Audiovisual Self Assessment Program

2015 NOTE: the AvSAP tool is still supported, however we have migrated all functionality of the AvSAP as part of a newer assessment project, the PSAP ( New users potentially interested in the AvSAP are now being directed to the PSAP project. However, if you wish to create a logon for the AvSAP, logon requests may still be submitted.

Do you have stacks of audio cassette tapes and no idea what to do with them? Do you want to know the best way to store your 16mm film collections and are unsure where to start? Do you have a limited preservation budget and want to spend it in the best way possible to preserve your audiovisual media items? The University of Illinois Library has developed the Audiovisual Self-Assessment Program (AvSAP) to address these and other media-related needs.

This project is supported by a generous grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services, an independent federal agency that grows and sustains a “Nation of Learners”, because lifelong learning is critical to success.