The Audiovisual Self-Assessment Program project was planned for a three-year course, which is roughly outlined below. Due to programming complications, there was some delay in projected deadlines during year three.


First Year:

  • Date Not Specific: Visit Collection Sites
  • Date Not Specific: Gather Research about Audiovisual Formats and Preservation
  • Date Not Specific: Research Audiovisual Metadata Schema
  • Date Not Specific: Research and Assess Digital Storage Frameworks
  • September 25 – 30, 2007: Attend AMIA (Association of Moving Image Archivists) conference in Rochester, NY
  • March 26 – 30, 2007: Attend Association of Recorded Sound Collections Conference


Second Year:

  • Date Not Specific: Design and Program Audiovisual Self-Assessment Tool
  • Date Not Specific/Fall 2008: Attend AMIA Conference
  • Date Not Specific/Spring 2009: Attend ARSC Conference
  • Spring 2009: Test Tool on Sample and Rehouse Selections From Sample

Third Year:

  • Date Not Specific/Summer 2009: Continue Testing of Tool and Adjustments
  • Date Not Specific/Spring 2009: Present at ARSC
  • Date Not Specific/June 2009: Present at AIC
  • Date Not Specific/June 2009: Present at ALA
  • Date Not Specific/August 2009: Present at SAA
  • Date Not Specific/Fall 2009: Present at AMIA
  • December 2009: Mount Tool and Documentation Online (at this URL)
  • January 2010: Write and Submit Professional Publication
  • January 2010: Develop Promotional Information
  • March – May 2010: Prepare and Hold State-wide Workshops