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Acquisitions Department

12 Main Library
1408 West Gregory Drive, MC-522
Urbana, IL 61801
phone: (217) 333-1054

Acquisitions which includes Electronic  Resources,  manages the work to acquire, pay for and make available new material for the Library collections as well as maintaining all recurring resources (including renewals, serial check in,  and updates). The work covers ordering, tracking and paying for material as well as copy cataloging and activations on SFX. The unit maintains the database of orders, the vendor database, the SFX access services, provides for the technical infrastructure for the Acquisitions Voyager work and manages all the fund reports. Staff provide support for the over 40 bibliographers in their orientation, training and in maintaining online information and for fund report updates. The unit tracks and manages all collections contracts, tracks  fund levels, opens and closes the Collections ledgers and provides support for all end of year closing processes for a materials budget in excess of 18 million per year. Call us if you have any questions about acquisitions or if you would like a tour of our department.


Lynn N. Wiley, Head of Acquisitions

Purchasing Rules for Vendors

Suggest an item for purchase to the Office of Collections.
Make a donation of books, etc.