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–Romanization Landscape Index of Languages How to Type in Other Languages (LibGuide)LexiLogos. A wide variety of world languages representedFreelang. Dictionaries available for free download (for offline use) or use in a web browser African Languages Dictionary Collection (IAS)Online Swahili-English Dictionary The Kamusi Project – The Internet Living Swahili DictionaryYourDictionary.com Language Dictionaries African Language Materials Archive (ALMA) ASC Leiden Web Dossier: Afrikaans literature and language Atlas of the World’s Languages in Danger Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition (CARLA) Center for Language Technology and Instructional Enrichment (CeLTIE) Recorded Materials Archive Centre Æquatoria Ethnologue Online Foreign Service Institute (FSI) Language Courses Language and Popular Culture in Africa Noun Classification in Swahili MDBG Chinese-English Dictionary CantoDictChinese Romanization Rules of Application (ALA-Library of Congress) Wade-Giles to Pinyin Conversion Table Pinying & Wade-Giles Conversion Utility goo online dictionaries: Japanese/Japanese Thesaurus/E-J/J-E/C-J/J-C goo辞書: 国語・類語・英和・和英・中日・日中・他 Infoseek Multi-Dictionary: J-E/E-J/Japanese インフォシークマルチ辞書: 英和・和英辞典、国語辞典、他 Yahoo! Dictionary: Japanese/Japanese Thesaurus/E-J/J-E Yahoo!辞書: 国語・類語・英和・和英 excite Dictionary: E-J/J-E/Japanese/C-J/J-C excite辞書(研究社 online dictionary): 英和・和英・国語・日中・中日 Rikai 理解.com Cut-and-paste and website translation with pop-up dictionary references. WWWJDIC: Online Japanese Dictionary Service Bi-directional English-Japanese Dictionary Eijiro on the Web: E-J/J-E 英辞郎 on the Web (スペースアルク): 英和・和英 BitEx Chinese Dictionary: J-C/C-J Library of Congress – Japanese RomanizationNaver Korean-English DictionaryKorean Multimedia DictionaryKorean Name RomanizerSpanish Language: A Learner’s Guide BBC Languages: Spanish About.com Spanish Language Coffeebreak SpanishNotes in Spanish The Spanish Blog Spanish Language and Culture FSI Language Courses Learn Spanish in Chile Study Spanish.com Latin American & Caribbean Languages Dictionaries Collection (IAS)Wordreference.com: Spanish Spanishdict.comReal Academia española Web of Dictionaries: SpanishMiddle Eastern Languages Dictionaries Collection (IAS)Online English-Persian Dictionary Arabic Language Resources – LibGuideWorld languages and Cultures (Arabic) LibGuide – Mercyhurst University United National Multilingual Terminology Database Slavic Languages Dictionaries Collection (IAS)List of Print Dictionaries at UIUC YourDictionary.comLanguages on the Web South Asian Languages Dictionary Collection (IAS)Virtual Bangladesh : English to Bengali Dictionary A Bengali prose reader for second-year students Introduction to Bengali : a basic course in spoken Bengali Digital Dictionaries of South Asia: A Dictionary of Urdu, Classical Hindi and English A Door Into Hindi Hindi Alphabets Hindi Language Program(UIUC) Hindi Language Resources Hindi Language and Literature Hindi Links Hindi Authors Learn to Read Hindi Learn Malayalam Malayalam Tutor A primer in Oriya characters Digital Dictionaries of South Asia: The Pali Text Society’s Pali-English Dictionary Learn Punjabi Online Sanskrit Dictionary Learn Sanskrit Sanskrit Library Sanskrit Online Sanskrit Resources Samskrita Bharati Learning and Teaching of Tamil Tamil Language in Context A primer in Telugu characters Glossary for graded readings in modern literary Telugu Graded readings in modern literary Telugu UrduWord.com English-Urdu Dictionary and Lessons Urdu Dictionary Digital Dictionaries of South Asia: A Dictionary of Urdu, Classical Hindi, and English Learn Urdu Darvazah: A Door Into Urdu Introductory Urdu Volume 1 Introductory Urdu Volume 2 Readings in Urdu: prose and poetry