ill. : 1872 : Weekly) 1872-1874 Morrison
Morrison record 1893-1912 Morrison
Morrison semi-weekly tribune 18uu-19uu Morrison
Morrison weekly tribune 18uu-19uu Morrison
Morton messenger 18uu-18uu Morton
Moudy’s Democrat 1871-1872 Richview
Moultrie County chronicle 1874 Sullivan
Moultrie County press 1883-1841 Lovington
Moultrie County Union Banner 1863-1867 Sullivan
Mound City journal (Mound City, Ill. : 1878) 1878-? Mound City
Mount Morris leader 1uuu-1938 Mount Morris
Mount Pulaski star 18uu-18uu Mount Pulaski
Mount Sterling mail uuuu Mount Sterling
Mount Sterling weekly gazette 1871-1872 Mount Sterling
Mount Vernon times 1900 Mount Vernon
Moweaqua mail 1882-1889 Moweaqua
Moweaqua mail -1889 Moweaqua
Moweaqua Republican -1904 Moweaqua
Moweaqua Republican 1893-1893 Moweaqua
Mt. Carroll daily Democrat 18uu-19uu Mount Carroll
Mt. Pulaski press 1uuu-1906 Mount Pulaski
Murrayville gazette 1uuu-9999 Murrayville
Muse 1975-1976 Macomb
Mutual aid herald 1uuu-1uuu Jacksonville
Mystic worker 18uu-1uuu Fulton
N.Y.D.D. black community news 19uu-19uu Urbana
Naroden Glas ? Granite City
National 1878 East Saint Louis
National banner 1868-18uu Benton
National Crop reporter 1873 Jacksonville
National standard enterprise 1896-1903 Springfield
National union 1866-18uu Pontiac
Nauvoo Democratic press 1858 Nauvoo
Nauvoo patriot 1847-1850 Nauvoo
NCO news: GI jottings 1944-1944 Springfield
Neoga advertiser 1874 Neoga
Neponset bugle 19uu-19uu Neponset
New Athens era 1869-1876 New Athens
New Berlin Advance 1874-uuuu New Berlin
New Boston broadhorn New Boston
New Boston reporter 1857 New Boston
New Douglas world 1894 Collinsville
New era 1851-? Nashville
New Era 1874-1uuu Chandlerville
New era 1900-1904 Toledo
New era 19uu-19uu Galesburg
New era (Jacksonville, Ill.) 1898-1uuu Jacksonville
New Grange news and home journal 1888-1894 Normal
New Rutland news 187u-18uu New Rutland
New times 1974-1985 Rock Island
New voice 19uu-19uu Urbana
New Windsor booster 1uuu-19uu New Windsor
New Windsor times (New Windsor, Ill. : 1873 : Weekly) 1873-1uuu New Windsor
Newark clipper 1872-18uu Newark
Newark journal 1856-18uu Newark
News 1873-18uu Thomson
News 1861-18uu Rockwell
News 1879-188u Buckingham
News 1876-1uuu Grant Park
News 1879-1884 Peru
News 1853-1854 Grayville
News 1876-? Ava
News 1860-1861 Girard
News 1967-19uu Normal
News 1885- Colchester
News 1875-1uuu Roanoke
News 1879-18uu Ashland
News 1877-18uu Quincy
News 1875 Greenfield
News 1871-1873 Loda
News 1874-1875 Du Quoin
News 1877-18uu Homer
News Raritan
News 1874-1875 Hutsonville
News 1855-? McLeansboro
News 18uu-1uuu Marseilles
News 1861? Sandoval
News 1878-1879 Dallas City
News 1872-1873 Saybrook
News 18uu-18uu Rock Falls
News 1872-1874 Virden
News 1873-1874 Vienna
News 1886-1887 Fairbury
News 1872-1873 Loda
News 1877-1877 Genoa
News 1872-1uuu Maroa
News 1874-1878 Rantoul
News (Kirkwood, Ill.) 1875-1880 Kirkwood
News (New Canton, Ill.) New Canton
News (Perry, Ill.) 18uu-1uuu Perry
News boy 1861-1868 Plymouth
News from nowhere 1968-9999 De Kalb
News index 1865-1870 Wenona
News item 1917 Collinsville
News letter 1857 Centralia
News letter 1860-1861 Mascoutah
News monitor uuuu Hillsboro
News of Fountain Green -1928 Fountain Green
News reporter current Collinsville
News-chronicle 1879-18uu Lewistown
News-gazette (Champaign, Ill. : 1991) 1991-9999 Champaign
News-herald (Chicago, Ill. : 1889) 1889-191u Chicago
Newsletter 1970-1977 Bloomington
Newspaper 1842-1854 Jerseyville
Niantic herald uuuu Niantic
Nineteenth century 18uu-1848 Peoria
Nineteenth Century 1848-1849 Peoria
Niota enterprise Miota
Noble pilot 1852-uuuu Noble
Nokomis journal 1890-1894 Nokomis
Nonpareil 1863-1863 Abingdon
Noonday star 1870-1871 Galesburg
Nordwestliche Post 1875-1875 Freeport
Normal advocate 1887-19uu Normal
Normal independent 1892-1892 Normal
Normal picket 1861-1862 Normal
North Henderson review 1uuu-19uu North Henderson
North star 1892-1uuu Odell
North star 1888-1892 Dwight
Northern Illinois commercial 1859 Keithsburg
Northern star 1uuu-9999 De Kalb
Northwestern Baptist 1865-1866 Salem
Northwestern gazetteer 1849-1850 Galesburg
Northwestern intelligencer 18uu-18uu Galesburg
Nowadays 1874-1874 Rockford
Nuncio 1880-1881 Decatur
Nutshell 1921-1930 Capron
Nya Pressen 1891-1897 Moline
Nya Sverige 1872-187u Rockford
Nya verlden 1870-1877 Galesburg
Oakland Kenwood outlook (Chicago, Ill. : 1943) 19uu-1950 Chicago
Oakland Kenwood outlook (Chicago, Ill. : 1943) 19uu-1950 Chicago
Oakland Kenwood outlook (Chicago, Ill. : 1951) 1951-9999 Chicago
Oakland Kenwood outlook (Chicago, Ill. : 1951) 1951-9999 Chicago
Observer 1847 Carrollton
Observer 1879-1880 Sterling
Observer and Peoria County advertiser 1858-9999 Elmwood
Odd Fellows union 1866-1867 Springfield
Odell centennial 18uu-18uu Odell
Odell times 18uu-1872 Odell
Ogden sun 1885-18uu Ogden
