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The Ottoman Empire Economy


Die Türkei: Systematische Bibliographie: von 1500 bis 1950



Author(s): Rüttimann, Karl-Heinz

Publication: Schwäbisch Hall: K.-H. Rüttimann

Year: 2001 Description: 83 p.: ill. ; 21 cm.

Language: German

Standard No: ISBN: 3936233004; 9783936233001; National Library: 96234818X



This bibliography, published by Verlag Karl-Heinz Rüttimann, comprises of the Turkish history from Ottoman Empire to Turkish Republic (from 1500 to 1950), with a chapter about Turkish Economy in German translations “Wirstchaft”.

“The new edition of this bibliography has been extended by about 200 titles from all periods and areas. Included are now 1,400 titles in the following subjects: Geography, regional representations / Constantinople, travel descriptions of history, wars, in general, military /World War policy, Turkish-German relationships with other countries of the economy, state and legal system, culture, and language/literature. Another chapter lists translations of Turkish literature.” (accessed from the translation of http://www.directshopper.de/9783936233063-Die-Turkei-vom-Osmanischen-Reich-zur-Turkischen-Republik-Ruttimann–Karl-H-Turkei-Gesc__p , 3/24/08)

*Entries are arranged alphabetically by author

*Index is arranged by subject numbers.




Eski Harflerle Basilmis Türkçe Eserler Katalogu

Catalogue of Turkish Publications in Arabic Script



Author(s): Özege, M. Seyfettin 1901(Mehmet Seyfettin)OT2

Publication: Istanbul, [s.n.], Year: 1971

Description: v. ; 29 cm.

Language: Turkish

Standard No: LCCN: 73-208850


This bibliography is also known as “Catalogue of Ozege”, which was not only a colleague but also a constant source of encouragement and expert in his field. Indeed, this important individual can be described as a “Katip Celebi of our century”. In the case of a discrepancy, an immediate attempt was made to relocate the original work, i.e the actual salname or nevsal itself. This 5-volume work acts as a window into an intellectual life and culture antedating the transition to the Latin alphabet, and which of course published its ideas in the Arabic script. Sources related to economy can be found at the following sections:

– Vol.1 :

o   “D”, i.e Devlet-i Aliyye-i Osmaniye Budcesi / Ottoman Empire Budget (p 273); 1333 Senesi Budcesi / Budget of Year “1333” (p. 273)

o   “E”, i.e Ekonomik Politika / Economy Policy (p 332)

– Vol. 2 :

o   ‘I”, i.e Iktisad/ Economy (p.675)

– Vol. 3 :

o   Maliye Notlari / Accounting Notes (p.1007)

– Vol. 4:

o   Sirket-i Hayriye (literally the Goodwill Company, as the Istanbul Ferry Company was originally called) (p. 1663)


* There are also two supplementary volumes of this bibliography. The author suggested looking sources up in these extra volumes.

* There is no index.

* Bibliography entries are in alphabetical order by subject





 Maliye Bakanligi Kitapligi: Türkiye ile Ilgili Ekonomik, Mali, Siyasi Eserler Bibliografyasi, Türkiye Cumhuriyeti ve Imparatorlugu Dönemleri

Library of Ministry of Finance: Bibliography of Turkey’s Economic, Financial and Political Publications, Turkish Republic and Ottoman Empire Period


Publication: Ankara: Maliye Tetkik Kurulu, Year: 1970OT3

Description: 20p.

Language: Turkish


This booklet includes book sources about Economic, Financial and Political Publications of Turkish Republic and Ottoman Empire. Sources were selected from publications written by non-Turkish authors between 1882-1969 and available at Library of Ministry of Finance in Turkey.


* Bibliography entries are in chronological order by referring to the date range of the incidences between 395 and 1960s

      * There is no index.

* This is an annotated bibliography




Osmanische Bibliographie mit Besonderer Berücksichtigung der Türkei in Europa

Ottoman Bibliography with Particular Reference to Turkey in Europe



Author(s): Kornrumpf, Hans Jürgen.  Kornrumpf, JuttaOT4

Publication: Leiden [u.a.]: Brill,

Year: 1973

Description: XXIV, 1378 S.

