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Recipient(s) Grant Title Amount Date
Michael Fleming, Jim Dohle Public Printing Assessment $1,250 March 2013
Magdalena Casper-Shipp, Richard Stokes Late Nights at the Library: Popular Time for Course Reserves $180 June 2013
David Ward, Jen-chien Yu, Jim Hahn, Jenny Emmanuel User Experience of Library Space $1,000 January 2014
Lynne Rudasill, Mara Thacker International and Area Studies Homepage Re-Design $500 February 2014
Lisa Romero Citation Analysis of Scholarly Journals in Communication Studies from 1982-2012: Implications for Library Collection Development $1,600 May 2014
Lisa Hinchliffe, Bill Mischo, Michael Norman Discovering User Perspectives on Discovery: A Review of a Decade of User Survey Data $1,031 June 2014
Lynne Rudasill, Cara Bertram, Susan Braxton, Michelle Dewey, Erin Kerby, Megan Mahoney, David Ward User Satisfaction Survey for Library Hub Reference Services $1,229.60 October 2014
Jemma Ku Library Building Signage Inventory and its Audit $1,300 March 2015
Karen Hoganboom, Beth Sheehan Data Purchase Program Assessment $445 April 2015
Susan Avery Assessing ESL Student Performance on Concept Maps $500 January 2016
David Ward, Joe Lenkart, Ali Krogman, Erin Kerby Impact of Library Reference Service Use on Patron Research Projects $3,350.40 February 2016
Christie Wiley Data Needs and Perspectives of Engineering Faculty $1,000 April 2016
Harriet Green & Eleanor Dickson Digital Humanities Needs Assessment $577 April 2016
Dan Tracy Assessing Use of Ebooks in LIS across Vendors and Other Factors $3,948 May 2016
Megean Osuchowski, Robert Slater, Daniel Mills Library Website Usability Pilot Project $500 October 2017
Joe Lenkart Building Long-term Research Relationships: Reference Services for Graduate Students $2,000 November 2017
JaEun Jemma Ku Grand Final: Usability Assessment and Deployment Testing of A11yFirst Editor 1.0 toward Library WordPress CMS $2,100 September 2018
George Gottschalk, Stephanie Baker, and Chris Morgan Acquisitions Survey of Bibliographer Satisfaction and Understanding of Acquisitions Processes $1,050 October 2018
David Ward Undergraduate Library Space Use Study $2,500 October 2018
Kristen Allen, John Laskowski, and Matthew Mayton Illinois Distributed Museum Website User Study $320 March 2019
John Laskowski Library Gateway User Study 2019 $210 October 2019
Joshua Lynch Illinois Digital Heritage Hub Website Usability Tasks for General Users $200 October 2020
Karen Hogenboom Assessing the impact of Scholarly Commons Services $450 October 2020