Ogle County life 1uuu-1969 Rochelle
Ogle County review-herald 1901-1909 Forreston
Okaw 1840-1845 Shelbyville
Okaw Republican 1867-1870 Sullivan
Old flag 1867-? Marion
Old flag 1896-uuuu Mount Sterling
Old flag 1866-1866 Marion
Old Salem Chautauquan 1920 Petersburg
Old statesman 1840-1840 Quincy
Olive branch 1867 Cairo
Olive leaf Rock Island
Omaha bluster 1896-? Omaha
Onarga leader 1885-1891 Onarga
Onarga Mercury 1859-1861 Onarga
Oneida journal uuuu Oneida
Oracle (Springfield, Ill.) 1896-uuuu Springfield
Orthospor 1871-1872 Farmer City
Osibisa 1973 Macomb
Oswego bald hornet 1855-1856 Oswego
Oswego herald 1904-1907 Oswego
Oswego ledger 19uu-19uu Oswego
Oswego ledger-sentinel 19uu-9999 Oswego
Oswego vidette 1872-187u Oswego
Ottawa Democrat 18uu-18uu Ottawa
Our best words 1880-1892 Shelbyville
Our boys’ intellect 1869-18uu Wenona
Our faith 1875-1876 Alton
Our home paper 1874-1875 Kewanee
Our Sanctum 1893-1893 Carbondale
Our times see below Edwardsville
Our times 1872-1881 Edwardsville
Our young people 1923 Rock Island
Owl 1896-1uuu Bloomington
Owl 1848-1849 Virginia
Palestine news 1874 Palestine
Palestine Saturday call 1880 Palestine
Palladium 1873-18uu Chatsworth
Palm leaf 1923-1933 Springfield
Pana gazette (Pana, Ill. : 1891: Daily) 1891-9999 Pana
Pana plaindealer 1859-1860 Pana
Pana public 1860-1862 Pana
Pana weekly argus 1879-uuuu Pana
Pana weekly enterprise 1860-1860 Pana
Pana weekly herald 1857-1858 Pana
Pana weekly herald 1857-1859 Pana
Panorama see below Edwardsville
Pantagraph 18uu-18uu New Richmond
Pantagraph 18uu-18uu Richmond
Pantagrapher 1926-1926 Bloomington
Paper 1871-1876 Cairo
Paper 1877-1879 Monmouth
Papyrus 1923-1987 Greenville
Paragraph Perry
Paris citizen and daily blade 1862 Paris
Pastoral visitor 1880 Kinmundy
Patriot 186u-18uu El Paso
Patriot 18uu-18uu Quincy
Patriot 186u-186u Pekin
Paxton weekly record 1865-1897 Paxton
Payson-Plainville news 1974-1975 Payson
Payson-Plainville news 1974-1975 Plainville
Pearl 1871-18uu Sycamore
Pearl citizen 18uu-18uu Pearln
Pekin Anzeiger 186u-186u Pekin
Pekin bulletin 1876-18uu Pekin
Pekin County register 187u-1uuu Pekin
Pekin independent 1870-187u Pekin
Pekin post post 1860 Pekin
Pekin Republican post 1885-1899 Pekin
Pekin times 1876-18uu Pekin
Pekin weekly bulletin (Pekin, Ill. : 1873 : Weekly) 1873-1876 Pekin
Pekin weekly visitor 1845-18uu Pekin
People’s advocate 1870-18uu Pontiac
People’s free press 1880-1880 Bloomington
People’s paper 1892-1894 Shelbyville
People’s paper 1872-1873 Bushnell
People’s press 1866-1867 Nashville
People’s press 1865-1866 Rockford
People’s press 1857-1857 Sandwich
Peoria advertizer 18uu-1878 Peoria
Peoria American 1845-1850 Peoria
Peoria daily Democrat 1868 Peoria
Peoria Deutsche Zeitung 1876 Peoria
Peoria inpormer 1936-1938 Peoria
Peoria morning star 1945 Peoria
Peoria star 1912 Peoria
Peoria sun (Peoria, Ill. : 1871) 1871-18uu Peoria
Peoria sun (Peoria, Ill. : 1878) 1878-uuuu Peoria
Peoria tri-weekly transcript 186u-186u Peoria
Peoria Volksfreund 1932 Peoria
Peoria weekly gazette 1900-1938 Peoria
Peoria woodman 1897-uuuu Peoria
Perfectly independent 1860-18uu Springfield
Perry County press 1879-1881 Tamaroa
Perry County press 1879-1882 Du Quoin
Perry County signal 1878-1880 Pinckneyville
Peru Freie Zeitung 18uu-1uuu Peru
Peru midweek newspaper 19uu-9999 Peru
Pharmaceutical news 1878-9999 Peoria
Philo booster 1uuu-1972 Philo
Philo budget 1889-190u Philo
Piatt County press 1883-1884 Monticello
Piatt County union 18uu-1865 Monticello
Pictoral quidnunc 1894-1899 Bloomington
Pike’s Democrat 1870-1871 Decatur
Pilot 18uu-1uuu Mount Morris
Pilot 1884-1uuu Bloomington
Pioneer 1875-1877 Streator
Pioneer 1902-19uu Bloomington
Pioneer 1860-1861 Effingham
Pioneer 18uu-19uu Galesburg
Pioneer and Western Baptist 1831-183u Rock Spring
Pioneer of the Valley of the Mississippi 1829-183u Rock Spring
Plain speaker 1929-1929 Bloomington
Plain truth 19uu-19uu Champaign
Plain truth 1967-9999 Champaign
Plaindealer 1872-1874 Sullivan
Plaindealer 1858 Newton
Plaindealer 1854-1856 Pekin
Plaindealer-Herald Charleston
Plano news 1872-1880 Plano
Plow city daily 1886 Moline
Pointer (Riverdale, Ill. : South Holland ed.) 1965-197u Riverdale
Political magazine 1885-1885 Urbana
Polo sentinel 1856-1856 Polo
Pontiac daily news 1901-19uu Pontiac
Pontiac gazette 1883-1888 Pontiac
Pontiac gazette 1880-18uu Pontiac
Pontiac herald 1871-18uu Pontiac
Pontiac observer 1881-18uu Pontiac
Pontiac Republican 1865-18uu Pontiac
Pontiac weekly news 1901-19uu Pontiac
Popcorn 19uu-19uu Urbana
Pope County Democrat 1878-1880 Golconda
Popular tribune 1851-1857 Nauvoo
Popular tribune & Nauvoo herald n.d. Nauvoo
Port Byron globe 1884-1889 Moline
Port Byron register 1857 Port Byron
Port Byron timester 1859 Port Byron
Post 1879-1uuu Quincy
Post 1900? Edwardsville
