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Avoiding Plagiarism

This guide is intended to assist you, the student, avoid plagiarism in your papers. Plagiarism can be an intentional or accidental act, but either way there can be severe consequences. If you have additional questions about plagiarism, contact your class instructor, the  Writer's Workshop or Ask a Librarian.

What is the University of Illinois' stance on plagiarism?

Article 1, Section 4(d) of the student code specifically addresses what constitutes plagiarism. See:

Specific penalties for academic integrity infractions are included in Part 4 - Section 1- 403. See:

How do you know when you are plagiarizing?

The following are all examples of plagiarism:

More specific guidelines and information to help you recognize and avoid plagiarism are available on the following pages:

Using proper citation formats

Often one of the most difficult aspects of writing a paper is knowing how to properly integrate sources into your paper. Many cases of plagiarism are unintentional and happen because the writer is unaware of how to properly incorporate and cite sources in the text of a paper. The following steps can help you make certain you have all the information you need to compile proper citations.

Citation Guidelines which will help you prepare citations properly. Online guides are available on the Citating Sources page. Print versions of these, which are much more detailed, are available at the Information Services Desk.