October 20, 2014 Meeting of Administrative Council

Time and Location of Meeting

October 20, 20141:30 pm - 3:00 pm 428 Library

Agenda Details


  1. Registered Student Organization policies: Sue Searing
  2. Review of the patron privacy policy: Susan Avery
    See:  http://www.library.illinois.edu/circ/policies/Confidential.html
  3. Update on review of student wage allocation: Greg Knott and Sue Searing
  4. Feedback on Technology allocation policy: Beth Sandore Namachchivaya

Minutes Details


John Wilkin, chair; Susan Avery, Tim Cole (for Mary Schlembach), Joanne Kaczmarek, Cindy Kelly, Mary Laskowski, Beth Namachchivaya, Nancy O’Brien (for Lisa Romero), Chris Quinn Lynne Rudasill, Jeff Schrader, Sue Searing, Sandy Wolf


1.     Registered Student Organization (RSO) policies: Sue Searing

RSOs approach our libraries with varied requests to use library spaces and/or services. Currently there is no policy regarding how the Library interacts with RSOs. It was determined that it would be helpful to have a policy that spelled out what the Library will and won’t do in regards to RSOs, and how such decisions will be made. Sue drafted a policy that she shared with the Council.

There were several suggestions regarding ways the policy could be made clearer from the Library’s standpoint and from the RSO’s standpoint.

Sue will incorporate these suggestions and bring another draft back to AC. She will also query peer libraries about similar policies that can serve as models for ours.

2.     Review of the patron privacy policy: Susan Avery

There is a group that is currently working on the privacy policy. A draft of the updated policy will be presented at the next AC meeting.

3.     Update on review of student wage allocation: Greg Knott and Sue Searing

John charged a group—Sue Searing, Greg Knott, Mary Schlembach, Cindy Kelly and Jessica LeCrone—to look at student wage allocations and make a recommendation on rebalancing them. The group has met once. They have mapped out what they would like to do—look at overspending and underspending, ratio of students to other kinds of staff in the unit, number of open hours in units that serve the public, weekday hours versus weekend hours, etc. Cindy and Mary are working on a survey that will look at what work students are performing. The group will meet again at the end of the month and plan to have more information to report at an upcoming AC meeting.

4.     Feedback on Technology allocation policy: Beth Sandore Namachchivaya

Beth presented an updated plan, which included edits and comments from AC. This is more of a set of guidelines than a policy to make sure that faculty and APs have the correct workstation or laptop to support their productivity. In the first two pages, the document address everything anyone would need to know to get a computer.

Beth wanted to give a special thanks to Jim Dohle, Lee Galaway, and Megean Osuchowski, for their work on the document. IT is somewhat concerned that they may have overwhelming requests for laptops versus workstations.

Beth discussed some possible plans for backing up the info and talked about Crash Plan Pro, which may be supported at the campus level. There was also discussion about backing up files to a private Cloud.

John would like IT to go ahead with the new guidelines and be prepared to adapt as needed.

5.     New business

Nancy O’Brien –At one time the copy machines had a copyright statement on them. Now that the scanners are being used so frequently, can IT add the copyright statement to the scanners? IT will get the statement added to the scanners.

Lynne Rudasill asked for any additional updates to the subject specialist referral list. AC discussed creating a list that is easier for patrons to use and adding it to the new Library webpage. There are many items that could be added that would be beneficial to patrons.

Susan would like a listserv for AC. Kim will send the OTRS to have that set up.

Beth mentioned that IT is migrating the local list serves to real CITES list serves, so IT will be contacting owners of list serves to see if they are still using the list serves and let them know they will be switched over.