Post 1840-uuuu Naples
Post 1878-18uu Rutland
Post 19uu-uuuu Farmersville
Post Amerikan 1976-1985 Bloomington
Post Amerikan 1976-1985 Normal
Post Amerikan 1973-9999 Bloomington
Post office register uuuu Pana
Post-news Washington
Post-pilot 19uu-198u Loves Park
Post-Tribune 1895-1uuu Pekin
Potomac Republican 1898-1905 Potomac
Practical politics 1977-1uuu Springfield
Prairie advocate 1985-9999 Lanark
Prairie beacon 184u-18uu Belvidere
Prairie chicken 18uu-18uu Prairie City
Prairie chief 1858-1858 Prairie City
Prairie chief (Galva, Ill.) 1868 Galva
Prairie citizen 19uu-9999 Prairie City
Prairie city advocate 1872-uuuu Litchfield
Prairie City advocate 1864-1865 Litchfield
Prairie City news 18uu-1uuu Prairie City
Prairie City times 1uuu-19uu Prairie City
Prairie Democrat 1848-1851 Sparta
Prairie dispatch 19uu-19uu Urbana
Prairie du Rocher sun 19uu-19uu Prairie du Rocher
Prairie enterprise 1868-1868 Minonk
Prairie farmer 1841-1848 Pontiac
Prairie farmer Peoria
Prairie farmer 1861? Sandoval
Prairie flower 1840-1842 Shelbyville
Prairie flower 1851 Carlyle
Prairie home and advertiser 1859-1859 Sandwich
Prairie post ? Albion
Prairie press 19uu-19uu Urbana
Prairie state 185u-18uu Danville
Prairie sun 1977-1983 Rock Island
Prairie sun uuuu Peoria
Presbytery reporter 1845-1860 Alton
Press 1882-18uu Buda
Press 1868-186u Abingdon
Press 1859- Tuscola
Press 1857-18uu Ottawa
Press 1876-18uu Blue Island
Press 1889-18uu Barry
Press 1874-1876 New Windsor
Press 18uu-18uu Quincy
Press reporter 1897-1uuu Momence
Press-Record/Journal 1903-1983 Granite City
Prime time 19uu-19uu Morton
Progress Neoga
Progress 18uu-18uu Abingdon
Progress 1870-1877 Rock Falls
Progress 1876-1878 Chrisman
Progress 1868-1869 Shipman
Progressive farmer 18uu-18uu McLeansboro
Prohibition statesman 1884-1884 Le Roy
Property seller 1871-1872 Atlanta
Prophetstown spike (Prophetstown, Ill. : 1871 : Weekly) 1871-1894 Prophetstown
Prospect Day 1uuu-1970 Mount Prospect
Prospectus 1968 Charleston
Psychedelic Boneyard 19uu-19uu Urbana
Public school journal 1889-1uuu Bloomington
Public school messenger 1870-1872 Kewanee
Pulaski Democrat circa1856 Caledonia
Pullman press Chicago
Pure news 1983-1984 Springfield
Putnam County Democrat 19uu-19uu Granville
Putnam County epitome 18uu-1899 Hennepin
Putnam County Progress 19uu-19uu La Salle
Qui vive 1868-1uuu Alton
Quincy Democrat 18uu-18uu Quincy
Quincy Germania 1874-1uuu Quincy
Quincy herald (Quincy, Ill. : Triweekly) 18uu-1uuu Quincy
Quincy journal (Quincy, Ill. : 1856) 185u-18uu Quincy
Quincy labor news 1893-1uuu Quincy
Quincy news 18uu-18uu Quincy
Quincy newspapers [various titles] 18uu-19uu Quincy
Quincy Republican 1857-1858 Quincy
Quincy rural weekly 18uu-19uu Quincy
Quincy Whig (Quincy, Ill. : 1843) 18uu-18uu Quincy
Rabotnicheska Prosveta 1942-1962 Granite City
Radi 18uu-18uu Pittsfield
Radical 18uu-18uu Pittsfield
Raleigh Egyptian 1857-1857 Raleigh
Randolph County Zeitung 1868-18uu Chester
Randolph plaindealer 1866-18uu Sparta
Rantoul journal 1875-1877 Rantoul
Rantoul news 1873-1877 Rantoul
Rantoulian 1878-1880 Rantoul
Rapalee’s jokinello 1877-1877 Oregon
Raymond news uuuu Raymond
Real estate advertiser 1871 Palestine
Real estate bulletin 1870-1871 Paxton
Real estate exchange 1889-1uuu Bloomington
Real estate index 1871-1uuu Farmer City
Real estate journal 1871-1876 Bloomington
Real estate journal 1872-1uuu Bloomington
Record 1901-1910 Bloomington
Record 1912-1915 East Moline
Record 1871-1872 New Rutland
Record 1878-1878 Shabbona
Record 1874-1876 Assumption
Record 1904-? Marion
Record 1890-1uuu Bloomington
Record 1883 Troy
Record 1870-1871 Sterling
Record 1uuu-uuuu Rushville
Record 1879-uuuu Clayton
Record 1878-uuuu Bluffs
Recorder 1865-1867 Du Quoin
Recorder 1878-1881 Belvidere
Red and Gray 1927 Alton
Redbird Word 1969-1971 Alton
Reddick courier 1906-1uuu Reddick
Reddick Essex courier 19uu-9999 Reddick
Reddick Essex courier 19uu-9999 Essex
Reddick telephone 1uuu-19uu Reddick
Reflector 1892- Cowden
Reform 1878 East Saint Louis
Reform 1878 Belleville
Reform leader 1881 Kinmundy
Reform leader 1880-1881 Sandoval
Reformed missionary 1870-18uu Henry
Reformed missionary 1871-18uu Henry
Reformer 1870-1874 Sycamore
Reformer & free press 18uu-18uu Sycamore
Reformer and free press 1874-1876 Sycamore
Register 1870-1871 Minonk
Register 1877-1877 Abingdon
Register 18uu-1uuu Mount Morris
Register 1870-1871 Tonica
Register 188u-188u Saint Anne
Register 1863-1894 Aledo
Register 1876-1877 Toledo
Register 1863-1883 Clement
Register 1879 Kinmundy
Register 1856-1858 Salem
Register 1876-? Ava
Register 1878-1880 Moweaqua
Register 1872-1880 Moweaqua
Register 1842-1845 Peoria
Register 1863-1883 Huey
Register of news 1841-18uu Galena
Register-herald 18uu-1uuu Rochelle
Repertory 1874-1876 Princeton
Reporter 1875-1879 Clifton
Reporter Maywood
