ALA staff and members are encouraged to deposit records into ALAIR.  ALAIR is organized into individual communities and sub-communities that reflect the structure of the committees, divisions, offices, and round tables as represented on the ALA’s main page and in ALA itself.  Within each community, there are collections, or record groupings, where users can upload their records into.

The ALA Archives staff can create new collections upon request. Examples of common collections are: Meeting Minutes and AgendasReports, Publications, [Newsletter title], Conference Proceedings.

Notice: ALA staff can log into ALAIR via the Shibboleth login. ALA members should setup an account and then contact the ALA Archives to receive permissions to start depositing into collections.

For instructions on using ALAIR, please consult the following documents:

If you have a large amount of items to upload into ALAIR and need additional help, please consult with the ALA Archives. Archives staff can provide assistance for large uploading projects.