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School Consolidation

School Consolidation

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Affective and Social Benefits of Small-Scale Schooling (1996)
Another ERIC Digest, this site offers information and references to research on the benefits of small schools over consolidated schools. Also available as ERIC Document ED401088.

Current Literature on Small Schools. ERIC Digest. (1996)
This digest presents an overview of literature on the effectiveness of small schools as well as current topics in research on school size, including discussion of associated policy issues, individual successes and failures, and essential elements and other implementation considerations.

Exploring Alternatives to Consolidation. ERIC Digest. (1988)
Noting that there is “no comprehensive information to prove that consolidation has met the problems for which it has been advocated–those of finance, staff, facilities, and curriculum,” this digest examines alternative strategies for school reorganization. The proposed strategies allow small schools to share resources at the same time as they “enable communities to retain the advantages of smallness while providing a quality education for their children.”

Ongoing Dilemmas of School Size: A Short Story. ERIC Digest. (1996)
This digest addresses the growing perception, supported by national reports, that “small schools are good schools.” Research suggests a more complicated picture: that “issues of size are not likely to be captured in universal guidelines.” A brief history of the school size debate is presented, as well as a discussion of contemporary issues.

Rural School Consolidation and Student Learning. ERIC Digest. (1995)
This digest assesses “the relationships of community, student learning, and the logic of consolidation.” As the introduction states, “Such a discussion is uncommon. Usually, a discussion of consolidation focuses on curriculum and school finance.” The focus here is on the damaging effects consolidation can have on the important link between students and their local communities.

School Consolidation. ERIC Digest, Number Thirteen (1985)
Also available as ERIC Document ED282346
ERIC Digests are documents designed to provide basic information on a specific topic, as well as citations to more detailed information. This site provides such an overview of school consolidation, with information on the pros and cons of consolidation, its prevalence in American schools, and factors to consider before consolidating. There are also references to articles and reports on the topic, as well as a link to the ERIC Clearinghouse on Assessment and Evaluation.

School Size. ERIC Digest, Number 113 (1997)
This ERIC Digest addresses the topic of school size. The author, Karen Irmsher, draws from various articles and reports to assert that smaller schools benefit all but the most affluent students. A full list of references is included.