Library Assessment

Academic libraries are in a state of transition as we balance the needs of our vast print collections and physical facilities with the needs of our users for flexible learning and study environments and digital access to collections and services. In order to transition well, we engage in an ongoing process of self assessment through surveys, focus groups, and individual interviews. The Library Assessment Committee assists the Library Assessment Coordinator in identifying assessment opportunities, designing assessment tools, promoting assessment activities, and fostering a culture of assessment within the Library. One way that the Library Assessment Committee fosters a culture of assessment is by offering the Library Assessment Committee Grant to library employees who need monetary support to accomplish an assessment project that aligns with the Library’s Framework for Strategic Action.

Library by the Numbers through the years

 FY19FY18FY17FY16FY 15FY14
Total Volumes Held14,591,14614,379,667
Visitors (Gate Count)4,723,8634,956,3134,724,9006,181,8384,949,2884,621,888
Books Digitized and Available from Google Books, Internet Archive, and HathiTrust810,751759,5249,355,258,655,1097,851,2257,558,502
Database Searches21,665,80122,027,2630,374,50835,197,89744,934,58148,206,156
Items Loaned to Other Libraries via Interlibrary Loan 56,09170,05871,60479,47982,86986,226
Loanable Technology Requests Fulfilled through the Undergraduate Library37,51833,56832,86234,31138,46440,301
Items Circulated322,962316,273348,701384,934411,977446,722
Reference Questions Answered58,15861,30569,16577,648106,598105,644
Electronic Downloads7,169,0097,947,1799,355,2508,655,1097,851,2257,558,502
New Items Added217,658222,72830,374,50835,197,89744,934,58148,206,156