Office of Library Facilities

Hours: 8-5, M-F Phone: 333-0317 Mail: 246E Library, MC 522
  Fax: 244-4358
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Administrative Support

Please contact administrative support if you have questions about any of the following:


Please read all instructions before submitting a repair request or moving request.

Event Management

This form must be completed when planning any type of Library event.  Complete and attach to separate OTRS for Facilities and IT.


Stores and Distribution

Please download forms here for ordering and shipping.

Facilities Staff

(click on staff-member name to display photo)

Name Title Email Phone Office Location


Jeff Schrader Assistant Dean of Libraries for Facilities 217-333-0317 Main Library - 246E
Wendy Wolter Administrative Aide 217-333-0317 Main Library - 246E


Lesli Lundquist Facilities Manager 217-244-6154 Main Library - 450U
Steve Bermingham Assistant Facilities Manager 217-333-0317 Main Library - 450U
Jacob Culbertson Distribution Clerk 217-333-0317 Main Library - 450U
Paul Foster Distribution Clerk 217-333-0317 Main Library - 450U

Stores and Distribution

Norris Purdy Facilities Manager 217-300-5237 Main Library - 22
Dillon Brown Assistant Facilities Manager 217-333-1113 Main Library - 22
Jack Briggs Distribution Clerk 217-333-1113 Main Library - 22
Michael SanMiguel Distribution Clerk 217-333-1113 Main Library - 22