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Contribute Financially

The cost of newspaper digitization is approximately $1 per page. A $5, $15, or $25 contribution will help us fund the cost of digitizing more newspapers for free online access.

Please click here to donate , and specify that your donation is supporting Illinois Digital Newspaper Collections (IDNC), which are part of the History, Philosophy and Newspaper Library.

Donate Newspapers

The University of Illinois Library is committed to preserving the cultural heritage of Illinois. Newspapers contain a wealth of historical information for researchers, archivists, librarians, and the general public. Our goal is to preserve this valuable resource through careful stewardship, including proper storage, handling, and repair of the originals. By donating Illinois newspapers to the University of Illinois Library, you add to the pool of newspapers that can be microfilmed for preservation and possibly also digitized in the future.

Please contact the History, Philosophy, and Newspaper Library if you are interested in, or have any questions about, making a donation.

Help with Text Correction

The articles in the Illinois Digital Newspaper Collection are searchable because of computer-generated text that underlies the page images. This computer-generated text is often riddled with errors. You can help improve the accuracy of keyword searches by correcting these errors. Thanks to the hard work of volunteer text-correctors, more than a million lines of text have been corrected so far.