Reporter 1870-1870 Minonk
Reporter 1881 Decatur
Reporter 18uu-1uuu Shannon
Reporter 1877-1877 Raymond
Reporter 1875-1876 Woodhull
Representative and gazette 1838-1839 Belleville
Republic 1875-1uuu Bloomington
Republic (Galesburg, Ill. : 1873 : Semiweekly) 1873-1875 Galesburg
Republican 1857-18uu Springfield
Republican 1873-1874 Davis
Republican 1890-? Metropolis
Republican 1879-9999 Petersburg
Republican 1870-1880 Urbana
Republican 1867-1870 Galva
Republican 1836-1836 Ottawa
Republican 1869-1uuu Delavan
Republican 1896 Aledo
Republican 1871-1873 Bloomington
Republican 1899-1916 Mount Sterling
Republican advertiser 1870-1870 Bloomington
Republican advertiser 1865-1874 Bloomington
Republican and intelligencer 185u-1859 Mount Carroll
Republican Atlas 1900 Monmouth
Republican Atlas advance 1889 Monmouth
Republican call uuuu Jerseyville
Republican monitor 1863-1868 Litchfield
Republican monitor 1867-1868 Litchfield
Republican union 1867-1868 Litchfield
Reveille 1878-1881 Lebanon
Reveille 188u-1uuu La Rose
Review 1874-1878 Girard
Review 1872-1874 Girard
Review 1874-1878 Girard
Review 1865-188u Kankakee
Review 1879 Red Bud
Review 19uu-19uu Morrison
Review 1878-18uu Davis
Review 1872-1874 Girard
Review 1877-18uu Galesburg
Richland County Republican 1876-19uu Olney
Richland County Republican 1879-1883 Olney
Richview phoenix 1856-1858 Richview
Ridge record 1900-1911 Morgan Park
Ridgeway news 1uuu-19uu Norris City
Riley’s citizen 1914-1914 Waynesville
Rio reporter 1uuu-19uu Rio
Rivolta 1913-1914 Madison
Roanoke call 1891-1912 Roanoke
Roanoke call 1910-19uu Roanoke
Roanoke era 1883-18uu Roanoke
Roanoke post 1913-19uu Roanoke
Roanoke record 1917-19uu Roanoke
Roanoke review 19uu-9999 Roanoke
Rock 1872-1873 Arcola
Rock Island Beobachter 1857 Rock Island
Rock Island register 1890 Moline
Rock Island register 1890 Rock Island
Rock Island Republican 1900 Rock Island
Rock Island star Rock Island
Rock Islander (Rock Island Ill. : Daily) 1894 Rock Island
Rock River farmer 1871-1875 Dixon
Rock River mirror 1859-18uu Rockford
Rock River review 1871-1871 Sterling
Rock River Valley echo 1892-1894 Prophetstown
Rockford daily evening gazette 1879-1879 Rockford
Rockford daily gazette 1879-1891 Rockford
Rockford journal 19uu-9999 Rockford
Rockford posten 1889-1911 Rockford
Rockfords allehanda 1884-1886 Rockford
Rockton weekly echo 1887-1887 Rockton
Roodhouse daily union 1885-1885 Roodhouse
Roodhouse eagle 1880-1881 Roodhouse
Roodhouse independent 1875-1875 Roodhouse
Roodhouse review 1877-1880 Roodhouse
Roseville citizen 1893-1900 Roseville
Roseville independent Roseville
Rundschau 1896-1898 Lincoln
Rural messenger 1876-1877 Plymouth
Rural press 1858-1859 Centralia
Rural west and weekly journal 1869-18uu Quincy
Rushville Republican 1891-1901 Rushville
Saint Jacob herald 2:17:1894 Saint Jacob
Salem advocate (Salem, Ill. : 1873) 18uu-1873 Salem
Saline County sentinel 1878-1881 Harrisburg
Sandebudet 1862-1864 Rockford
Sangamon County Record 1893-uuuu Illiopolis
Sangamon gazette 1970-1971 Springfield
Sangamon ordinance plant newsletter 1942-1943 Springfield
Sangamon star 1984-1984 Springfield
Saturday bulletin 1890-1894 Decatur
Saturday chimes 1893-1893 Bloomington
Saturday evening herald Charleston
Saturday herald 1879-1880 Decatur
Saturday leaf 1877 Fairview
Saturday morning herald Assumption
Saturday press 189u-1892 Hume
Saturday Republican 1876-18uu Taylorville
Saturday transcript 1872-18uu Earlville
Saturday truth 1891-1uuu Bloomington
Saunemin gazette 1888-1907 Saunemin
Savanna independent 1884-1885 Savanna
Savanna times (Savanna, Ill. : Triweekly) 1875-1917 Savanna
Savanna weekly register 1853-1853 Savanna
Saybrook banner (Saybrook, Ill. : 1872 : Weekly) 1872-1873 Saybrook
Saybrook gazette 1881-1884 Saybrook
Saybrook herald 1875-1891 Saybrook
Saybrook news 1881-1884 Saybrook
Saybrook news 1872-1uuu Saybrook
Schibboleth 1878- Moline
Schibboleth 1878- Chicago
School chronical 1886-1887 Monmouth
School journal 1880 Kinmundy
School master 18uu-1873 Peoria
School times 1889-1uuu Springfield
Schoolmaster 1873-1886 Bloomington
Schuyler County Democrat 1854-1855 Rushville
Schuyler County herald 1901-1926 Rushville
Schuyler Democrat 1854-1856 Rushville
Scimitar Charleston
Scott County arrow 1878-1879 Winchester
Scott County herald uuuu Blue Mound
Scott County news 1860-uuuu Winchester
Self help magazine 8-11-1907 Albion
Semi-weekly adovate 1875-1876 Salem
Semi-weekly inter ocean 1874-19uu Chicago
Semi-weekly Republic 18uu-uuuu Beardstown
Seminary gazette 1867-1869 Onarga
Seneca messenger 1887-1888 Seneca
Seneca record and news 1901-1918 Seneca
Seneca weekly journal (Seneca, Ill. : 1873) 1873-18uu Seneca
Sentinel 1877-1880 Ashton
Sentinel 1855 Murphysboro
Sentinel 1892-1895 Cairo
Sentinel 1877-1877 Low Point
Sentinel 1854-18uu Woodford
Sentinel 1876-18uu Washburn
