GOBI DEIA Spotlight List


*****In Fiscal Year 2022, we will be reviewing profiles with GOBI.*****

*****If you have questions about adjusting your slips to include more inclusive content, please indicate you wish to participate in the profile reviews that will be conducted in FY22 with GOBI by e-mailing acq@library.illinois.edu *****

GOBI Spotlight List

GOBI now has a curated “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Monthly” Spotlight List.  GOBI indicates this will be updated around the 15th of each month.  However, this is a manually curated list, so delays from month to month are possible.

Selectors may use this list to identify titles of interest.

If you see titles in this list of interest that are not appearing in the profiled slips, we encourage you to add these to a folder.  Doing so will enable our GOBI representative to review the list and allow us to potentially adjust profiles to be more inclusive.

To access the Spotlight List follow these steps:

Login to GOBI.

On the top blue bar, click “Spotlight Lists,” then “Browse Spotlight Lists”

On the right-hand side click “Subject Focused Lists”

Scroll down, past the first set of “Diversity Equity and Inclusion” lists, which are static, to the “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Monthly.”

Please also note the option in the upper right hand corner to “Exclude titles already acquired or on order”

If you wish to distinguish between items that were slipped for our profile, you will see “slip sent” in the upper right hand corner of the GOBI record.  If that is not there, the title was not slipped for our profile.  It may be due to a publisher exclusion.  However, if you think this is a title we should see in our slips, these would be great examples to include in a folder for profile review.  In the example below, “Last Call” is not slipped for our profile.  “Feliciano Centurion” is: