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Vol. 3, Issue 1
July, 2011


Staff in the News

We are pleased to report that we have two new staff members joining our overnight crew.  If you are at the Undergrad late at night, you might be assisted by these friendly Library Specialists:

Jessica LeCrone
Jessica LeCrone
Billing/Overnight Library Specialist
Sarah Isaacs
Sarah Isaacs
Overnight Library Specialist/Loanable Technology


This summer, we also bid farewell to another overnight staff member,Craig Kurjanski.  Craig was with the UGL staff for a year, and prior to that as a student assistant.  He will be missed.  We wish him good luck.



July 2011 Undergraduate Edge Newsletter

A Newsletter about the UGL

After a two year hiatus, we are pleased to announce that the Undergraduate Edge is back to provide glimpses into new events here at the UGL as well as updates to our existing facilities and services.  The Undergrad Edge is published quarterly.  Look for issues in July, September, February and May.


 Undergrad--Bird's Eye View

This Issue

What's New?

New Web Page Design 

After a series of usability studies the UGL has launched a redesigned web page to include elements students requested.  Kudos to David Ward, Robert Slater and Josh Bishoff for their behind the scenes work on this: <http://www.library.illinois.edu/ugl/>.  

 Videos and Rap Songs about the UGL

See the videos created at the UGL to help students learn about what the UGL offers: <http://www.library.illinois.edu/ugl/about/videos.html>.


Video Rap Collage image

Collaboration Room Improvements

 Thanks to donations from the 1867 Society and the IT Student Fee money all of the collaboration rooms now have a large flatscreen monitor that can be plugged into laptops to allow for group viewing.  Additionally, two of the rooms provide equipment to support gaming research and class projects related to gaming.  It is also now possible to reserve the rooms ahead of time for group work and TA office hours.  Additionally, 4 new larger rooms with tables have been installed.  The Undergraduate Library is also getting new wired computer tables.  Our printers will be placed on some of these tables for your convenience.  We will have more news on this in our September issue.

Collaboration Rooms


           Voldemort--DuelHarry Potter--Duel

Media Enclosure Downstairs

You will notice that  all of our downstairs media is now partitioned off from the rest of the downstairs collection.  Patrons are free to check out materials from this area as long as it is open.  Please be aware of our newly installed Emergency exits in this area.  Beginning August 22, this area will be closed between 12AM-6AM.   Watch for a new check-out desk downstairs too.


Dewey to LC Conversion

If you have visted the Undergraduate Library during the summer, you may have noticed our books downstairs being reorganized.  Our staff and student assistants have been hard at work converting our books' Dewey Call Numbers to Library of Congress Call Numbers.  Eventually, this conversion will affect virtually our entire collection.  As always, if you need assistance finding something, please ask at the Circulation Desk.  We will be happy to help you find what you need!

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