Bindery Preparation

Binding and Boxing

Bindery Preparation completes preparation for the commercial binding of serials and paperbacks, commercial rebinding of damaged volumes, and rehousing in custom preservation enclosures created by the commercial bindery. The unit generally handles nearly 10,000 items annually. Bindery Preparation is also responsible for tracking binding invoices, compiling monthly statistics about items sent and errors, and implementing the binding contract. Library binding work is completed by a commercial bindery according to the currently approved industry standards. Once materials are returned from the bindery, Bindery Preparation personnel perform a quality control inspection of all bound materials and affix necessary property stamps, location stamps, and anti-theft devices.

Pamphlets 3/8 inch in thickness or less shall be pamphlet bound, either in-house in Collections Care or through the commercial library bindery. Materials that are too brittle, fragile, or otherwise unsuitable for binding and in-house repair receive custom boxes. Contact the Collections Care Coordinator to discuss options for custom enclosures.

To send materials to Preservation Services for treatment or repair—including monograph and music binding, pamphlet binding, and enclosures—please see Sending Items to Preservation Services (pdf, staff login required).

For serials binding instructions, please see Serials Binding Prep (pdf, staff login required).

Complete binding guidelines are available in the Bindery Handbook (pdf).