Language: Undetermined

Series: Handbuch der Orientalistik / 1 / Ergänzungsband ;; 8;

Standard No: ISBN: 9004035494; 9789004035492; National Library: 730224708


The object of this bibliography is to record the results of post World War II activities and to facilitate the work of those engaged in them by listing the relevant books and articles published, mainly in the countries of south-east Europe and in Turkey, between 1945 and 1970. It includes reprints of works originally published earlier and, where a periodical established before 1945 has been searched, all the issues are covered. Its historical scope extends from the first Turkish irruptions into Asia Minor in the eleventh century to the outbreak of the First World War. The result is some 7,000 titles arranged alphabetically by author, with German translation of the titles in lesser-known languages and with references also for the more substantial reviews. Sources related to “economy” is categorized under the second section “Wirtschaftsgeschichte”.


* Bibliography entries are in alphabetical order by author

  * There is no index




Osmanli Yilliklari: Salnameler ve Nevsaller

Ottoman Year-Books: Annuals and Almanacs


Author(s): Duman, HasanOT5

Corp Author(s): Organisation of Islamic Conference

Publication: Istanbul : Islâm Konferansi Teskilâti, Islam Tarih, Sanat ve Kültürü Arastirma Merkezi (IRCICA),

Year: 1982

Description: 135, [5] p. ; 24 cm.

Language: Turkish

Standard No: LCCN: 83-233728

URL: (for introductory materials) http://www.library.illinois.edu/cgs/gives/turkish_materials_files/Duman_Bibliography_and_union_catalog_of_Ottoman_yearbooks.pdf



This book is a bibliography and a union catalogue with reference to Istanbul Libraries. SALNAME s and NEVSAL s (Annuals/Almanacs) which were published during Ottoman period are subject of this work. The publication of the salnames by the Ottoman State started just after the Tanzimat period (1263 AH/ 1847 AC) and continued till the end of the First World War. Annuals are the source works regarding life at the time of their publication, containing information about the natural geography, education, agriculture, the commercial and economic state etc. of the country in historical research, salnames are accepted as first reference material for the period covering the duration of their publication. Sources related to economy can be found under the following titles:


– Resimli Iktisad / Annuals of Economics with Pictures

– Nevsal-i Iktisad / Almanac of Economics


* This study is the first of its kind on the subject of Ottoman annuals.

* Introductory materials are in Turkish, English and French

* Bibliography entries are in alphabetical order by subject

* There is one index at the end:

  – Index of authors



Türkiye fi Sene  (Turkey in 1288-1872)



Author(s): Ali Suavi, 1828-1878

Publication: Paris : Victor Gopi

Year: 1872

Description: 52 p.

Language: Turkish, Ottoman



This bibliography includes statistical information at different regions of Ottoman Empire in 1288 (1872). Information is related to annual economical conditions of different geographic regions of Ottoman Empire and consists of author’s opinion (Ali Suavi) about these statistics. Ali Suavi was originally trained in religious sciences and placed in charge of the first Young Ottoman publication to appear in Europe, Muhbir. Which eventually became an embarrassment to the Young Ottomans, after that Suavi remove the Young Ottoman association with the publication, Suavi drifted around with his bitterness against the Young Ottomans growing, eventually leading him to begin publishing a periodical that lambasted Young Ottomans and Ottoman Statesmen together as enemies of the people. There are three volumes of these annuals:


–       Turkiye fi sene 1288

–       Turkiye fi sene 1289 (NOT AVAILABLE)

–       Turkiye fi sene 1290


* There is no index

* All materials are published in Arabic

* There is an extensive list of MINISTRY AND SPECIAL INTEREST SALNAMES (ANNUALS) at the Unv. Of Chicago Middle East Collection:






 Türkiye fi Sene 1290 (Turkey in 1873)


Author(s): Ali Suavi, 1838 or 9-1878OT7

Publication: Paris : Imprimerie de Victor Goupy

Year: 1873

Description: 104 p.

Language: Turkish, Ottoman; In Turkish

This bibliography is mainly about “Agriculture in Different Regions” and “Industrial and Commercial Situations of Turkey” in 1290 (1873). Information is related to annual economical conditions of different geographic regions of Ottoman Empire and consists of author’s opinion (Ali Suavi) about these statistics. Subjects related to economy are:

–      Almanacs of 1873

–      Principles of industrial companies

–      Metallurgical industries

–      Merchant navy and ports

–     Companies navigated in Mediterranean Sea and Black Sea

–     Foreign trade

–     Currency, weight and measures

–     Finances, budgets and state debts

–     Fishing

–     Vegetable and Animal Products

–     Wool, Cotton

–    Carpet and Embroidery

–    Productions and Ports of Arabic Peninsula


* There is no index

* Introductory materials are in Ottoman (Old Script) and French

* This book is third volume of “Turkiye fi sene”