Seraph 19uu-19uu Urbana
Sesser Valier times 19uu-9999 Sesser
Sesser Valier times 19uu-9999 Valier
Shade’s monthly 18uu-18uu Pekin
Shannon gazette (Shannon, Ill. : 1864 : Weekly) 1864-1875 Shannon
Shannon reporter 1947-1970 Shannon
Shawnee chief 1818-1818 Shawneetown
Shawnee chief 184u-184u Shawneetown
Shawneetown Argus circa1851 Shawneetown
Sheffield and West Bureau County times 1948-19uu Sheffield
Shelby County citizen 1893 Moweaqua
Shelby County freeman 1860-1861 Shelbyville
Shelby County reflector 1946- Cowden
Shelby County reflector 1946- Lakewood
Shelby County Republican 1893 Moweaqua
Shelby freeman 1860-1861 Shelbyville
Sheldon courier 1871-1871 Sheldon
Shelton’s weekly 1873 Arcola
Shepardsen’s real estate journal 18uu-18uu Paxton
Sheridan news letter (Sheridan, Ill. : 1871 : Weekly) 1871-1880 Sheridan
Shoaff’s Edgar County gazette 1873-1874 Paris
Shumway advance 1974 Shumway
Sibley index 1880-18uu Sibley
Sidewalkers 1873-18uu Galesburg
Sidney derrick 1885-188u Sidney
Sidney independent 1883-188u Sidney
Sidney signal 1879-18uu Sidney
Siege 1873-1873 Danville
Sigel advocate -1922 Sigel
Sigel advocate 1893 Sigel
Silver advocate 1896-1uuu Oregon
Silver leaf 1872-1872 Lincoln
Simple truth 189u Shelbyville
Skandinaven (Chicago, Ill. : Semiweekly) 1873-18uu Chicago
Skandinaven (Chicago, Ill. : Sunday ed.) 1889-1930 Chicago
Skol-Vannen 1878-1887 Rock Island
Smithfield news 1uuu-1905 Smithfield
Social justice reporter 1983-1984 Springfield
Soldiers’ advocate 1873-1879 Freeport
Solidarity (New Castle, Pa.) 1909-1917 Chicago
Sonntagsblatt Peoria
Sonntagsgast 1871-1uuu Bloomington
Sonntagsgast unknown Belleville
Sontags post 1893-uuuu Peoria
South Chicago daily Calumet 188u-190u Chicago
South End press Chicago
South Holland pointer 1961-1965 South Holland
Southern free press 196u-19uu Carbondale
Southern Illinois advocate 1882-? Anna
Southern Illinois Farmer 1879-1881 Effingham
Southern Illinois journal 1869-1870 Odin
Southtown economist (Chicago, Ill. : Chicago ed.) 19uu-1993 Chicago
Southwest independent bulletin 19uu-9999 Chicago
Southwest Shelby news -1946 Lakewood
Southwest Shelby news -1946 Cowden
Southwestern journal 1uuu-9999 Brighton
Souvenir echo 1893-1uuu Bloomington
Sovereign people 1840-1841 Edwardsville
Special Dieterich
Spectator 1856 Salem
Spectator 1859-18uu Danville
Spectrum 1970-1977 Springfield
Spirit advocate 1854-1856 Rockford
Spirit of ’76 1839 Belleville
Spirit of the agricultural press 1857-1857 Champaign
Spirit of the Grange 1876-1uuu Bloomington
Spirit of the press (Galena, Ill.) 1871-1874 Galena
Springfield conservative 1856-1856 Springfield
Springfield Freie Presse 1858-18uu Springfield
Springfield herald 1983-1987 Rochester
Springfield leader 1902-1918 Springfield
Springfield post capital 1880-1885 Springfield
Springfield progressive 1968-1uuu Springfield
Springfield Republican 1857-18uu Springfield
Springfield times 1843-1845 Springfield
Springfield truth 1936-1936 Springfield
SSU news 1985-1987 Springfield
SSU pipeline 1976-1979 Springfield
SSU prairie star 1979-1984 Springfield
St. Anne tribune 1905-19uu Saint Anne
St. Augustine eagle 1uuu-19uu Saint Augustine
St. Clair mercury 183u Belleville
St. Clair Volksblatt unknown Belleville
St. Elmo news uuuu-uuuu Saint Elmo
St. Joseph eagle 1890-1893 Saint Joseph
St. Louis railway world 1876-1877 East Saint Louis
Staats wochenblatt 1878-19uu Springfield
Staats-Wochenblatt 1878-1920 Springfield
Stamp news 1873-1873 Rockford
Standard 1866-uuuu Clayton
Star 1987 Troy
Star Wauconda
Star 1869-1870 Winchester
Star 1871-1872 Odin
Star 1868-1893 Dwight
Star 1840-1841 Galena
Star unknown Collinsville
Star 18uu Tamaroa
Star 18uu-1uuu Elizabethtown
Star 1866-1866 Marion
Star 1900 Centralia
Star of Bethlehem and candid examiner ? Alton
Star of Dallas 1859-1861 Dallas City
Star of Egypt 1858-1859 Belleville
Star of the West 1858 La Harpe
Star-Call and Gazette 1987 Troy
Stark County Democrat Toulon
Stars and stripes 19uu-19uu Watseka
State argus 1879-18uu Springfield
State Center Record 1884-uuuu Illiopolis
State farm news 1935-1935 Bloomington
State Register and Vandalia Republican 1836-1uuu Vandalia
Steeleville times 1875-1876 Steeleville
Stephenson reporter and insurance monitor 18uu-18uu Freeport
Sterling Beobachter 1877-1912 Sterling
Sterling herald 1878-1902 Sterling
Stern des Westens 1846-1848 Quincy
Stream of light 18uu-18uu Ipava
Streator Volksblatt 1884-1uuu Streator
Student action 19uu-19uu Urbana
Students’ journal 1877-1881 Bloomington
Sucker 1840 Alton
Sucker Life Boat 1855 Alton
Sucker state 1874 Dallas City
Sucker state 185u-1859 Monticello
Sucker state 1871-187u Le Roy
Sun 1869-1869 Galena
Sun 1889-1889 Barry
Sun 1854-1855 Chillicothe
Sun 1851 Belleville
Sun (Chicago, Ill. : 1869 : Weekly) 1869-1uuu Chicago
Sun and commercial 1873-1878 Cairo
