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Tour Information for Oak Street High Density Storage

Group tours of the Oak Street High Density Storage facility are available by appointment. Tour groups learn how library material is selected, ingested, accessed, and managed within the facility. 

Tours run approximately an hour, and include our processing space and the shelving facility. We can plan shorter or longer tours if requested in advance.

Unlike traditional library stacks, material at Oak Street Library is organized by size to maximize the facility’s shelving capacity. The forty foot tall shelves are accessed by certified employees operating industrial lifts. Inventory control is maintained by a database that contains the unique barcode assigned to every item, tray, and shelf in the facility. Outside of guided tours, the special shelving facility is accessible only by library employees.

The shelving facility is maintained at 50 degrees Fahrenheit and 30% relative humidity which provides a stable environment for the preservation of shelved materials. As a result we encourage tour participants to bring a light jacket and wear clothing appropriate for a cold environment.

To schedule a tour, please submit the Oak Street Library Tour Request.

Questions? Contact Jenny Maddox Abbott, Collection Management Librarian (maddox5@illinois.edu)