General Questions

Have a question about loanable technology, the production studios, services or anything else Media Commons? Contact us at We usually respond within 2 business days!


Did you know we offer consultations? For help on your next video or audio project contact us at to schedule a consultation. We usually respond within 2 business days!!

Support is the cornerstone of this endeavor. Technology alone is not enough. The Media Commons provides support and education using either an individual’s media and technology or equipment available through the Media Commons or the Undergraduate Library. Current technology support offered in the Media Commons and Poduction studios are provided by the Media Commons staff

An important mission of The Media Commons is to help train and educate those affiliated with the University on techniques and best practices for creating and editing video, as well as the basic usage and implementation of a video production studio.


Technology Consultant Partners – offer drop in sessions, workshops, consulting or other expertise related to technology and media.

  • Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning
  • Ethnography of the University
  • College of Media
  • University Library Scholarly Commons

Campus Partners – In addition to the technology services offered in the Media Commons the Undergraduate Library provides other opportunities for regularly scheduled sessions or services from Campus Partners.