Overview of Lync Personal Accounts & Phone Devices

Skype for Business/Lync Personal Accounts, Phones, and Training

  • Check here to see if your personal Lync account is enabled:  MyUC
  • Log an OTRS ticket to request Lync accounts for existing employees who don’t have them or for new employees.  Include name, Net ID, and unit name. Faculty, staff, APs, Grad Assistants, Grad Hourlies, and Academic Hourlies all need Lync accounts.
  • Unit heads order personal phone devices for everyone in their units.
  • Each personal phone device comes with documentation.  Encourage employees to read it.
  • All employees should attend free Lync training offered by CITES.
  • Faculty and Academic Professional employees have long-distance Lync privileges by default.  Other staff with personal Lync accounts will have local calling privileges with access to toll free 1-800 numbers. Unit heads may request long distance and international calling cards where needed.

Skype for Business Conference Room Accounts and Phones:

  • Conference rooms have Common Area accounts and special IP phones designed for conference calling.
  • There is one account and phone device for each conference room.
  • Common Area accounts do not require a logon.
  • Conference room Common Area accounts have local calling privileges.