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What’s this all about?Information_Icon

Our goal is to help you, as European Union Studies students, to be able to effectively find, evaluate, and use information. As it happens, this is the definition of information literacy (according to the ALA)!

To this end, we’ve designed a brief interactive tutorial about information literacy and the European Union. Hopefully, when you’re done, you’ll feel more literate than ever before!

Getting started

Let’s start off with an excerpt from a student’s research paper about GMO law in the EU:

However, the new GMO rules aren’t perfect. EU member states will not be obliged to act against the contamination of conventional or organic agriculture with GMOs. They’re given the option of intervening, but they don’t have to act.

It’s hard to tell just by reading this, but this excerpt is a mess. In the coming sections, we’ll discuss why it’s such a mess, and what can set it right.