Loanable Computer Equipment

About Loanable Equipment

Library IT has a small pool of loaner equipment that may be borrowed by Library faculty/staff for use on work-related activities while away from the office.  This equipment is available for two week loans — except the voice recorder kit which may be borrowed for longer periods.  To ensure that the equipment you need is available when you need it, please request as far in advance as possible.

  • Laptops
    • A laptop is checked out with a bag that has a charger, an Ethernet cable, a USB mouse, and a mini display port (Mac only).
  • Projectors (Optoma and NEC)
  • iPads
  • External DVD Burners
  • Portable Blu-ray Writer
  • HD video cameras with tripod (Canon)
  • Voice recorders
    • A transcription pedal and/or voice recognition software can be checked out separately
  • Microphones (desktop and headset)
  • Headsets
  • Laptop remote controls
  • Webcams
  • Lync USB speakerphone
  • external GPU

Library IT does its best to provide you with clean, secure, and fully functional equipment, but cannot be held accountable for unforeseeable hardware failure.  Library IT is not responsible for any costs incurred while you are using the loaner equipment.

Scheduling Loanable Equipment

  • This loanable equipment pool is available for library faculty and staff only for work-related activities. Students and people from other departments can check out equipment from the Undergraduate Library’s technology pool.
  • View the Loanable Equipment Schedule to check equipment availability and place a loan request. After submitting a request, you’ll get an email response confirming availability.

Picking Up Loanable Equipment

Pick up loaner equipment that you have requested at the IT Help Desk in 424 Main Library. Help Desk hours are 8:30 – 5:00, Monday through Friday. If you need to request equipment for same day pick up in an emergency situation, please submit your request no later than 4:30 PM. Requests placed after 4:30 will be ready for you in the morning on the next business day.

When you pickup requested equipment, you will need to sign an Equipment Loan Agreement. It states that you assume liability for the equipment while it is in your care and that you agree to return all equipment in good working order by the agreed upon due date.

The Equipment Loan Agreement is required by Illinois state law and is in accordance with “Section 12.4.7-Loan Equipment to Faculty, Staff, or Student Employees” outlined in the UIUC Business and Financial Policies and Procedures.

Returning Loanable Equipment

Please return loaner equipment on time. This equipment is in heavy demand. Your Library colleagues appreciate your cooperation.

Each laptop is re-imaged (the hard drive is wiped clean and rebuilt) when it is returned to the IT Help Desk. This ensures that each user gets up-to-date, secure, and functional equipment. Please be sure not to save important data to the local hard drive (C:\ drive) on a loanable laptop. Save your files to a different source (USB, H drive, Box email) instead to avoid losing your data.