Sunbeam 1879-19uu Saybrook
Sunbeam 1871-1871 Decatur
Sunday bourbon 1879-1879 Danville
Sunday free press 18uu-1uuu Ottawa
Sunday herald 1877-1uuu Bloomington
Sunday herald 1879-1879 Rockford
Sunday leader 1866 Cairo
Sunday mail 1879-1880 Springfield
Sunday mirror 1902-1905 Peoria
Sunday morning eye 1878-1898 Bloomington
Sunday morning star 1879-1880 Bloomington
Sunday optic 18uu-18uu Quincy
Sunday optic 1885- Quincy
Sunday through mail 1880-1884 Bloomington
Sunrise 1973-1975 Macomb
Svenska republikanaren 1896-1898 Galesburg
Svenska socialisten 1913-1920 Rockford
Svenske Republikanen 1858 Galva
Swede 1869-18uu Altona
Swedish citizen 1880-1881 Galva
Tablet 1868-1uuu Maroa
Tagblatt der Germania 1874-18uu Quincy
Tagliche Peoria Deutsche Zeitung 1859-1878 Peoria
Tales from the general store 1981-1982 Oblong
Tallula express 18uu-9999 Tallula
Tax-gatherer 1886-18uu De Kalb
Taylorville courier uuuu Taylorville
Tazewell County mirror 1855-1860 Pekin
Tazewell County press 1889-1893 Delavan
Telegram 1876-1881 Altamont
Telegram 1867-1868 Kinmundy
Telegram 1918-1919 Marine
Telegraph 1848-1853 Peru
Telegraph 1869-1870 Buda
Temperance banner 1873-1875 Alton
Temperance banner 1874-1875 Waverly
Temperance bugle 1876-18uu Decatur
Temperance leader 1878 Mount Carmel
Temperance magazine 1867-9999 Peoria
Temperance pulse 1896-1uuu Bloomington
Temperance standard 1868-1873 Bloomington
Temperance union 1873-1874 Sheridan
Temperance watchman 1872 Alton
Theodora 1861-18uu Springfield
Theodora 1859-18uu Springfield
Thomson broadax 1879-1uuu Thomson
Thomson courier (Thomson, Ill. : 1867 : Weekly) 1867-1873 Thomson
Thomson times 1892-1uuu Thomson
Thorcast 1952-1952 Bloomington
Three states -1883 Cairo
Through mail 1883-1883 Bloomington
Ticket 1848-1848 Springfield
Times uuuu Waverly
Times 1878-uuuu Staunton
Times 1889-1891 Fisher
Times 1870-1871 Onarga
Times 1859-1861 Mendota
Times 1876-1876 Freeport
Times 1872-1874 Chillicothe
Times 18uu-193u Quincy
Times 1874-1877 New Rutland
Times 1872-1897 Casey
Times 1870-18uu Greenville
Times 1861-1862 Bloomington
Times 1861 Port Byron
Times 1874-1876 Morrison
Times 1882 Effingham
Times 1879-1881 Clay City
Times uuuu Maroa
Times 1875-1882 Ransom
Times 1874-1878 Rutland
Times 1879-9999 Maquon
Times 1868-1869 Galesburg
Times 1874-1874 Princeville
Times 1uuu-1918 La Harpe
Times 1872-1873 Minonk
Times 1855-1862 Bloomington
Times (Champaign, Ill. : 1914 : Weekly) 1914-9999 Champaign
Times (Champaign, Ill. : Daily) 190u-19uu Champaign
Times (Chicago, Ill. : Weekly) 188u-1893 Chicago
Times-Republican (Savanna, Ill. : Daily) 1uuu-1917 Savanna
Times-Republican (Savanna, Ill. : Weekly) 1uuu-1917 Savanna
Tiskilwa register 1877-1878 Tiskilwa
Tiskilwa tidings 1884-1uuu Tiskilwa
Title unknown uuuu-uuuu Clayton
Tocsin 1869-1870 Urbana
Tocsin (Minneapolis, Minn.) 1898-1899 Chicago
Toledo blade 1922 Toledo
Tolono citizen 1869-1870 Tolono
Tomahawk 1880-18uu Decatur
Tompkins’ central Illinois business 1984-1987 Clinton
Tonica local 1871-1877 Tonica
Torpedo Good Hope
Towanda news 1900-19uu Towanda
Towanda topic 1894-1897 Towanda
Town & country 19uu-9999 Seneca
Town & country weekly 19uu-9999 Seneca
Town and country 19uu-9999 Ottawa
Trade news 1uuu-1924 De Kalb
Trade review 1895-1uuu Bloomington
Trades and labor gazette 1895-uuuu Peoria
Transcript 1883- Prairie City
Tremont sun 189u-1899 Tremont
Treubund 1873 East Saint Louis
Tri city register 1uuu-9999 Buffalo
Tri weekly Democratic union Peoria
Tri-city oracle 1898-1900 Rock Island
Tri-city progress ? Granite City
Tri-city star 1934-1936 Moline
Tri-city star 1934-1936 Rock Island
Tri-city times 186u- Rapid City
Tri-city trade journal 1892 Rock Island
Tri-city trade journal 1892 Moline
Tri-city unionist Rock Island
Tri-county news (Elmwood, Ill. : Farmington bugle ed.) 1993-9999 Farmington
Tri-county scribe 1895- Plymouth
Tri-county scribe 1909 Plymouth
Tri-county times Delavan
Tri-weekly advertiser 1852-1856 Rock Island
Tri-weekly bulletin 185u-18uu Freeport
Tri-weekly Republican (Chicago, Ill.) 1865-186u Chicago
Tribune 1897-1uuu Bloomington
Tribune 1869-1871 Maroa
Tribune 1851-1857 Nauvoo
Tribune 1875-1875 Wenona
Tribune 1908,1910 Metropolis
Tribune 1852-1874 Quincy
Tribune 1879-1880 Stanford
Tribune 1864-1866 Decatur
Tribune 1898-1uuu Carlock
Tribune 1867-1867 Macon
Tribune 1898-19uu Ellsworth
Tribune and free soil banner 1848-18uu Quincy
Triweekly news 1852-185u Peoria
Triweekly Republican 185u-9999 Peoria
Troy press record 1987 Troy
Troy times 1985-1987 Troy
True Democrat 1880 Tower Hill
True Democrat 1860-1860 Polo
True flag 1874-1875 Shipman
True workman 1874 Flora
Truth 1892 Monmouth
Truth seeker 1845-1846 Alton
Twin cities journal 1972-1972 Bloomington
Twin-city Building Association advocate 1892 Rock Island
Twin-city Building Association advocate 1892 Moline
