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Availability and Booking

You can find instructions on how to book the Video Booth here:
Self-Use Video Booth Booking Instructions

About the Self-Use Video Booth

The Media Commons Self-Use Video Booth is a one room self-use video recording facility designed to film one person at a time. Within the Video Booth there is a desk with a computer as well as a wall-mounted camera and shotgun microphone.

You can find instructions on how to operate the Video Booth here: Self-Use Video Booth Operating Instructions

PLEASE NOTE: The Video Booth is unstaffed. If you need to schedule an in-person orientation, please use the form located here (please be aware that this will require several days advance notice and an initial response may take up to two business days).

Please bring removable media to transfer files after your session (or plan to utilize the integrations described in the operating instructions to retrieve your files). DO NOT RELY ON LONG-TERM STORAGE OF FILES ON THE VIDEO BOOTH MACHINE – THE HARD DRIVE MAY BE WIPED AT ANY TIME.


  • Extron SMP351 Video Recorder and Processor
  • Sennheiser MKE 600
  • DBX 166 Microphone Preamp and Channel Strip
  • Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera
  • PANASONIC LUMIX G X Vario Power Zoom Lens, 14-42mm, F3.5-5.6 ASPH


  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019
  • OBS

Methods of Recording in the Video Booth

The PC on the desk:

  • Add Information to Initialize Recording
  • Display Presentations for Picture-in-Picture Recording
  • Download and/or edit files after recording (not required)

The Extron SMP351 hardware:

  • Start, Pause or Stop Recording
  • Change Picture-in-Picture Layouts

Policies and Procedures

  • Patrons must bring their I-Card and present it to Tech Desk staff at the time of their confirmed reservation in order to check out the Video Booth key
  • Patrons should bring a storage device (preferrably USB 3 or higher) to save the data once the audio recording is completed (or check out an external drive from the Loanable Technology desk). DO NOT RELY ON LONG-TERM STORAGE OF FILES ON THE VIDEO BOOTH MACHINE – THE HARD DRIVE MAY BE WIPED AT ANY TIME.
  • Patrons should come prepared to record.
  • Patrons should exercise respect and care in the use of the equipment.
  • Only individuals involved in recording video are allowed in the studio.
  • NO FOOD OR DRINKS (with the exception of a water bottle) WILL BE ALLOWED.

Please note that the library is not responsible for any damage that may occur on equipment as a result of media borrowed from the library or used internally.

Talent Release Forms

Per the University of Illinois Public Affairs website, “If you are planning to use an individual’s image or likeness in media such as photographs, video, etc., you should request written permission to do so. Releases should also be completed and signed by any talent working with companies or individuals shooting photography, video or audiotape on University premises. Use the forms below accordingly.”

For more information and direct links to Talent Release Forms click here

Availability and Booking