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Citation Managers

Consider the following when matching your research style to a citation manager that will work for you:

 -Do you primarily cite web sites?

 -Do you use library databases frequently?

 -Do you cite lots of books (library or otherwise)?

 -Do you research primarily on your own laptop or computer?

 -Would you like your citation manager to work with Microsoft word or another word processor?

Comparison of Citation Management Tools:

  Citelighter Endnote Mendeley Papers Zotero
Cost? Free Webstore, $55 (x.6) Free $48 (w/40% student discount) Free
Web? Yes Yes (not featured here) Yes No Yes (desktop standalone available)
Operating System Requirements? Windows, Mac OSx, Linux Windows, Mac OSx Windows, Mac OSx, Linux Mac OSx, Windows (forthcoming) Windows, Mac OSx, Linux
Supported at the library? No Minimally Minimally No Minimally
Library Guide (LibGuide) on this manager? No Yes Yes No Yes
Savvy Researcher Workshop? Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Favorite features or aspects? Great for gathering information from the open web. Can direct export from databases and it supports a wide variety of citation styles. Collaborative and social features, like the groups help connect the scholarly community. Allows you to collect all your pdf files in one place. Easy to use and runs in-browser. No need to go to a separate location to login.

Features of Citation Management Tools:

Citelighter Endnote Mendeley Papers Zotero
Import Files? Types? No Yes, various Yes, less inclusive (BibTex, Endnote, RIS, Browser Bookmarks) Yes, less inclusive (BibTex, Endnote, RIS, PDF) Yes, various
Direct Export from Database? No Any Z39.50 Yes (with browser add-on) Yes Yes (uses browser add-on)
Export files? No Yes, various Yes, various (including .ris, Endnote, XML) Yes, various (inlcuding bookends, CSV, Endnote, XML, PDF) yes, various
Attach a PDF file? No (but takes a capture) Yes (stored locally) Yes (stored locally) Yes (stored locally) Yes (300 MB free)
Save web sites? Yes No, but can enter citation manually Yes Yes Yes
Supported citation styles? APA, MLA, Chicago APA, MLA, Chicago & more! APA, MLA, Chicago & more! APA, MLA, Chicago & more! APA, MLA, Chicago & more!
Export Bibliography? Yes--HTML, Clipboard, Word, Print, E-mail Yes Yes Yes (Magic Manuscripts) Yes--HTML, RTF, Clipboard, Print
Cite while using MS Word? No Yes (Cite while you Write) No Yes (Magic Citations) No
Compatible with other Word Processor? Yes (Google Docs) Yes (MS Word, Pages, Open/Libre Office) Yes (MS Word, Open/Libre Office) Yes Yes, with plugin (Word, Pages, Open/Libre Office, Google Docs)
Social features (sharing, commenting, groups, etc.) Knowledge Cards in the Knowledge Base contain facts (with links to original sources) and people's comments on them.   Can create collaborative groups of up to fifty people. Mendeley's collection of papers can be used to find related research as well as public groups on various topics. Can share and comment on specific citations. Livfe can be used to share reviews and opinions. The library of citations can be synced across multiple computers to collaborate with peers. Allows for creation of public or private groups for sharing collections of citations.

Additional questions about a specific citation manager? Still wondering which to choose? 

Either contact us or consider attending a Savvy Researcher workshop on the citation manager!