Ungdomsvannen 1879-1918 Moline
Ungdomsvannen 1879-1918 Rock Island
Ungdomsvannen 1879-1918 Chicago
Unicorn 1877-1878 Barry
Unicorn Greenback 1878-1887 Barry
Union 1861-1865 Quincy
Union 1870-1871 Sparland
Union 18uu-18uu Belvidere
Union 1862-1866 Kankakee
Union 1866 Cairo
Union 1886-1887 Centralia
Union and gazette 1860-1uuu Gillespie
Union County Democrat 1858-? Jonesboro
Union County herald 1869-? Anna
Union County news 1879-? Anna
Union County record 1860-? Anna
Union County record 1860-? Jonesboro
Union Democrat 1863-1864 Kewanee
Union fair gazette 1872-1uuu Wenona
Union herald 1929-1929 Harrisburg
Union pilot 1914 Collinsville
United Irishman 1848-18uu Ottawa
Unknown Shumway
Unknown 1873 Collinsville
Upper Alton herald 1887-1889 Alton
Urbana messenger 1890-1890 Urbana
Urbana orbit 1889-1uuu Urbana
Urbana Republican 18uu-1uuu Urbana
Urbana Republican (Urbana, Ill. : 1870 : Weekly) 1870-1878 Urbana
Utica news 1882-1885 Utica
Utica news 19uu-19uu Utica
Utica weekly blade 1885-1uuu Utica
Vandalia chronicle uuuu-uuuu Vandalia
Vandalia free press (Vandalia, Ill. : 1836) 1836-1837 Vandalia
Vandalia intelligencer 1uuu-uuuu Vandalia
Vandalia Whig 1839-18uu Vandalia
Vandalian 1858-9999 Vandalia
Vanguard 1862-1uuu Normal
Varna leader : an auxiliary of the Washburn leader 1919-1919 Washburn
Vermilion chronicle 1872-1873 Danville
Vermilion herald 1853-1853 New Michigan
Vermillion news 1871-18uu Cornellville
Vermont chronicle -1879 Vermont
Vermont chronicle Vermont
Vermont eye Vermont
Victoria herald 1uuu-19uu Victoria
Vienna Democrat -1897- Vienna
Vienna herald -1897 Vienna
Vienna news 1905-1910 Vienna
Vikingen 1894-1906 Moline
Vikingen 1890-1891 Rock Island
Vikingen 1890-1891 Moline
Village echo 1874-18uu Thomson
Vindicator 1858-1858 Clinton
Viola journal -1955 Viola
Viola sentinel 1896 Viola
Viper 1986-1986 Springfield
Visitor 1881 Westfield
Visitor 1881-18uu New Richmond
Visitor 1881-18uu Richmond
Voice of Monroe 1880-1882 Columbia
Voice of the people 1851-1uuu Peoria
Voice of truth uuuu Winchester
Volks Spiegel 1888-uuuu Decatur
Volksblatt 1903-19uu Streator
Volksblatt 1877-1877 La Salle
Volksblatt 1870-1870 Carlinville
Volksblatt 185u-18uu Peoria
Volksblatt 18uu-1866 Quincy
Volksblatt und Beobachter 1883-1909 Streator
Volksblatt-Rundschau 1898-1918 Lincoln
Volksfreund 1930-1937 Bloomington
Volksfreund 1858-18uu Peru
Voltsfreund Peoria
Vorwarts 1852-1854 Alton
Voter 1864? Havana
Vox populi 186u-186u McLeansboro
Wabash sentinel 1852-1853 Hutsonville
Wacht am Illinois 1862-1862 Pekin
Wachter am Illinois 1852-1852 Pekin
Wall Street Journal 1974-1987 Highland
Wall Street Journal 1973-1987 Highland
Walnut motor 18uu-1uuu Walnut
Walrus 196u-9999 Champaign
Walrus 19uu-19uu Champaign
Wapella index 1898-1uuu Wapella
Wapella journal 1895-1896 Wapella
Wapella Republican 1914-1915 Wapella
Warren leader (Warren, Ill.) 1890-1900 Warren
Warren Republican 1855-1856 Warren
Warren-Mercer County visitor 1896 Alexis
Warsaw independent n.d. Warsaw
Washburn news 1877-18uu Washburn
Washburn times 1882-1uuu Washburn
Washington County gazette 1906-19uu Ashley
Washington County herald 1860-1862 Nashville
Washington County Zeitung 1874 Nashville
Washington courier 1958-9999 Washington
Washington herald 187u-1uuu Washington
Washington herald 1868-1885 Washington
Washington herald (Washington, Ill.) 1868-1884 Washington
Wasp 1842 Warsaw
Wataga visitor 1uuu-19uu Wataga
Watch tower 1895-1uuu Bloomington
Watchman 1857 Galva
Waterman enquirer 1uuu-1976 Waterman
Wauconda Leader Wauconda
Waverly gazette 1869-1871 Waverly
Waverly Republican uuuu Waverly
Waverly times 1872-1874 Waverly
Wayne County central 1873 Jeffersonville
Wayne County central 187u-187u Jeffersonville
Waynesville signal 1892-1894 Waynesville
Weekly 1873-1875 Clifton
Weekly 1873-1874 Odell
Weekly 19uu-19uu Urbana
Weekly 1877 Port Byron
Weekly argus 1879-1880 Pana
Weekly blade 188u-18uu Minonk
Weekly bulletin 1873-1884 Troy
Weekly call 1879-1879 Buda
Weekly Chicago press and tribune 1858-1859 Chicago
Weekly courier 1868-1869 Dwight
Weekly criterion 1878-1878 Carbondale
Weekly Democrat 1865 Grayville
Weekly Democrat 1872-1873 Bloomington
Weekly drovers’ journal 187u-1uuu Chicago
Weekly echo 1887-188u Durand
Weekly gazette (Elgin, Ill.) 18uu-186u Elgin
Weekly gazette and Democrat 1919-1920 Kankakee
Weekly herald 1857-1867 Pana
Weekly herald 1874-? Harrisburg
Weekly herald 1uuu-uuuu Maroa
Weekly independent 1901-1905 Lena
Weekly journal uuuu White Hall
Weekly monitor 18uu-18uu Pontiac
Weekly news 1uuu-1989 Maroa
Weekly news 1861-1861 Rockford
Weekly news 1852-185u Peoria
Weekly news 1881-1uuu Gardner
Weekly news and post 1989-9999 Maroa
Weekly news register uuuu Litchfield
Weekly recorder 1896-1899 Rockford
Weekly register 1845-1848 Peoria
Weekly review 1890-? Metropolis
