Access Assessment Tool

NOTE: the AvSAP tool is still supported, however we have migrated all functionality of the AvSAP as part of a newer assessment project, the PSAP ( ).  New users potentially interested in the AvSAP are now being directed to the PSAP project.However, if you wish to create a logon for the AvSAP, logon requests may still be submitted.


The AvSAP is programmed as a portion of the larger program, Archon. The AvSAP may be utilized as part of this larger Archon program, which may be downloaded from  to a local SQL server.  We highly recommend if you have access to such as server that you download the program and host it locally for maximum security of your data. However, if a SQL server is not available to you, you may utilize the tool using a web-hosted version of the AvSAP available at:

  1. To access the web-hosted version of the AvSAP, you must first request a logon and be assigned a password by filling out a short web form (available at ). This form will collect a small amount of information about your institution and your previous knowledge of AV preservation.  After you have completed the form, a password will be e-mailed to you and you may enter the AvSAP by following the steps.
  2. Direct your browser to **PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS PROGRAM DOES NOT CURRENTLY LOAD WELL IN INTERNET EXPLORER** please utilize other browser software such as Safari, Firefox, Chrome, or Opera. Sorry for any inconvenience.  A fix for this is being worked on.
  3. Click on the “log-in” link at the bottom of the page
  4. Enter your assigned user name and password and click the “logon” button
  5. Click on the “Admin” link at the bottom of the page, this will open a new tab to run the Archon application
  6. Click on the blue arrow icon at the left side of the screen to open up the navigation bar to the different Archon elements and select “AvSAP”