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Recreational Reading

The undergraduate library collects fiction genres like mystery, romance, and westerns.  The guides below will assist you in locating recreational and leisurely reading materials. If you can't find what you are looking for, ask a librarian.

How to Find Fiction

Browse the Catalog

  1. Start at the Library Catalog.
  2. Search by author, book title, or keyword (like mystery, science fiction, romance).
  3. Use the limits on the right side to see only books at the UGL:  click “Books” under Format, and click “Undergraduate” under Location.

How to Find Graphic Novels

Browse the Catalog

  1. Start at the Library Catalog.
  2. Type graphic novel into the search box.
  3. Select “Subject” from the center dropdown (default is “Keyword).
  4. Everything in the results list is a book with the term “Graphic novel” as a subject heading, meaning it has been described as a graphic novel.
  5. Limit to the books in the UGL by clicking “Undergraduate” under the Location heading on the right side.

How to use NoveList

NoveList is a database all about books—it’s a novel list! Search for an author to find out what else they have written, search for a title to find a list of books that are similar, or search for a description of a book you think you’d like to read. NoveList gives you almost all the information you need to know about a book, except whether or not the UIUC libraries own a copy (see step 7 below).

Using NoveList

  1. Start at NoveList.
  2. In that window, next to the link that says “EBSCO DATABASES”, click the GO button
  3. There are many different ways to search for books: look at some of the tips on the left hand side, or use the search box at the top to search by keyword, author, or book/series title
  4. Once you find a book that sounds awesome, you will need to look it up in the Library Catalog to see if we’ve got it.

Helpful Hints