Weekly standard 1881-1888 Heyworth
Weekly times 1879-1880 Belleville
Weekly times 1885-1uuu Bloomington
Weekly times 1878 Salem
Weekly times 1890-1890 Durand
Weekly White County advocate 1858:9:24 Grayville
Weekly world reform union 1881-1883 Clinton
Wenona gazette Wenona
Wenona tribune (Wenona, Ill. : 1872 : Weekly) 1872-18uu Wenona
Wenona weekly index 18uu-18uu Wenona
Wenona weekly index (Wenona, Ill. : 1870) 1870-1908 Wenona
Wesleyan argus 1894-1899 Bloomington
Wesleyan argus 1893-1uuu Bloomington
Wesleyana 1895-1uuu Bloomington
Wesleyana 1866-1uuu Bloomington
West End Kerana 1871-1873 Keithsburg
West Pike news 1947 New Canton
West Pike news 1949-1966 Hull
Western agriculturist 1868-1889 Quincy
Western agriculturist and live stock journal 1889-1901 Quincy
Western banner 1878-18uu Rockford
Western campus chronic 1972 Macomb
Western Democrat 1829-1830 Kaskaskia
Western emigrants’ magazine and historian of the times in the wes 1837- Carthage
Western evangelist 1847-1uuu Greenville
Western evangelist 1861-18uu Rockwell
Western express 199u- Barry
Western family monitor 1850-1855 Marion
Western farmer 1875-1883 Dixon
Western farmer uuuu Jerseyville
Western fountain uuuu Greenville
Western freeman 1853-1853 Galesburg
Western jurist 1874-1881 Bloomington
Western leader 1854-18uu Springfield
Western light 1868 Macomb
Western mirror 1861-18uu Rockford
Western news 1826-1827 Belleville
Western pioneer 9/01/1830 Rock Spring
Western ploughboy 1831-1832 Edwardsville
Western postal review 1875-1883 Dwight
Western scientific journal 1874-1876 Peoria
Western souvenir 1839-1840 Vandalia
Western spectator 1841-18uu Springfield
Western Star -1847 Chicago
Western Union news unknown West Union
Western voice 1837-1840 Shawneetown
Western weekly mirror 1838-1840 Edwardsville
Western world and DeKalb review 1857-1860 De Kalb
Westfield Intelligencer 1890-1899 Westfield
Westfield Pantagraph 1879-1884 Westfield
Westl. Bloetter Peoria
Westliche Press and Tribune 18uu-1875 Quincy
Westliche presse 1874-1874 Quincy
Wheeler commercial 1901 Wheeler
Whip and Spur 1876-1876 Decatur
White County Democrat 1uuu-19uu Norris City
White Hall star uuuu White Hall
White Hall tribune 1882-1883 White Hall
White Hall watchman uuuu White Hall
Whiteside chronicle 1868-1870 Sterling
Whiteside County argus 1867-18uu Sterling
Whiteside Democrat 1871-1873 Fulton
Whiteside herald 1878-1884 Morrison
Whiteside herald 18uu-9999 Sterling
Whiteside times 1876-1878 Rock Falls
Whiteside times 18uu-18uu Sterling
Williamson County advocate 1874-1875 Marion
Williamson County Democrat 1874-1874 Marion
Williamson County observer (Carterville herald ed.) 197u-1982 Carterville
Williamson County progress 1872-1872 Marion
Williamson County Republican 1889-1889 Marion
Williamsville sun 1uuu-9999 Williamsville
Wilmette announcements 1uuu-1933 Wilmette
Wilmette local news 1uuu-19uu Wilmette
Wilsons weekly 1877 Roseville
Windsor advertiser 1877 Windsor
Windsor herald 1871 Windsor
Windsor semi-weekly gazette 1877+ Windsor
Windsor sentinel 1876-1877 Windsor
Winnebago chief 1867-1868 Rockford
Winnebago County advertiser 1869-1869 Durand
Winnebago reflector 1887-19uu Winnebago
Winnetka times 1uuu-1932 Winnetka
Winola this week 1985- Aledo
Witness 1961-1971 Bloomington
Wittwen und Waisen Freund 1904-1906 Springfield
Wochenblatt 1878-1882 Beardstown
Wochenblatt 1850-1853 Quincy
Wochenblatt 1878-1881 Beardstown
Wochentliche Deutsche Presse 1887-1888 Pekin
Wochentliches Belleviller Volksblatt 1864-1865 Belleville
Woodford County Democrat 1895-1901 Eureka
Woodford County Democrat 18uu-18uu Eureka
Woodford County news 1924-19uu Eureka
Woodford County Republican 1896-19uu Eureka
Woodford County Republican 1uuu-1uuu El Paso
Woodford County sentinel 18uu-1uuu Washburn
Woodford County times 1854-18uu Metamora
Woodford journal 1868-1uuu Eureka
Woodhull enterprise 1876-1880 Woodhull
Woodstock casket 1852 Avon
World correspondent 1933-1936 Macomb
Wyoming herald 1881 Wyoming
Wyoming post 1872 Wyoming
X-Ray 1899 Centralia
Yardstick uuuu Blue Mound
Yates City banner 1973-1976 Yates City
Yates City herald uuuu Yates City
Yates City searchlight 1uuu-19uu Yates City
Yeoman of the prairie land New Boston
Yeoman of the prairie land 1851-18uu Princeton
Yorkville news (Yorkville, Ill. : 1872 : Weekly) 1872-1877 Yorkville
Young America 1872-18uu Urbana
Young American 1878-1881 Carbondale
Young Men’s Christian Association herald 1876-1881 Springfield
Young people 1929-1948 Rock Island
Your name here 19uu-19uu Urbana
Youth’s companion 1841-18uu Springfield
Zeigler Royalton pioneer 19uu-1970 Royalton
Zeigler Royalton pioneer 19uu-1970 Zeigler
Zeitung uuuu Decatur
Zeitung 1859 Cairo
Zeitung, Die 1870-1871 Springfield
Zions baner 1871-1879 Knoxville
Zions baner 1871-1879 Galesburg
Zions banner 18uu-18uu Knoxville