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International Statistics By Country

Government websites are an excellent source to find information and statistics about a specific country. Below is a list of statistical websites from governments around the world. Many are in English, some are in native languages.

Countries are listed alphabetically:


Albania – Institute of Statistics
Andorra – Studies and Statistics Department
Anguilla – Statistics Unit
Argentina – National Institute of Statistics and Censuses
Armenia – National Statistical Service
Australia – Australian Bureau of Statistics
Australia – Statistics Queensland
Austria – Statistics Austria
Azerbaijan – Azerbaijan State Statistical Committee


Bahamas – Department of Statistics
Barbados – Statistical Service
Belarus – National Statistical Committee
Belgium – Statistics Belgium
Belize – Statistical Institute of Belize
Bermuda – National Statistics Agency
Bolivia – National Institute of Statistics
Bosnia and Herzegovina – Agency for Statistics
Botswana – Central Statistics Office
Brazil – Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics
Bulgaria – National Statistics Institute
Burkina Faso – National Institute of Statistics and Demography


Cambodia – National Institute of Statistics
Canada – Statistics Canada
Cape Verde – National Statistics Institute
Chile – National Institute of Statistics
China – National Bureau of Statistics of China 
China – Hong Kong Census and Statistics Department
China – Macau Special Administrative Region Economic Services
Columbia – National Administrative Department of Statistics (DANE)
Costa Rica – National Institute of Statistics and Censuses
Cote d’Ivoire – National Institute of Statistics
Croatia – Croatian Bureau of Statistics
Cuba – National Statistics Office
Cyprus – Department of Statistics and Research
Czech Republic – Czech Statistical Office

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Denmark – Statistics Denmark
Djibouti – Ministry of the Economy, Finances and Privatization Planning
Dominican Republic – National Statistics Office


Ecuador – National Institute of Statistics and Censuses (INEC)
Egypt – State Information Service
El Salvador – General Directorate of Statistics and Censuses
Estonia – Statistical Office of Estonia
Ethiopia – National Bank of Ethiopia


Fiji Islands – Statistics Bureau
Finland – Statistics Finland
Finland – Statistics and Research Åland
France – National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies
France – French Polynesia Statistical Institute
France – New Caledonia Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies


Gambia – Bureau of Statistics
Germany – Federal Statistics Office
Gibraltar – Government of Gibraltar Information Services
Greece – Hellenic Statistical Authority (EL. STAT.):
Greenland – Statistics Greenland
Guatemala – National Institute of Statistics

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Honduras – National Institute of Statistics
Hungary- Hungarian Central Statistics Office


Iceland – Statistics Iceland
India – Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation
Indonesia – Statistics Indonesia
Ireland – Central Statistics Office Ireland
Isle of Man – Treasury Department
Israel – Central Bureau of Statistics
Italy – National Institute of Statistics


Japan – Japanese Statistics Bureau
Jersey – Statistics Unit
Jordan – Department of Statistics


Kazakhstan – The Agency of Statistics of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Kenya – National Bureau of Statistics
Kiribati – Statistics Office
Korea, Republic of – National Statistics Office
Kuwait – Central Statistics Office


Latvia – Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia
Lebanon – Central Administration for Statistics
Lesotho – Bureau of Statistics
Liechtenstein – Amt fur Statistik Liechtenstein
Lithuania – Statistics Lithuania
Luxembourg – Central Service for Statistics and Economic Studies

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Madagascar – National Institute of Statistics
Malawi – National Statistical Office of Malawi
Malaysia – Department of Statistics
Malta – National Statistics Office
Mauritania – National Statistics Office
Mauritius – Central Statistical Office
Mexico – National Institute of Statistics, Geography and Informatics (INEGI)
Micronesia – FSM Statistics Division
Moldova – Department for Statistics and Sociology
Mongolia – Mongolian National Statistical Office
Montenegro – Statistical Office of Montenegro
Morocco – Planning Commission


Namibia – Central Bureau of Statistics
Nepal – Central Bureau of Statistics
Netherlands – Statistics Netherlands (CBS)
Netherlands – Aruba Central Bureau of Statistics
Netherlands – Antilles Central Bureau of Statistics
New Zealand – Statistics New Zealand
Nicaragua – National Institute of Statistics and Censuses (INEC)
Norway – Statistics Norway


Oman – Ministry of National Economy


Palestine – Central Bureau of Statistics
Panama – Directorate of Statistics and Census
Papua New Guinea – National Statistical Office
Paraguay – General Directorate of Statistics, Surveys and Censuses
Peru – National Institute of Statistics and Informatics
Philippines – Bureau of Labor and Employment Statistics (BLES)
Poland – Central Statistical Office
Portugal – National Institute of Statistics
Portugal – Regional Statistics Service of the Azores


Qatar – Statistics Authority


Romania – National Institute of Statistics
Rwanda – National Institute of Statistics

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Saint Lucia – Government Statistics Department
Samoa – Bureau of Statistics
Sao Tomé and Principe- National Institute of Statistics
Saudi Arabia – Central Department of Statistics
Senegal – Directorate of Forecasting and Statistics
Seychelles – Statistics and Database Administration Section
Sierra Leone – Statistics Sierra Leone
Singapore – Department of Statistics
Slovakia – Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic
Slovenia – Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia
Solomon Islands – National Statistics Office
South Africa – Statistics South Africa
Spain- National Institute of Statistics
Spain – Canaries Institute of Statistics
Spain – Statistical Institute of Catalonia
Sri Lanka – Department of Census and Statistics
Surinam – General Bureau of Statistics
Swaziland – Central Statistical Office
Sweden – Statistics Sweden
Switzerland – Swiss Federal Statistical Office


Taiwan – Directorate General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics
Tanzania – National Bureau of Statistics
Thailand – National Statistical Office
Tonga – Statistics Department
Trinidad and Tobago – Central Statistical Office
Tunisia – National Statistics Institute 
Turkey – State Institute of Statistics
Tuvalu – Central Statistics Division


Uganda – Bureau of Statistics
Ukraine – State Statistics Committee of Ukraine
United Arab Emirates(UAE) – National Bureau of Statistics
United Arab Emirates (UAE) – Statistics Centre Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates (UAE) – Dubai Statistics Center
United Kingdom (UK) – National Statistics
United Kingdom (UK) – Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency
United Kingdom (UK) – General Register Office for Scotland
Uruguay – National Institute of Statistics

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