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Periodic Dose of Cute – Cat Anecdotes Edition

Since the rise of the internet a common joke has always been that the internet is meant for cat gifs. Be it your cousin’s boyfriend posting incessantly about their cat’s every movement or the trending page on YouTube, it is often hard to get away from cute stories about cats. This apparently has long been […]

Recipes from the Masters: Holiday’s Edition: Volume 3

Nothing screams the holidays quite like fruitcake. Honestly, these cookies are good enough that I would happily make them at any time of the year.   Spicy Holiday Fruit Cookies Source: December 3, 1960- Lancaster Farming Recipe: 1 cup shortening 2 cups packed brown sugar 2 eggs ½ cup rolled oats 3 ½ cups sifted […]

Recipes from the Masters: Holidays Edition: Volume 2

Are you a fan of super chewy cookies? If, so you may be interested in these Christmas cane cookies! I can’t say that I quite understand the association between the Holidays and these orange-ish flavored cookies, beyond the shape you can give them. Regardless, let’s jump into the recipe:   Christmas Cane Cookies Source: December […]