Library Collaboration with RSOs – Draft 2

DRAFT  #2 –  11-11-14

Policy on Use of Library Services and Spaces by Registered Student Organizations (RSOs)


With over 1,100 Registered Student Organizations on campus, many opportunities exist to partner with RSOs to further the University Library’s mission and goals.  Units of the University Library are periodically approached by representatives of RSOs seeking various types of support for their activities.  RSOs have typically asked to set up information tables, hang banners or posters, distribute surveys, set up donation boxes, put table tents on study tables, record videos, etc.

Policy & procedure:

1)      An RSO desiring to use departmental library services or spaces should contact the appropriate library unit head at least one week prior to the date of proposed activity.

2)      The library unit head should review the request promptly, keeping the following points in mind:

  1. If a requested activity does not fit the Library’s mission, it should not be approved.
  2. The activity must not disturb library users or hinder staff in completing their work.
  3. Collecting money (sales or donations) or soliciting petition signatures is not permitted.[SS1]
  4. The activity must not violate existing policies.  Relevant existing policies include, but are not limited to:

Patron Conduct Policy

Policy on Filming and Photographing in Library Facilities

Policy on Use of Library Instructional Space

3)      If the unit head recommends approving the activity, he or she should consult with Library administration before notifying the RSO.

  1. All requests for library collaboration with an RSO should be reviewed by both the unit head and the AUL for User Services.
  2. Any request to place a table, banner, or similar item in a library facility, even temporarily, must be approved by the unit head, the AUL for User Services, and the Assistant Dean for Library Facilities (see for contact information).  The Library may refuse such requests for reasons related to safety and/or aesthetics.

4)      The unit head is responsible for communicating the decision to the RSO.

Approved by the Administrative Council, [date]

 [SS1]Based on a policy regarding student organization tables in the Shapiro Library at U of Michigan.