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Gifts Information for Campus Units

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The information on this page and the page linked above should answer most questions you have, but please feel free to contact the Gifts staff at libgifts@library.illinois.edu or (217) 300-4668 if you need further assistance.


First Right of Refusal

All campus units should be aware that the Library holds the first right of refusal for any materials that could be added into the collection. The disposal of any books, journals or other likely library items, purchased in the normal course of University sanctioned business, should occur in consultation with Gifts Staff or the Office of Collections and Technical Services. This process insures the Library will continue to maintain collections for the campus, the state and the world, by assuring University funds are spent responsibly. A similar first right of refusal is also held by the University Archives for office papers and other documents generated in the normal course of University sanctioned business. Contact the University Archives for more information.

Note that these guidelines do not apply to privately owned collections housed on University property.


Before You Donate

Please work with the appropriate librarian and/or departmental library for the subject matter of the items in question. Please take a moment to review the “Types of Material to Donate” section on the Gifts Information for Donors page. This will give you some idea of what items typically do not make desirable donations. If you are unsure whether your material falls into any of those categories, or are unsure who the appropriate librarian and/or departmental library contact may be, please contact Gifts staff at libgifts@library.illinois.edu or (217) 300-4668 for further assistance. Gift Staff can help put you in contact with the appropriate librarian, or click for contact information for the various departmental libraries.

When donating to the University Library it is important to remember that the library reserves the right to add the items to the collection, sell to a third-party vendor, or handle them in any other way deemed appropriate.


How to Donate

To make a donation, you may do any one of the following:

  • In some instances, we can arrange for pickup of large donations. Please contact Gift Staff for further information.