How can I tell if something has been paid (prior to FY04) ?

To check if something has been paid prior to FY04, follow these instructions:


FY02 – FY03

The UIUC Library used Millennium (III) during FY03 and most of FY02.   Payment data for these years can be viewed in the III Historical Records Database

NOTE:  Payments made during the first several months of FY02 were made on the Business Office’s System 36 and can be found following the instructions below.


FY01 and Earlier

The UIUC Library used the Business Office’s own system running on a System 36 computer during the years prior to FY02.  To view payment data from the System 36:

  1. In MS Access, open the file G:\S36PymtHistory\ pastfy-Access2002.mde.
  2. Choose the year to search (note: for FY02, only payments made during the beginning of that fiscal year were made on the System 36) and click Custom Report.
  3. Type in the PO, title, or other piece of information by which you wish to search and click Show.
  4. Any matching records should be retrieved and displayed on the screen.  Scroll to the right to view all of the information associated with each record.
  5. Click Return to exit out of the database.